Egypt – Revolution Non-Violence Political Action For True Liberation

February 1, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt unrest from continuous foreign intervention in political and military affairs has claimed many civilian lives post Mubarak period and until now.

United States military aid $1.2billion to Egypt to protect strongest ally Israel’s interests in the region at entire Arab population expense through oppression, persecution and poverty is challenged by victims having reached optimal endurance.

The western nominated heads of state and political system under democratization pretext witnessed in Egypt and elsewhere serve U.S., Israel and Gulf repressive regimes alike rather than citizens deprived of life with dignity and liberty over decades due to hegemony intrusion.

Egypt revolution having achieved phenomenal success in removal of hegemony representative former dictatorship President Hosni Mubarak followed by western betrayal pursues true liberation.

The western powers dominance in Middle East for economic pursuits and strategic advantage along with their defiance and vehement opposition to global peace, freedom and security is the fundamental problem confronting Egypt and rest of humanity.

Considering incumbent Presidency and ruling power i.e. Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice party measures on constitution and political representation not reflective of mainstream reality,

The mains street struggle persists seeking positive and desirable change without western or regional influence in the decision making process.

First and foremost, protesters are urged to renounce violence refraining from harming self and others including damages to private and public property.

Secondly, unlike western backed and sponsored current Muslim Brotherhood leadership and opposition viz. IAEA ex-chief Mohammed El Baradei to rein control over Egypt governance,

Solidarity movement from citizens across the spectrum transcending all barriers under genuine leadership of Ayman Abd El Aziz Nour – a political dissident having been imprisoned by previous regime and participated in Tahrir square revolution in the overthrow of predecessor is imperative to demonstrate seriousness in emancipation cause against hegemony.

Subsequently, the decisive, strong and unified opposition constituting Egypt nationals and natives engagement in dialogue with incumbent on peaceful transfer to republic rule comprising new constitution, inclusive political representation barring discrimination and prejudice against minority and marginalized groups across country and,

The economic reforms enumerated below for collective benefits overriding selective gains bridging the widening gap between rich and poor are important for meaningful political achievement.

Reiterating multidimensional actions paramount for political stability and economic recovery.

Accordingly, Egypt national defense as well as political structure on republic oversight under democratically elected executive and legislative branch respectively with appropriate checks and balances for transparency and accountability critical prohibiting foreign interference at regional or global level in sovereign rule.

Addressing widespread corruption would promote efficiency and national progress while keeping foreign involvement at bay.

Economic reforms based on national resources, incentivized capital infusion from domestic, regional and/or overseas sources without extreme conditionality compromising sovereignty avoiding euro zone financial terms leading to dire consequences and,

Instead deals involving mutually beneficial bilateral or international trade agreements targeting job oriented growth in public and private sector is prudent for economic revival.

Given economic adversity experienced among significant population, promoting micro lending to small business and skilled work force unable to find gainful employment due to lack of opportunity emulating successful models in other developing nations would improve living standards alleviating suffering and crimes in society.

Maintaining goodwill and peaceful relations with Gaza residents and other neighbors would be fruitful for economy.

Adherence to calmness and proceeding with rationality on common aspirations is necessary for secular democracy, economic and social equality.

Initiatives focused on discourse, legitimate demands and transformation to democratic republic devoid of external power engineered fundamentalism, radicalism and authoritarianism crucial for the dawn of new era.

Wishing Egypt society triumph in peaceful transition to people power realizing revolution dream shared among martyrs and activists on January 25, 2011.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant