Syria –Western And Regional Coalition Sponsored Terrorism Use Chemical Weapons

August 24, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian conflict renewed with western false allegation against Syrian government and defense force about chemical attack reportedly resulting in 1,000 or more casualties in terrorists infiltrated suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar in Damascus.

However, the latest development confirms these sectors having been western backed terror networks stronghold until now were found with chemical agents in the dug up tunnels that has led to loss of innocent lives from asphyxiation experienced among local residents in the neighborhoods of Syrian capital.

On Saturday August 24, 2013, the Syrian army upon surrounding western sponsored terror enclave in Jobar district has been exposed to chemicals causing suffocation amongst soldiers and subsequently the armed personnel stated to have taken control of the area.

These incidents corresponding with earlier one in Khan al-Assal near Aleppo in March-April 2013 implicate western and regional alliance in chemical weapons supply to their terror groups deployed against Syrian people.

UN investigation and Russian government findings in this context also clarified the facts that foreign mercenaries are consistently engaged in the deadly biological warfare against unarmed civilians in Syria.

Furthermore, the western legacy in biological and nuclear arsenal use in twentieth and twenty first century directly and indirectly continues due to lack of accountability and abuse of power as UNSC members with veto ability in addition to NATO at their disposal.

The western nations and regional partners viz. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey other than UAE and Kuwait evidence based crimes in Syria calls for global action to end the conflict and bring those behind massive death toll of 100,000 and more besides millions of refugees to justice barring exemptions to relieve the world from eternal unrest and quagmire.

Western powers arbitrary killings and genocide in nations through overt and covert operations is the tradition threatening world peace and security.

The architects promoting illegal wars and terrorism accompanied by executive decisions show disregard for life and habitat endangering existence while not taking into consideration the self-detrimental policy hurting them in epic proportion with irreversible impact.

Syrian crises is exploitation of human suffering aimed at geopolitical dominance in the region and worldwide ignoring history in this regard that has delivered colossal failure to those in pursuit of dreams victimizing defenseless inhabitants on earth.

The natural law would prevail conforming to equilibrium in entire creation. The functionality and evolutionary process premised on maintaining ecological balance similarly apply to political and economic developments necessary to offset disproportionality contributing to status quo.

Syria is unfairly targeted for political aspirations among regional states serving western agenda to destabilize sovereign nation extending across the Middle East.

Washington, London, Tel Aviv, Paris, Berlin and Middle Eastern countries intervention with no desire for ceasefire or termination of terrorism exacerbates Syrian plight affecting humanity at large since the intrusion is a deflection from serious economic problems in the respective domain.

The immediate priority is cessation of violence in Syria allowing victims to recover from death and devastation inflicted upon them.

Following restoration of calm and stability, Syria would then have opportunity to rebuild nation in adherence to republic governance that is already in progress.

The contention remains with aggressors anti-democratic stance posed as liberators when ground reality revealing their persistence to thwart re-emergence of independent Syria.

Geneva 2 accord could be the litmus test for western powers to demonstrate sovereignty delineating from hegemonic goals proved counterproductive thus far.

The peace talks in appreciation for Syrian political right to determine national future combined with western and allies pledge exemplified in terror recruits withdrawal and abandonment of military, espionage and logistic support to death squads would assign credibility to their participation.

Any procrastination to quit violence in Syria could unravel events best averted to protect world from catastrophe.

The western leaderships are urged to refrain from contemplation and implementation of strategies hindering peaceful resolution of Syrian turmoil/

Wishing Syria success in overcoming challenges with unity and commitment towards national endeavors.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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