Palestine – Independence and Statehood Recognition

March 7, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Since the illegal declaration of the state of Israel in 1948 on Palestine depriving the natives their homeland and rendering them refugees,

Israel returned favor to Palestinians with brutality, oppression, genocide and dehumanization over six decades leaving them in perennial despair.

The atrocities include summary executions in the latest crime against Palestinians in West Bank, Palestine state capital Al-Quds i.e. East Jerusalem and Gaza.

Notwithstanding Israel assassination of Hamas General plus another Military High Command prior to second military aggression on Gaza in December 2012 – a ritual carried out every four years alongside unilateral crippling economic blockade imposed on the residents from 2007 until now.

Israel as Palestine’s colonizer is also responsible for land grab through unlawful settlements all over Palestinian territories with armed settlers imported from Eastern Europe and Russia…forcibly evict indigenous Arab population from these areas to build Zionist colony.

Additionally, Palestine is a beleaguered state with United States financed Israeli military deployment – a tradition maintained by U.S. administrations regardless of political representation i.e. Republican or Democrat demonstrated in the latest move providing financial assistance apparently increased from previous $3 billion to $3.1 billion alongside $70 million military aid to Israel for anti-missile defense program enhancing Israeli aggression against Palestinian people.

Ironically the U.S. generosity to Israel extended at American citizens expense with nearly 50 millions on food stamps, economy in recession, stunted job growth, massive unemployment among African Americans and other demography regularly not projected in the statistics to shield facts from public purview.

Furthermore, the sequestration i.e. automatic spending cuts effective on March 1, 2013 maneuvered to prevent impact on U.S. monetary flow to Israel displaying Washington leaderships appeasement and compliance to Tel Aviv via Zionist lobby especially now with vast majority of Americans subjected to austerity.

The recent news splash on President Barack Obama setting timetable with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for troop withdrawal from West Bank by 2014 preceding the forthcoming trip to Israel while facilitating Tel Aviv militarization of occupied Palestinian land through multi billion dollars charity clarifies usual contradictory dual track methodology exploiting Palestinian cause for other agenda such as Iran.

Besides actions are verifiable whereas statements serve as political rhetoric and,

In this context Obama administration proactive measure with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry consistent efforts reminding Congress to protect Washington cash delivery to Tel Aviv secured amid claiming budget talks concerning U.S. economy failed due to congressional disagreement with White House on the core national issue.

Moreover the same tactics applied in the past three years with public statements on Palestinian Statehood although behind the scenes operation and deal reflected blatant support for Israeli occupation.

Most importantly, United States administration real position on Palestinian liberation revealed in consecutive vetoes at UNSC up until now.

The incumbent U.S. administration vehemently opposed Palestinian Statehood request at UN General Assembly in 2010 and subsequently vetoed settlement expansion freeze in 2011 successfully thwarting UNSC decisive action confirming well founded facts on UN role as unreliable entity in resolving international crises.

Israeli regime terror in the occupied territories has escalated with United States commitment to derail UN resolutions unlike U.S. enthusiastic participation imposing economic sanctions against North Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba…the nations categorized as western adversaries in the hegemony manipulated system.

The bizarre and convoluted practice abusing UNSC privileged status selectively targets nations leading to population genocide.

Meanwhile, Israel colonization and persecution including killings of Palestinians never subjected to trade embargo contrarily bolstered with ammunition flurry and innovative technology from United States as witnessed in the past week budget allocation.

UN and UNSC is a convenient access for western hypocrisy delegitimizing the so-called international organization function with imperialists dominance as permanent members wielding power even amongst second tier fifteen member council that is increasingly proved counterproductive for world peace.

Zionist ideology professed in evading Palestinian sovereignty and Israeli forces systemic abuse of young children and youth held under administration detention policy denying these victims any rights resulting in a detainee death and many on hunger strike over several months in jail is yet another western complicity to crimes against humanity.

Within Israeli society, the government and political factions treatment of African nationals like the immigrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan (Darfur) comparable to apartheid considering the female members of these groups are reportedly interjected with infertility drug to prohibit race proliferation ignoring serious health repercussion already on the rise.

Despite Israel’s appalling track record, the United States led UNSC always in the forefront to punish nations standing up to belligerent west and coalition.

The sovereign nations resistance to destructive doctrine responsible for world status quo is arguably the bone of contention.

UNSC P5 +1 and fifteen member council has been a miserable failure in deterrence to Israel’s defiance on Palestine, Syrian conflict with Israeli air strike on scientific research center producing civilian casualties as well as many injured other than numerous events involving terrorism that leads to Israel.

Zionists provocative expansionism in Palestinian territories and prejudice against Arabs and African migrants in Israel has reached crescendo in terms of gross human rights violation.

Israel refusal to peace treaty for two state solutions premised on pre 1967 borders encompassing all relevant issues justify re-creation of Palestine with deadline on colonizer exit plan.

Palestine independence from Zionist rule solemnized restoring sovereignty for the Arab nation voiding Israel’s demarcation.

Israel survival is entirely dependent upon the acknowledgment of peace offer without preconditions beginning immediately and not in 2014 to save lives and alleviate Palestinian plight languishing in Israeli prison and barricaded Palestinian land.

Any procrastination and avoidance in the re-establishment of Palestinian state would have irreversible consequences for Israel, United States and others facing decline with the dawn of new era imminent per cosmic determination.

Israeli troop removal from West Bank, Al-Quds viz. East Jerusalem not barring settlers and activities over and above lifting illegal sanctions against residents in Gaza starting now in March 2013 allowing the process to complete in the next six months is the only option that could guarantee Israel’s economic and political future.

Again drastic response to challenge the proposal would be an invitation to self-disaster.

Palestinian leaderships viz. Fatah and Hamas in solidarity with respective citizens on both sides preparation for declaration of Palestinian independence from colonialism are necessary to expedite inauguration of Palestine Republic.

Submission to totalitarianism encourage violence and injustice experienced by Palestinians in sixty-five years and the moment to end tyranny has arrived calling for departure from occupied Palestine.

Non Aligned Movement (NAM) proceeding with recognition of Palestinian sovereignty and independent status would exemplify international pledge to global freedom, harmony and security.

Best Wishes to Palestinian citizens and leaderships in the rebirth of Palestine bringing the struggles to termination.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant