Syria – Western Sponsored Violence Delineates Sponsors From Civilized Society

May 17, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States authorized Israeli airstrikes in January and May 2013 targeting Jamraya Scientific Research Center near Damascus resulting in civilian casualties and carnage were ignored by United Nations that otherwise is swift in imposing sanctions and isolation of nations regarded western adversaries upon being accused of any such involvement.

Reiterating the fact on UN disregard and bias concerning US, Israel, Britain, France and allies flagrant violations of international law, foreign nations sovereignty and human rights foment atrocities including cannibalism in Syria.

Notwithstanding the rise of US and Israeli belligerence through illegal air strikes as their prerogative along with Britain and France blocking UN action to list al-Nusra Front as terrorist organization despite own admission to this effect evidenced in U.S. State department classification – attributed to UN and international community tolerance to violence and injustice.

Further, the western sponsorship of terrorism against Syria on UN and rest of the world watch tantamount to complicity in war crimes against humanity.

The recent revelation on United States and coalition of the willing recruited terrorists dehumanized conduct confirms predator instincts demonstrated in action delineating western powers and gulf allies from civilized society.

Recalling former President George W. Bush rhetoric quoting – ‘If you are not with us then you are with the terrorists‘ ironically exemplified by the incumbent administration.

With curtains lifted and characters identified there are no more speculations on the fictitious war on terror evolved into terrorizing force proudly leading the onslaught showing no remorse for innocent deaths and turmoil in Syria.

The predecessors Bush-Cheney war mongering legacy continues and vigorously carried out by President Barack Obama with changes in modus operandi.

Earlier on the previous administration pursued targets using lies, deception and false flag operation 9/11 for foreign invasion and occupation with troops deployment.

Although false flag events exponentially risen in the current strategy, the difference lies in bypassing political rigmarole of congressional approval and most importantly public dissent on illegal wars with authorization of drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia…not to mention terrorist recruitment on foreign soil as witnessed in Libya and now Syria.

However, Washington’s terror policy having reached a crescendo backfired at them in accordance with the adage – “What goes around comes around.”

The ramification was felt in the yet to be resolved mystery on the sexual assault and assassination of US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three or four embassy staff in eastern city Benghazi, Libya.

Whenever national authority transforms into authoritarianism in the absence of accountability committing crimes with impunity as executive privilege, national sovereignty and security is compromised leaving vulnerable citizens in the domestic and international domain at the mercy of state terror.

Hence, US led western and gulf alliance terrorism in Syria wasting respective taxpayer funds in several million dollars on terror networks with comprehensive aid in the form of lethal and logistic support clarifies the leaderships anti-republic stance considering a staggering number of citizens in United States, Britain and France pushed below poverty line and forced to become dependents on charity alongside severe austerity on the remaining people nationwide.

Simultaneously United States signaled Israeli airstrikes aren’t cheap either with exorbitant economic costs involved in using bombers and deadly missiles at Syrian victims expense in human toll while American children as well as families plight exacerbated in gross neglect of economy to feed ravenous war machinery.

American citizens and global rejection of western and regional intervention in Syria is slighted perpetuating killings at free will due to past and present war crimes not having been brought to justice.

The egregious decisions conscientiously arrived at United States, Israel, Britain, France and Germany behest implemented through Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Jordan to inflict suffering on Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan ominously leads to self-destructive indulgence directly affecting the operatives and the origin of terror.

Proceeding with more airstrikes against Syria is endangering fragile political career for western and gulf regimes expediting terror epicenter imminent collapse.

Exercising prudence by avoiding counterproductive activities would be wise in averting earth-shattering catastrophe affecting the agents and source.

Wishing citizens and leaderships in Syria resolve in successfully terminating terror from their homeland.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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