Syria – Western, Takfiri and Zionist Terrorism is Decadence Expediting Collapse

April 30, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Yet another bomb blast in Syrian Interior Ministry consuming many civilian lives and several injured apparently do not satisfy western, Takfiri and Zionist sponsored explosions witnessed in third consecutive year in Syria.

Western policies to invade, occupy, kill and maim whomever and wherever possible tarnish national image further eroding anything left from long gone respect and credibility considering the leaderships claiming to represent the so-called democratic and modern society.

The western civil society viz. Israel, United States, Canada and EU bear responsibility to condemn and stop their governments flagrant terrorism killing nearly 75,000 people and still counting in Syria.

Contrarily the response to false flag attack on 9/11 created uproar then rallying behind those actually responsible for the horrendous crime.

Even though 9/11 is deceitfully evaded until today citing scapegoat, the real perpetrators United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain committing murder of 3,000 Americans and foreign nationals on that particular day flaunt impunity perpetuating terror in Syria.

Syrian en masse across the spectrum must come together unanimously and unequivocally demand that Israel, United States, Britain and Gulf regimes renounce violence and terminate terror activity via proxy war against them over two and half years now.

Syrian society collective demand for foreign forces and their operatives ouster from Syrian soil is an urgent priority to end western and gulf authorized illegal invasion.

Syrian people having been subjected to horrific crimes must unite and rise with their legitimate government under President Bashar al-Assad and courageous Syrian national army as well as domestic security forces constituting formidable resistance against western and gulf dictatorships subservience to Zionist ideology.

Syria is unfairly targeted for Israel’s delusional aspirations using American tax dollars with United States and other western leaderships following suit ignoring declining economy, poverty and joblessness in their domain revealing misplaced loyalty and priority.

The abhorrent western actions clearly exhibit their insensitivity to human suffering all around.

Israel extracting multi billion dollars from U.S. tax payers leaving a staggering 47 million and more American children and families starving is the height of callousness combined with Americans footing Israel’s wars and wanton provocations in the Middle East exacerbates United States burden.

As for hegemony goals to access foreign resources and territory by force forever is decadence leading to imminent collapse.

Nothing is meant to be eternal and certainly not tyranny despite massive casualties to re-establish neocolonialism – never coming into fruition with imperialism preordained for extinction.

Word of caution to mercenaries and death squads deployed in Syria – their masters own destiny is hanging in balance and expecting rewards from them for slaying thousands of fellow Muslims, Christians and others demands attention to Libyan militants experience having been double crossed by criminal enterprise.

Hegemony treatment of allies viz. former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi public square assassinations post operations are recent examples of imperialists token of appreciation well documented throughout history.

The foreign fighters in Syria surrendering to incumbent Syrian government by laying down their arms and withdrawal from the territory is the only viable option that guarantees their survival in the misguided and misled purpose.

Zionism and Salafist or Wahhabism espousing violent means for dominance are on self-immolation path given the fire they have ignited will not spare them.

The conspicuous idiocy laden with misconceptions and presumptuousness would precisely lead to radical concepts evaporation.

Expecting favorable outcome after generating mass graves in Syria especially with millions curses upon them for causing death, destruction and destitution is false exuberance evolving into unprecedented setback to every contributor behind terror attacks in the sovereign nation.

Syrian conflict is the tip of the iceberg with catastrophic impact not only in the Middle East but the rest of the world affecting the sources with irreversible course.

The global complacency to western and gulf atrocities in Syria with relentless bombing, not barring use of chemical weapons on children, women and army personnel for hegemonic insidious agenda could have serious repercussions on humanity at large.

Muslims and international community coming together in solidarity denouncing foreign intervention in Syria is human responsibility.

Simultaneously boycotting goods and services of western and Gulf States involved in terrorism is an effective strategy to eliminate terror and external belligerence.

With deep sympathy heartfelt condolences to victims’ families and survivors of western and gulf barbarism.

Wishing people and leaderships in government, economic, social and religious institutions in Syria enormous success in defeating terror and transforming turmoil into tranquility.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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