United States – False Flag Operations with Civilian Casualties Deserve Independent Investigation

May 29, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

In the United States, series of false flag operations has intensified with civilian casualties treated as collateral damage in tradition with political establishment concept.

Using 9/11 as the premise the civil rights in the United States remains primary target for political power with 24/7 surveillance, warrantless wiretapping, federal access to personal records and harassment at airport…citing Patriot act and FISA to criminalize citizens under the pretext of national security.

Above all the current administration passed notorious NDAA spearheaded in Boston bombing case conveniently killing suspects not even sparing the two FBI agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw reportedly involved in the killing of Boston bombing suspect and part of the bureau’s Critical Incident Response Group investigating the matter.

The two well trained FBI agents reported to have died from bizarre fatal training program falling from a helicopter into water off the coast of Virginia Beach on May 17, 2013.

Sandy Hook elementary school massacre cannot be excluded in this regard as well given the horrific crime laid to rest as a suicide case.

Then there was Benghazi terror that led to U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens assassination along with three other embassy staff deaths in Libya with truth being the preliminary victim in the stand down attack.

Similarly yet another incident urgently deserve scrutiny and thorough independent investigation in this context and that is the downing of helicopter with 17 members of SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan.

Reportedly the SEAL Team Six were on board Navy Chinook helicopter used during Vietnam War rather than Special Forces choppers that are normally used for military personnel travel.

Quoting Washington Times report on May 9, 2013 – the families of the deceased SEAL Team Six accuse the White House for the deaths of all 17 members commissioned to travel on the ill-fated helicopter on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan and the administration subsequent cover up denying them opportunity to facts.

The highly deceptive and dubious Abbottabad mission in Pakistan in 2011 claiming to have killed the already dead Osama Bin Laden well known to have passed away in 2001 made complex asserting the individual dead body was tossed in North Arabian Sea again with no evidence to this effect while efforts to convince intelligent and reasonable minds has been futile.

As per families accounts – Three months later the SEAL Team Six after having been introduced as Osama Bin Laden killers by the administration dispatched to travel in the outdated chopper with U.S. government leaked information to Taliban militants on the landing details of the helicopter.

The demised soldiers families seek inquiry into this coordinated attack with precision in terms of location and timing weakening the carrier maneuverability that brought down CH-47 producing the expected outcome.

The families also pointed at the last minute substitution of seven Afghan commandos with SEAL Team Six just prior to helicopter departure.

In light of these alarming although not surprising events that involve government in the deaths of American and foreign citizens,

The civil society and investigative journalism active role is imperative to monitor and probe into these unlawful activities conducted as extra judicial executions to remove perceived obstacles on the path avoiding accountability.

They represent gross violation of trust, constitution, national and international law against fellow citizens regardless of them being members of armed forces, diplomats or ordinary civilians sacrificed at administration will.

The crimes are committed with impunity assuming the power granted by the people as carte blanche to use against them.

The pattern of eliminating traces leading to operatives indicating inside job following 9/11 precedence is the contemporary trend in the state complicit terror.

Ending the systemic abuse of power and escalation in murder of citizens is the immediate priority for United States to protect Americans from internal threat emanating from the authority pledged to safeguard national interest.

Failure to proceed with appropriate action would suggest relevant political institution, press corps and judiciary lack of concern and respect for life in general not to mention the void in checks and balances paving way for complete subjugation of society.

The affected families could no longer be ignored in their demand for justice.

Wishing success to citizens in their pursuit for truth and fairness consistently stifled with scapegoat and unjustifiable strategy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant