World Affairs – Rulers Choice of Peril Over Progress

July 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Yemen – The pounding of the North African nation Yemen killing scores of innocent lives by Saudi dynasty with supposedly democratic United States and allies direct assistance is the sign of unquenchable thirst for blood unrelenting to respect life and freedom.

Syria and Iraq – Unleashing terror through terrorists networks deployment again contributing to scores of deaths and destruction of nations continues unabated under false pretexts of combating terror alongside retaining terrorism strategy – arming and funding terror operation.

Libya – With no real intention to allow stability, the nation transformed into terror haven politically maneuvered to suppress popular uprising.

Egypt – The foreign dogma through military aid governs the nation and denies people voice.

Bahrain – United States latest agreement to provide ammunitions to the ruling regime for further deterrence on the natives demand for political freedom shines light on the sponsors’ flair for authoritarianism.

Palestine – United States marriage vows with Israel apparently pledged to prolong sickness rather than welcoming happiness confirmed in the usual veto on Palestinian complaint with UN Human Rights Organization in Geneva on July 3, 2015 vote regarding Israel’s incessant violation through occupation.

The new partner joining the trend with abstinence vote in this regard is Prime Minister Narinder Modi headed administration in New Delhi, India paving the way for polygamy in the marriage.

The Palestinian initiative to move the presumably world body, the UN against Israel’s violence in Gaza and throughout occupied territory for International Criminal Court (ICC) hearing was quelled with Ney vote and abstention by those claiming to be stewards of human rights and democracy.

Perhaps the decisions are aimed at self-protection on such record preventing precedence on the subject.

Iran – The oil rich Islamic State admittedly in possession of oil and natural gas lasting over hundred years conspicuously incognito authorities’ partner in the ecclesiastic representation.

Afghanistan – Hegemony terror export with ISIL relocation to the war torn nation is a convenient premise to justify permanent bases and drone attacks targeting children, women and youth in the country.

Russia – Declining proposal on UNSC exclusive club veto power unveil reality in the power struggle.

UNSC waging wars across the globe via economic sanctions and military interventions is the source of chaos and catastrophe.

Russia’s resistance to dissolution of veto power armed UNSC is the dominant powers reluctance to quit unipolar zone while objecting to genuine presence dedicated to global peace and security as unilateralism.

Ukraine – The imperial goals implemented with annexation and demarcation along with proxy governance perpetuate crisis benefitting none except satisfying destructive ego.

GreeceThe debt slavery imposed in full force subjugating the nation in the vengeful act to punish the republic for daring to exercise democratic right against detrimental austerity.

The latest development with EU leaderships’ wrath on Greece to buckle and accept draconian measures presumptuously perceived as settling scores is a failure guaranteed to severely impact the origin and catalysts engaged in unsustainable cataclysmic feudalism.

EU egregious policy has created unemployment at a staggering 25 million (official figure) although unofficial data is much higher with rising poverty and transmigration exacerbating economic status across Europe. 

Contemporary rulers and representatives choice of peril over progress is evident in the global events resulting in the conclusion of supremacy era defining the Dark Age.

The world would then heave a sigh of relief.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












Politics Smear Campaign and Personal Attacks – Full Feature

June 27, 2015

Banyan Tree ImageLord Buddha attained Nirvana under Pipal TreePipal Tree


Palm Tree Cypress



By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone,

I present the full feature on Politics smear campaign and personal attacks with pictures above for education. 

Please click on the audio link for the content.

Although the pictures are worth a thousand words – some might need explanation.

The obsession with tall syndrome deserves clarification to dispel myths in this context.

The tall palm tree or the cypress tree in the pictures above do not provide shade for shelter during sunny or rainy day compared with banyan, pipal and other trees of medium heights in natural environment.

The coconuts from a palm tree are not easily accessible and require mechanism to climb the tree to collect the fruit unlike the medium height tree allowing anyone regardless of size to pick the hanging fruits from it. 

Poignantly the modest height Pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, India – is famously known as the seat of enlightenment with Avatar of Lord Vishnu as Lord Buddha attaining Nirvana – the liberation of soul for union with Supreme soul.  Please see illustration above.

To small minds anything better and greater would always appear smaller.  The disposition despite towering heights make the source diminutive in stature and character – the relevant attributes in life.

Another example – The dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex – T-Rex is also a tall carnivore that wreaked havoc on earth and eventually became extinct. Tyrannosaurus derived from Tyranny that this TALL creature exhibited during existence.

Let this not be forgotten – the body of any length and size must be discarded upon departure from earth.  Accordingly any pride and prejudice in this respect is a reflection of shallow mind.

Learning and knowledge is demonstrated in pure thoughts and deeds freeing the self from ignorance.

Ignorance could be a bliss or an abyss. 

Peace to all!

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant