Syria – U.S. Zionist, Wahhabi and Salafi Terrorism Expedite Sponsors Extinction

February 21, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The latest cowardly car bomb explosion orchestrated by United States, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and other western powers further exemplify terrorism as modus operandi to prolong conflict.

Such atrocities and barbarism claiming civilian lives with majority being children at least twenty and more killed in the explosion detonated in residential area clarifies the so-called leaderships character in the western and Gulf region.

There is no doubt that these are desperate times seeking desperate killings with civilian massacre involving children in particular reflective of satanic activity.

Nonetheless the martyrdom by the innocents will not be in vain since these souls would return to liberated and free Syria as new spirit like blooming flowers in spring.

Meanwhile the perpetrators and everyone around them will perish securing excruciating experience over many lives until repentance for sins committed in this life.

Syrian leaderships and army are urged to seal borders i.e. land, air and sea for massive clean up operation to flush out terror elements with oversight on aerial and ground attacks experienced in Syrian soil thus far.

Unless access to Syrian territory is denied with stringent military deployment in addition to tighter control over ammunition influx, terrorism would persist for those behind the heinous crime against Syria are possessed with evil aspirations much to their demise.

Again sponsors of terrorism in their delusional belief aiming to prevail causing death and destruction expedite self-extinction.

Instead of diverting focus and dwindling western resources divestments on the respective economy facing collapse not to mention the dire economic status resulting in European citizens’ tragic self-immolation and suicides,

The United States and coalition wanton indulgence to appease hegemony in their diabolical agenda against Syria evidently counterproductive for such ambition is doomed never to come into fruition.

Syrian authority and army promoting civic duty in civilian vigilance and neighborhood watch for timely reporting on nefarious groups infiltration and movements with rewards would be extremely useful in foiling terror plots in Damascus and across the country.

Syria would not succumb to foreign onslaught for the terror masterminds are on the tailspin precipitating individual and collective decline.

Syrian society would overcome these challenges and adversity with participation by every member in driving the invaders from their homeland into oblivion.

Solidarity and unity transcending all differences amongst people and political factions in Syria is critical in defending national sovereignty, territorial integrity and rights to self-determination for a promising future.

Sincere condolences offered to all victims families remembering them and the wounded in thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery from pain and suffering soon to dissipate strengthening Syrian resolve now and beyond.

Wishing Syrian army, leaderships and people triumph in trials and tribulations confronting the resilient nation.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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