Syria – Western Sponsored Violence is Geneva Accord Violation

July 19, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The latest crime against Syrian population in the western funded and armed conflict in Syria targets government cabinet ministers with defense and interior minister along with other casualties reportedly killed in suicide blast confirming the western and Gulf allies determination to decimate yet another sovereign nation in the Middle East.

Suicide bombings and Al Qaeda both introduced by the west in semblance with Iraq triggering sectarian violence that continues until today is an act of desperation to advance regime change agenda.

The western autocracy and Gulf dictatorial powers obsession with regime change necessitates the urgency for global society to respond unanimously in denouncing belligerence, human rights violation and perpetual warfare aimed at profiteering and global dominance.

Western militaristic and violent pursuit claimed millions of innocent lives across the world denying peace and diplomacy opportunity in resolving any crisis.

Ironically, the west proclaimed as democracy is anything but democratic in domestic and international affairs with draconian policies contributing to world status quo.

As for NATO and Gulf allies complicity in Syria and elsewhere –

Setting fire on neighbors home is indulgence in self-immolation.

The western plan since 9/11 to systematically remove governments from power militarily not even remotely related to democracy.

Syria is no different in this respect. Every Middle Eastern nation is a fair game for them regardless of compliance evidenced in Iraq for opposition to foreign control of oil reserves and Libya despite obliging to western whims and fancies – the leadership assassinated in public view.

UNSC primarily used to announce military course to global society with economic sanctions preceding the latter.

Western strategy to enact Chapter 7 facilitating military intervention at UNSC is counterproductive and should be vetoed in order to prevent further deaths and destruction in the war torn nation.

Besides averting ultimate goal against Russia and China including neighboring states in the quest for global dominance.

Such move would be a deliberate western choice to exacerbate Syrian suffering not to mention the aftermath replicating Iraq and Libya with millions displaced, militia arms possession and rise of fundamentalism to power favoring western and Gulf partners ideology.

Syrian citizens have endured unnecessary violence leading to chaos and carnage due to western infiltrated mercenaries and terror networks via proxies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait recently and western intelligence CIA, MI6 and Mossad from 2011.

UNSC resolution seeking Chapter 7 or any form of military option should be vetoed and instead enforcing arms embargo on western and Gulf nations imperative for immediate ceasefire.

Any objection in this context would reveal UNSC commitment or the lack thereof towards peace and political stability in Syria.

Syrian authority has every right to defend national sovereignty under attack from foreign invaders and perhaps timely evacuations would protect innocent lives in addition to organizing humanitarian relief to the wounded, weak and vulnerable.

The only alternative to Syrian problem is to end violence on all sides as life matters and captives detention in humane manner avoiding fatalities would again provide important leads to source for international community awareness and effective decision-making process.

However, during rebels self-detrimental suicide attacks the government officials and civilians are the victims prohibiting response mechanism in pervasive assault.

The government deployment of intelligence unit and thorough scrutiny to rule out compromises within and around security division as well as elsewhere could restrict repeat events against state departments in the capital and around the country.

Nonetheless, the suicide strike in Damascus is deplorable and those behind heinous crimes are accountable for adopting killings over amicable settlement.

With sincere condolences to bereaved families and survivors mourning the loss of loved ones in Syria and their wellbeing in thoughts and prayers,

Wishing people and political leaderships in Syria peaceful environment for fruitful negotiations on all issues concerning Syrian republic.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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