United States – Net Neutrality Restoration via The Congressional Review Act (CRA)

January 12, 2018

United States – Net Neutrality Restoration via The Congressional Review Act (CRA)

Padmini Arhant

Net neutrality repealed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently in a closed door meeting among five members with three republican representatives in favor and two democrats against the decision understandably prompted public protest and disappointment. The decision tipped the balance to control internet traffic overwhelmingly to internet service providers – AT&T, Comcast and Verizon amongst the prominent and major corporations in the pool leaving the public domain, the internet entirely to corporate management allowing them censorship on public access and streaming activity.

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Whenever federal authorities and agencies neglect responsibility to protect consumer interests arguably relevant in this matter and chose to align with special interests such as corporate giants in telecom industry with little or no concern on mass impact, the voice of the people as common users from all walks of life necessitate action.

Accordingly, a Senate bill to overrule FCC and save net neutrality gained traction with enough cosponsors to force a vote on the Senate floor attracting members from either sides of the political aisle including independent member of Congress in the Senate coming forward to reverse FCC’s action.

The bill titled The Congressional Review Act (CRA) would give elected officials 60 legislative days to restore net neutrality by overturning FCC’s REPEAL with a simple majority vote in the Senate and House. The vote in the Senate appears to be guaranteed to pass the legislation. The constituents regardless of political affiliation contacting the respective Congress members in the House and Senate to cast their vote in acknowledgment of citizens’ rights to internet, the public domain free from restrictions and corporate regulations is pertinent to maintain fair access to information highway.

The legislation drawing bipartisan support in the Senate currently has 40 cosponsors and The Congressional Review Act (CRA) will need 51 votes to pass the Senate and proceed to the House.

Citizens across the United States, the blue, the red, the purple and apolitical evidently internet users are urged to come together in retaining your rights to internet and join the majority participating in net neutrality revival.

You may use the easy call tool to contact your lawmakers right now. Battle for the Net’s call tool is easy to use. Enter your phone number and your phone will ring. Then just enter your zip code they will connect you with your Senator.

Keep democracy alive and active exercising your rights to internet freedom in the information age.

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