Syria – U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote Support Terrorism And Cannibalism

May 22, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee headed by democrat Senator Robert Menendez introduced the bill authorizing U.S. to directly support terror networks with lethal weapons – essentially endorsement of terrorism and cannibalism in Syria.

United States being the chief architect along with allies Israel, Britain, France and Germany have sponsored terrorists and implemented their agenda through gulf allies Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and Jordan to commit heinous crimes against defenseless and unarmed Syrian people.

The democrats and republican members reportedly approved $250 million to fund transition of the popular government of President Bashar al-Assad with a 15 –3 vote.

United States Foreign Relations Committee especially the Chairman democratic Senator Robert Menendez activities had led to recall action in 2010 citing U.S. Constitution tenth and seventeenth amendment granting the people of several states the inherent power –

“The Power of the People to Elect a United States Senator Includes the Power to Recall that Senator before the End of the Six-Year Term for which He Was Elected.”

In Senator Menendez case being the representative from the State of New Jersey, Article 1, Paragraph 2 of the 1844 New Jersey Constitution affirms, “[a]ll political power is inherent in the people.”

Further New Jersey recall provision enacted by 1993 amendment emphasized –

“The recall provision was a deliberate exercise of the people’s inherent powers to constitute their government according to their — not their government officials’ — view of the public good.”

The national and state constitutions categorically define the purpose behind electing representatives to public office for sole representation of the people electing them to power unlike prevalent practice that has pledged allegiance to sources undermining national sovereignty and seized republic power.

Interestingly, U.S. Senate bipartisanship displayed on all issues concerning the foreign nation Israel whether $3 billion annual aid over and above millions in arms delivery or conducting warfare on this foreign entity’s behalf i.e. spending trillions in Iraq alone followed by billions in Libya and now Syria.

Meanwhile domestic problems ranging from fixing the economy to gun control, education, health, immigration and environment indefinitely postponed due to famous gridlock leaving millions of American workers jobless, children in poverty, families on food stamps, shutting down schools, skyrocketing health care costs, veterans discarded after they lose their limbs and vital organs in incessant warfare and neglected infrastructure clearly indicative of political leaderships misplaced priority.

United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator Robert Menendez introduction of this bill to provide deadly weapons to terrorists despite them being responsible for loss of 80,000 innocent lives, at least 1.5 million refuges scattered across the borders in hostile conditions and several millions displaced within the nation due to U.S. sponsored terrorism explains the so-called lawmaker complicity in being the primary lawbreaker.

Evidently, all those Senators favoring annihilation and decimation of a sovereign nation with yes vote consciously committed to unconscionable act in their constituents and country’s name i.e. treason having no respect for life or civilian plight.

Another revelation in this extraordinary Senatorial prerogative in defiance of constitution, ethics and legality is abuse of power for destructive goals using American taxpayer dollars denying right to life to population in the United States and Syria with former forced into starvation considering a staggering 47 million American families are on food stamps while the latter slaughtered mercilessly by United States Senate Foreign Relations committee erroneous decision.

Senator Robert Menendez and colleagues recklessness and callousness to perpetuate terrorism in Syria is deplorable for no nation regardless of self-proclaimed supremacy has authority or carte blanche executive power to wage proxy war against sovereign nation unleashing terror on children, women and men not barring cannibalism in the extreme aspect of United States and allies manufactured crises.

Proceeding with presumptuous illegal intervention rather than ending the conflict in Syria to save lives allowing citizens of that country to heal and recover from the unspeakable crimes against them justify impeachment and recall of members in the United States Senate Foreign Relations committee elected to serve in national and humanity interest not otherwise.

Notwithstanding natural phenomenon response – the unequivocal force to reckon with in the event to prolong genocide in Syria.

United States and Britain ultimatums to Syrian people demanding ouster of their leader and President Basher al-Assad for western delusions appropriately suitable in respective domains given the political establishment loyalty to hegemony slighting Americans and Britons declining economic status.

Furthermore, United States and Britain expecting citizens of independent Syria to acknowledge bizarre overture in the prelude to international peace conference confirms the western leaderships respect or the lack thereof for global peace and security.

Abandoning counterproductive measures and adopting peaceful strategy by honoring Syrian sovereignty and self-determination rights is the only alternative to avert imminent disaster affecting the origin in epic proportion.

Wishing Syrian citizens, President Basher al-Assad along with leaderships in government, national defense force and across society successful termination of violence and terror in their native land.

Peace to Syria!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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