Syria – UNSC Decision Against UNSMIS Extension

August 17, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Terrorist act near UNSMIS (UN Supervision Mission in Syria) residence in Damascus is reprehensible and worthy of condemnation.

The continuation of terror exacerbates Syrian population suffering while simultaneously expedite inevitable disaster for perpetrators behind heinous crime to deter peaceful solution to western manufactured crisis.

UNSC western members unwillingness to condemn terrorism indicative of real motives to militarize intervention that would categorically be counterproductive and devastating for architects contemplating self-destructive intrusion.

The unnecessary provocation would essentially hurt the belligerent forces prior to any impact on intended target.

UNSC western decision against UNSMIS extension is illegitimate considering their contribution in arming and funding terror has claimed thousands of innocent lives and displaced many in the conflict between them and Syrian people.

UNSC undemocratic and unconventional role deserves global society unequivocal rejection preventing hegemony sponsored aggression with complete disregard for life in general and repercussions on planet being the only habitat for mankind.

Unfortunately western leaderships servile to pyramid apex authority in the doomed and ill-fated aspiration for global dominance seek comfort from delusional tactics underestimating disproportionate ramifications for them.

The western dismissal of diplomacy and dialogue promoting incessant death and destruction signify distinctive nature of governance in respective states pandering to external ideology ignoring public opinion against interference in sovereign state affairs and demanding immediate relief to domestic problems in dire economy.

Global citizens unanimous call to terminate military engagement including aiding and abetting terrorism worldwide beginning with Syria and across Middle East would essentially void western unilateralism in decimation of nations posing no threat or danger to anyone.

Unlike western systematic upheavals implemented in United States through 9/11 as premise for invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

The desperation to start yet another warfare is an addiction spreading catastrophe and despotism.

Not to mention the misplaced priority predominantly responsible for western economic meltdown.

Any hope to revive economy through chaos and carnage evolving into nuclear confrontation would be insanity leading impropriety.

Russia and China stance on Syria is prudent and adherence to Geneva agreement for ceasefire ending militias and mercenaries atrocities on Syrian soil paramount to restore normal existence.

Western powers and Gulf alliance generated Syrian turmoil could no longer be prolonged to satisfy privileged club egotistical ambition destined for colossal failure.

Since earlier requests for complete withdrawal and cessation of arms delivery to rebels slighted – the western policy lacking in credibility and legitimacy has no international recognition exemplifying imperialism precipitous decline.

UNSC effectiveness measured in peaceful resolution not militaristic options touted by so-called democratic powers obligatory to prove commitment towards Geneva accord on Syria.

UNSMIS presence in Syria is crucial to establish conducive environment for urgent humanitarian assistance across the war torn state.

United Nations members are urged to come together in concluding Syrian war escalated for strategic reasons than altruistic goals and avoid far reaching global calamity.

UNSC refusal to renew UNSMIS monitoring could result in abandoning the organization due to arbitrary declarations and double standards adversely affecting humanity at large.

Syrian citizens and government efforts in national defense despite relentless attacks orchestrated by western and gulf collusion honorable.

Wishing Syrian people and political leaderships triumph in protecting national sovereignty against foreign influence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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