Syria – UN Resolution On Arms Embargo Necessary Against Western Power and Allies Arming Rebels

July 16, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The continuous violence in Syria attributed to armed infiltration across the country necessitating authority response in state defense.

Most recent killings at al-Treimseh village in Hama Countryside reportedly an exchange between foreign aided terrorists and military personnel – the operation apparently carried out subsequent to evacuation procedure specifically aimed at terror hideouts minimizing civilian casualties in the war torn nation.

However, loss of innocent lives regrettable in any instance and those occupying civilian areas perpetuate combat situation confirming ill-fated purpose.

The terror groups scattered around the state wreaking havoc targeting civilians and security forces primarily deployed by western powers and Gulf allies for regional destabilization.

Geneva Agreement calls for ceasefire on all sides unlike western misinterpretation demanding compliance from the state alone while exempting them despite being responsible for widespread massacre earlier in Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and now Syria.

Not excluding benefactor status with Egypt in generous military aid to Supreme Council for Armed forces (SCAF) liberally used in crackdown against peaceful dissent in Tahirir Square.

The current dilemma faced by nations dealing with western orchestrated coup d’état, arbitrary drone strikes, military intervention and economic sanctions – all of these provocative measures not only undermine sovereignty but also directly affect population rendering life impossible.

Unfortunately, decision making in international affairs by UNSC,ICC on the political and judiciary front respectively failed to demonstrate fairness and reliability thus far considering the ongoing brutality in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Israel not addressed with enforceable action.

In the financial context – institutions like IMF, World Bank, European Central Banks and privately owned Federal Reserve again controlled and directed by western oligarchy especially finance, energy and defense industry prominent among counterparts viz. biotech agro giant Monsanto – objectives to gain unlimited access to foreign resources and human capital deny global society decent existence.

Notwithstanding EU, US, England and Israel along with other selective members collusion in the privileged club constitute existential threat to world peace,security and progress.

Syrian crisis exacerbated with western and Arab league represented so-called opposition rejecting international binding treaty on all warring factions without exception for pervasive disarmament.

The western ultimatum to Syrian government to honor peace plan within ten days or be subjected to economic sanctions evidently desperation to punish one party compelled to fight in protecting territorial integrity and,

Concurrently ignoring similar consequences on another i.e. external powers hired mercenaries committing atrocities at will taking advantage of the lack of accountability pose major credibility problem for western double standard.

Furthermore, western UNSC monopoly prevents viable resolutions against rebels due to conflict of interest fixated on leadership removal and government topple ultimately leading to global showdown.

Accordingly,the pending UNSC proposals from Russia prolonging UN observer mission pertinent to end western and Gulf sponsored terror prompting state reaction besides disrupting peace process.

Additionally funding and militarization in light of reports on grenades and various explosives, sophisticated artillery not barring lethal and non-lethal equipment in terrorists’ possession arguably enabled warfare expansion.

Hence, imposing arms embargo on nations regardless of stature paramount to stop bloodshed and indiscriminate attack on locals threshold including state premise noted in satellite channel and television center demolition.

Infrastructure destruction is an impediment in providing urgently required humanitarian relief causing public inconvenience – halting water supply, food distribution and healthy environment vital to avoid disease that could potentially become worldwide epidemic.

The mass graves in the wake of regime change pursuit serve as examples in this regard justifying indefinite moratorium on weapons delivery and militia training across Syrian border with Turkey, Jordan and Iraq promoted by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and western legion.

International accord violation upon independent verification accompanied by serious consequences ranging from boycott of goods and services plus events hosted by default nations to diplomatic ties severance and travel ban would be effective.

Recapping UN initiative for peace in Syria – UN monitoring extension to establish calm and conducive conditions necessary for constructive political dialogue and settlements.

The goal attainable only in terminating massive weapons influx and terror into Syria.

Severe penalty for breaching international pact would reinforce message.

Contrarily the western backed UN resolution enacting Chapter VII in semblance with Libyan UN mandate abused for military invasion and economic sanctions against Syria to be UNEQUIVOCALLY ABANDONED in order to save precious lives allowing peace and diplomatic efforts in resolving the seventeen month old international dispute.

Wishing successful negotiations in the UN resolution enhancing Geneva Agreement that would guarantee citizens and political leaderships in Syria everlasting peace and stability.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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