Syria – UN Independent Inquiry Reveals Western Sponsored Terrorists Used WMD

May 7, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian government requested UN for an inquiry on the incident in Khan al-Khassa in northwestern Aleppo that claimed around 30 or more innocent lives mostly children and women along with many sustaining serious injuries and respiratory ailments…in March 2013 and since then there has been recurrence reportedly near Damascus this year.

After unnecessary procrastination on this critical humanitarian issue, UN recently conducted an independent investigation and the findings not surprisingly confirm the use of chemical weapons by western and gulf alliance sponsored terrorists against Syrian national defense personnel and civilian population.

The UN Independent Inquiry Commission member Carla Del Ponte reportedly addressed the press conference on Sunday, May 5, 2013 subsequent to verifications of victims accounts, medical professionals and field hospitals across the borders treating Syrian patients exposed to deadly carcinogens and,

Issued a statement that nerve agent sarin classified as weapons of mass destruction in UN Resolution 687 has been used by terrorists opposition in Syria.

UN Investigative team member Carla Del Ponte apparently a former Swiss attorney general and International Criminal Tribunal prosecutor for former Yugoslavia further rejected western accusations against Syrian leaderships and government reiterating the evidences clearly find terror groups are responsible for this crime and not the government forces or representatives as claimed by western powers up until now.

The UN report is not a revelation considering western trajectory in WMD during colonialism and warfare in twentieth and into twenty first century in Iraq, Gaza, Libya and currently in Syria.

Ironically, the perpetrators of mass killings are crying foul with a drumbeat for war and the prominent violator Israel launched two cowardly air strikes against Syria targeting Scientific Research Center in Jamraya near Damascus on January 30 and,

The latest on Sunday, May 5, 2013 producing civilian casualties on both occasions with United States President Barack Obama defending the assault as Israel’s right to self-defense.

Furthermore, Israeli airstrike this time reportedly had depleted uranium with Syrian officials expressing genuine concerns over widespread ramifications witnessed in Iraq when United States and Britain generously used nuclear arsenal against millions of Iraqi citizens in 2003 illegal invasion of that Arab nation resulting in horrific health problems among men, women and children ranging from congenital deformities to various diseases that were previously non-existent in the country.

Given these extreme circumstances and continuous violence perpetuated by Israel, United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia against a sovereign nation and citizens in Syria that has never posed any threat to these forces,

The decisive solution to western manufactured crises is to enforce binding peace treaty on all sides with immediate end to conflict terminating unlawful foreign belligerence and intervention in Syria.

Non-compliance in this regard and determination to prolong atrocities demonstrated thus far by foreign and regional aggressors must be held accountable with indictments regardless of political status from agents to apex shadow power orchestrating terror in the region and around the world.

The urgency to bring Syrian turmoil to conclusion is an international responsibility due to hegemony obsession to destabilize Middle East and soon after the rest of the world leaving all nations at provocateurs mercy.

Hence the global body of nations committed to peace, non-violence, ethics and humanitarian law reaching unanimous decision on unconditional withdrawal of western deployed death squads with weapons embargo and seizure of ammunition cargo to Syria on independent committee oversight is the preliminary step in averting potential nuclear showdown in the protracted confrontation worldwide upon failure to cease warfare in Syria.

The response to peace accord breach is to identify the party or entity and impose financial and travel restrictions including legal action for obstruction of peace and justice.

Israel, United States, Britain and EU direct indulgence in supplying terror operatives with weapons of mass destruction that led to loss of lives in Syria is a criminal act and deserves appropriate global measures to prohibit repeat events in the future.

United States, Israel and NATO having routinely used chemical weapons slighting UN disclosure on WMD implicating them and vindicating Syria is hypocritical stance relying on tradition to continue with business as usual regardless of decadent practices aimed at defenseless civilians overseas with no accountability.

The victims in Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Libya and Syria together initiating litigation against western powers for WMD would set precedence against massacre carried out with impunity in the present system.

As long as there is tolerance to tyranny with double standards on criminal activity rewarding blatant abusers of military might and WMD while accusing nations enduring these attacks to wage wars against them,

The world would remain subjugated under supremacists systemic violations of international law.

In the absence of global judiciary applying universal rule of law against reprehensible war crimes like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Libya, Mali and Syria or for that matter drone operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia legitimizing kill at will policy,

Humanitarian disasters would persists with carte blanche executive power justifying the unjustifiable crimes in destinations of their choice.

Israel, United States, Britain, EU and allies must be subjected to the same international rule without exception for unleashing terror, death and devastation in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

In fact, the development in Syria implicating western powers and gulf allies for WMD is a litmus test for UNGA and NAM to prove respective purpose as an international organization not only in terms of implementing effective strategies with legal consequences but also closing the chapter on foreign incursions in Syria without any delay to save lives in the embattled state.

Best Wishes to Syrian society and leaderships across the spectrum for success in all endeavors with admiration for maintaining courage and civility despite western and gulf states uncivilized destructive course exacerbating Syrians suffering at every opportunity.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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