Syria – United States Western and Gulf Allies War Crimes Against Syrian Civilians

January 22, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

On January 15, 2013, United States, Western and Gulf allies sponsored terrorists fired rockets at Aleppo University in Aleppo, the second largest city and commercial hub of Syria reportedly killing 82 students and wounding scores in the yet another massacre by them thus far.

Subsequently bombings in Daraa reportedly claimed several civilians with no regrets or acknowledgment from the western or Gulf terror masterminds misusing UNSC and UNHCR agencies for propaganda based on misdirected accusation.

Earlier in late November 2012, the criminal elements had stormed into elementary school murdering many innocent young children and teachers during school hours with no condemnation from the United States and alliance perhaps being the sponsor of worst crimes against humanity.

Again having destroyed 2362 schools, educational institutions, hospitals and passenger airliner are common targets for the United States, western and gulf partners operatives in war torn Syria.

These assaults against civilians are reprehensible and reflective of authorizing sources abhorrent conduct and criminality constituting war crimes considering the magnitude of casualties around 65,000 per UN report since foreign intervention nearing two years completion.

Syrian population continue to endure tremendous violence in the United States and coalition funded, armed and trained death squads deployment for annihilation and decimation of a sovereign state that never posed any threat to the aggressors or neighbors in the region.

Unless the leaderships unleashing terror with massive bloodshed are held accountable for their unconscionable act in Syria, the trend already spreading in Africa could soon visit the rest of the world.

The architects including authority in United States and remaining partners in crime are directly responsible for primitive practices especially against children, women and vulnerable population in Syria ignoring ramifications all around.

Not to mention the embarrassment to the nation they represent as the so-called heads of state with self-granted grand impunity in the foreign citizens slaughter.

Syrian conflict unnecessarily perpetuated at the expense of U.S. and western nations scarce tax dollars in the austerity era and,

Most importantly Syrian precious lives lost every hour in the senseless violence evidently backfiring for belligerent forces in the precipitous decline of economy heading towards banana republic status due to political leaderships misplaced priority neglecting respective domestic problems for engagement in wanton terrorism against sovereign state.

United States and EU seeking respite in burgeoning economic crises directly related to adopting peaceful strategy beginning with ceasefire in Syria and abandoning counterproductive course threatening survivability that should be the immediate concern to rational mind.

Contrarily, Syrian leadership and society in general demonstrate admirable courage, civility and integrity despite devastation inflicted upon them in the foreign invasion of their nation.

The martyrdom of every Syrian national would not be in vain and arc of justice indeed bend towards truth and innocence exemplified by Syria.

With sincere and heartfelt condolences to victims families and survivors in the horrific attacks not only in recent times but farther back the onset of western and Gulf regimes organized and implemented genocide against harmless Syria,

Wishing Syrian people, government and peace coordinators expeditious end to the conflict facilitating sovereign right to rebuild nation with glorious future.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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