India – Pakistan Acknowledgment of Terror Against India

February 23, 2019

India – Pakistan Acknowledgment of Terror Against India

Padmini Arhant

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Pakistan Terrorism – Pakistan Media on

Pulwama Attack in India


Pakistan Terrorism – Pakistan Media Provides Evidence on Pakistan’s Terror Against India.


Pakistan’s admission of terror manufacturing, sponsoring and implementing terror against India is the final conclusion of Pakistan’s acknowledgment as terror state by the establishment run by Pakistan army, ISI and name sake civilian government installed as democratic representative in the country.

India on the other hand with average Indian citizens and security forces in particular targeted by Pakistan terror sponsors have been the sitting ducks enduring series of terror attacks not barring the daring assault on Indian Parliament revealing Indian political class preoccupation in corruption amassing illegal wealth and power accelerated in the twenty first century ignoring public and defense personnel safety thus far.

The competition between national political parties viz. Congress and BJP to appease Pakistan’s establishment despite spate of terror attacks against India confirms typical political mindset caring less about citizens and country they are elected to serve during their term in office. 

Congress member Navjot Singh Sidhu’s bear hug of Pakistan’s Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony while Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family wedding summarize Indian political members’ enthusiasm to offset each other in the race –

Who is better at wooing Pakistan?

Under these circumstances.

Reality Check 

When will India’s corrupt political class, the incumbent and opposition alike quit unleashing sleazy Bollywood charlatans and wantons besides crony contingency with fake you tube channels & other means deployed for false propaganda against me and instead deliver Indian electorate, the armed forces in particular long overdue security and pervasive progress?

PADMINI ARHANT, i.e. I am NOT THE ENEMY as propagated by anti-humanity and anti-peace forces wreaking havoc in the nation and world at large.

On the contrary, you in politics, so-called celebrities, social activists, religious zealots i.e. con-artist Sadguru and wannabe media in obliging evil deep state i.e. doominati’s unscrupulous policy stealing my identity and attributing my hard work plus contributions to others viz. the opportunists collectively pose a threat to humanity considering your corrupt and criminal trajectory deceiving India’s ordinary population at every opportunity.

The political factions’ desperation prompting them to follow foreign diktat’s dishonest, discriminatory practice smothered in misogyny against me demonstrates India’s political reality whether in reference to Nirbaya from Sonia Gandhi led Congress or state honor farewell to corrupt female politician Jayalalitha upon her demise and alcohol related fatality of Bollywood actress Sri Devi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi headed BJP as well as Hindutva RSS clarifies India’s political decadence.

The corrupt and criminal culture must end for India to experience real positive development.

Forget about your grievances and egregious complaints against me. 

Your Karma will indeed be the judge, jury and executioner for all your misdeeds and woeful endeavors in pursuit of undeserving glory, fame, fortune and power.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






India – Indian Election 2019

February 3, 2019

Indian Election 2019

Padmini Arhant


Politics governed by corruption, cronyism and
criminality is unsustainable. Change comes
only upon determination among those affected
rise to the occasion to be part of the process
initiating alternative. Indian politics controlled
by internal and external diktat and ideology has
long subjugated the overwhelming majority
struggling to make ends meet under the guise
of independence.
The entertainment industry deployed to distract
public attention from problems and real issues
play a pivotal role in exacerbating citizens
suffering in society while making a fortune
on such complicity.
Mass consciousness on this devious failed
agenda aimed at mind control using celluloid
fallacious presentations is critical to free the
nation from corruption, nepotism and
perennial duplicity.
Thank you.
Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter

India – Political Culture

January 21, 2019

India – Political Culture

Padmini Arhant

Politics as such do not have great reputation in the world. It is not politics fault for the problem is directly related to those in politics pledging allegiance to internal and external counterproductive ideology, philosophy, anti-humanity and anti-nature dealings.

Among many fields and occupations, politics that is supposed to be public service continues to attract disdain among citizens anywhere in the world.

The reason behind this status is corruption in politics, abuse of power against the same people i.e. electorate granting them mandate to govern the state or nation. Unfortunately, this mandate often and repeatedly misinterpreted by those assuming power who misuse the same much to own downfall.

Politics is also controlled by deep state with non-citizens reining absolute authority via proxies and puppets installed as head of the state. The dark forces as incognito power cover their base by betting on all horses facilitating the inevitable win in the formality called election.

Election is a process set up to deceive electorate in casting vote on empty promises with campaigners of various political parties exploiting average citizens for self and vested interests during their term in office. In Indian politics, the voters are presented with star power by issuing tickets to film actors, actresses and sports personalities to deflect public attention from real issues.

In fact, Indian economy is drained via corruption, tax evasion, embezzlement, illegal offshore accounts and black money hoarding by three major entities and they are – members in politics, celebrities and industrialists – Rajnithi, Celebrity, Udyogpathi persistently dominate leaving the overwhelming majority in abject poverty and generational struggle to make ends meet in their lives.

These three elements’ abuse in Indian society is the cause for ever increasing gap between the poor and filthy rich never content with the loot from the middle class and lower income being the actual tax payers in the economy. Indian politics is also severely dependent on caste based electoral gains serving as vote banks to various political factions in the absence of meaningful deliverable economic policy and social manifesto. Not to mention the political dynasty, communal politics playing a major role in seeking power. The politicians and those in favor of hierarchy and social injustice in society are vehemently opposed to eliminating casteism, the stigma on India amid fraudulently claiming progress since the so-called independence.

The vast number in Indian society are marginalized, isolated, discriminated and disenfranchised to suit upper echelons corrupt lifestyle and parasitic existence. Not surprisingly, the reference to rape is loosely made during election campaigns and otherwise considering the dominant members raping the economy besides violating ordinary folks that are routine activities in the country. The rape incidents following their leaders in politics, entertainment and other sectors are rampant not sparing infants in the out of control morbid sexual predatory instincts. The situation is further exacerbated by Indian film industry and their leading influential sources commercializing sex for profitability in arts and entertainment.

Women status among the weaker and vulnerable sections in Indian society is far from improvement as they are treated as second class citizens which is relatively better than those commonly known as Dalits or untouchables, gay, transgender, eunuchs and anyone affected by social prejudice including people with disabilities are all regarded beneath human category.

These sentiments are openly and candidly reflected in political speech without any shame or restraint. As recently as a day ago when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP ruled northern state Uttar Pradesh’s legislative member – the female politician’s diatribe targeting political opponent enunciated rape in graphic details alongside describing their female political rival as worse than eunuch not worthy of respect in society clearly depict contemptuous political culture and those whom they represent in politics. This behavior is interestingly rewarded with ministerial posts by political party promoting indecency, insolence and intolerance in public domain.

The backwardness in political mindset is unequivocally posing impediments in India’s social economic development diminishing the prospects of much required transformation in society. Again, the political contenders vying for highest position in the land having tainted record such as abusing women whether in involvement of gang rape citing Rahul Gandhi or state sponsored murder of rape victim in 2012 by Sonia Gandhi, then Congress high command with opposition and other political members complicity and,

Last but not the least the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi abandonment of his spouse without providing any support to her are indicative of women’s plight in India. The background further emphasize that those who ignore responsibility towards next of kin are not poised to care for others let alone the nation they are elected to serve in the official designation. 

Accordingly, women in urban and rural areas in particular are confronted with challenges in the mistreatment of women beginning from the political class down to other segments in the hostile environment.

Indian politics is predominantly premised on goon and gutter politics deploying unscrupulous tactics and nefarious means to gain political mileage and ultimately the mantle of power by unworthy and undeserving figures fostered to maintain status quo. Needless to say, meritocracy is a misnomer in the contentious class and caste oriented system.

The female politicians on their part have fair share of political baggage in corruption, hardline strategy using unemployed youths as buffer to curb political dissent through violent threats and crimes against disillusioned citizens in their respective states and province.

The political contestants with criminal charges emerging as representatives of Indian citizens and India, apparently the largest democracy remain the biggest irony.

India has a long way to go in terms of social acceptance and fair economic opportunity constrained by embedded corruption, nepotism, cronyism, dynastic politics and demonstrably the caste epidemic derailing any positive growth necessary in the real India comprising poor, working class, suppressed labor force, neglected farmers and socially ostracized demography.

Mass consciousness and action eradicating casteism, classism, sexism i.e. any form of divisive polarizing politics and social dogma contributing to treason and breach of public trust is the way forward to build a nation of optimism and reliable future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Who is Government?

January 18, 2019

Who is Government?

Padmini Arhant


Who is Government?

Is it really the representative of the people, by the people and for the people? The video explains the real representation of power.


It is important for citizens, the isolated, marginalized, discriminated and disenfranchised in particular to know your rights and rise to the occasion in exercising freedom to exist and live life with dignity and fair opportunity for you and next generation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter