Syria – Western and Gulf Sponsors face inevitable backlash from Terrorism and Genocide

March 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States and Israel as the chief sponsors of terrorism along with western and gulf allies funding, arming and training Al Qaeda and splinter group Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria are directly responsible for nearly 75,000 deaths and almost a million refugees scattered across the border.

The western and gulf regimes callousness peaked when they supplied their terror group al-Nusra front with chemical weapons for use against civilians in Khan al-Assal near northwestern Aleppo that claimed 25 lives mainly children and women besides leaving many injured again mostly mothers and minors considering the attack took place in a small town.

Accordingly, the cowardly west and slave gulf states having lost human status individually and sovereignty in national identity is blocking independent investigation to biological warfare waged by them against the people of Syria on March 19, 2013.

Syria as the victim nation appropriately demanded WMD probe considering the casualties suffered on March 19, 2013 at United States, Britain and France resistance clarifying western and alliance flagrant violation of humanitarian and international law.

UN faltering and procrastination in authorizing fair inquiry on critical issue i.e. the western and gulf terrorists use of WMD on March 19, 2013 once again proves the ineffectiveness and colossal failure of this organization as international body to deal with humanitarian and global crises without politicizing the matter.

The investigation focus on March 19, 2013 massacre is pertinent preventing deliberate western protraction on fabricated incidents to scapegoat Syrian authority with ulterior motive for illegal military intervention although the proxy war via terrorist networks is direct invasion of the sovereign state.

In other development, the Arab league (AL) annual summit headed by perpetrators of Syrian genocide Israel, United States allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia decision to replace the founding member Syria with terrorist opposition is reflective of the lack of credibility among such members in the group and,

Furthermore, the vindictiveness is suggestive of the league being misled by gulf subservience to western ideology much to Arab and regional detriment.

Any organization, union or institution compromising on ethics, rationality and prudence in adopting hostility at external powers behest lose legitimacy and crumble sooner than later.

Syria as a sovereign nation could forge ties sharing vision and strength with like-minded neighbors forming a regional and transnational consortium now and in the long run.

Despite horrendous atrocities and barbaric actions by the enemies of Syria and Syrian people in particular, the death squads despotic backers seemingly determined to plunge into darkness declining the path of light i.e.. Peace and ending violence.

Israel, United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan persistence in perpetuating Syria’s death toll and carnage face inevitable backlash from self-generated terrorism with imminent catastrophe in epic proportion.

Israel being the existential threat in the Middle East and world peace abandoning wild fantasies for regional and global supremacy would guarantee self-existence and security.

Hence, the dark forces prolonging the Syrian conflict contribute to bloodshed of defenseless yet honorable members of Syrian society and challenge the Super natural power viz. Almighty God – the creator and protector with destruction upon provocation for reconstruction representing a new era devoid of negative dominance.

With heartfelt condolences to families of martyred souls like venerable scholar Mohammad Sayyed Ramadan Al-Bouti and the Sunni Cleric’s grandson including many bereaved households having lost their loved ones in the senseless battle driven by egotistical and self-destructive strategy,

Wishing the strong and resilient Syria renewed vitality to overcome tribulations with God’s immense grace and blessings on Syrian leadership and the people epitomizing human dignity and value.

Peace to Syria and rest of the world!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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