Syria – U.S. And Allies War Crimes and Genocide Warrants Indictments Barring Exemptions

June 15, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States armed and financed Jabhat al-Nusra committed yet another massacre of children and women mostly Shia belonging to Hatla village in Deir Ezzor on June 12, 2013.

Meanwhile western partner Salafi Sheikh Shafi-al-Ajami from Kuwait funded terrorists plundered villages and towns in addition to desecrating holy sites and demolition of infrastructure.

Sponsoring terrorism by arming and financing to slaughter innocent children, women, elderly and the rest across the nation is choosing to be a terrorist via proxy.

The western leaderships especially the United States espousing Zionist and Takfiri self-destructive doctrine already resulting in economic and political decline with the office of United States Presidency misused for egotistical desires ignore ill-fated consequences in continuing war crimes and genocide in Syria.

Reiterating the fact that decimation of Syria means promoting regional catastrophe with Israel being the first one to plunge in self-inflicted disaster accompanied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia… and eventually affecting the entire world with nuclear arsenals in possession of those unrelenting to peace.

The office of U.S. Presidency deviation from democratic system to unilateralism discarding public opinion on warfare when almost 62 – 66% of American citizens oppose any interference in Syria is abuse of power revealing the executive and legislative branch surrender of sovereignty to criminality.

The political establishment hired surrogates, spokespersons, authors and doctored you tube videos attributing executive decisions in escalating violence and killings of civilian population in Syria to arms industry and Israeli lobbyists while absolving the Presidency and legislators from any responsibility is admission of American electorate casting ballots not for candidacy projected as the so-called leadership or representatives of the people but instead the dark forces reining control over United States politics and economy.

Accordingly, the elected officials in the highest office on land and Congress are committing treason through misrepresentation and defiance to citizens dissent on wars with unwavering loyalty to those misleading the nation and global society to abyss.

Such complicity whether due to lack of political will, courage and integrity to stand up to undemocratic elements or alternatively sharing common values with those allegedly prodding elected members to squander American taxpayer dollars for illegal warfare and terrorists activities proves massive collusion against national interest.

President Barack Obama declaration to directly arm foreign terrorists via CIA is acknowledgment of United States engagement long before and throughout Syrian conflict given the United States intelligence agency involvement in mobilizing ammunitions to U.S. recruited mercenaries and cannibals in Syria.

The nefarious dealings transporting lethal weapons since Syrian crises onset and President Barack Obama seeking no fly zone targeting Syrian population with Britain and France having callously used chemical weapons on them and ascribing blame on the popular government of Syria in this regard is repeat of weapons of mass deception tactic used against Iraq.

Unlike United States and western powers cooperation in terror attacks on respective soil against their citizens,

Syrian leaderships and national army relentlessly defending national territory and citizenry from United States led widespread terrorism and massacre.

United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany with EU lifting arms embargo along with coalition of the willing are responsible for Syrian holocaust up until now.

Notwithstanding the war crimes and summary executions of unarmed civilians warrants indictments of every one of them barring exemption from privileged status.

According to UNHCR latest report – the death toll in Syria thus far is 93,000 with approximately 6,700 are minors and among them nearly 1800 reportedly children under the age of ten died in the ongoing annihilation not to mention the growing refugee situation exacerbating suffering for all and 6.8 million citizens in particular stranded within and outside the country.

United States cavalier approach coordinated with Britain, France and EU unscrupulous strategies to serve Israel’s delusions is worthy of condemnation and merit international intervention to prohibit further onslaught on Syria bringing the western powers and partners to justice for heinous crimes against humanity.

United States outrageous disposition to use Turkey and Jordan for weapons delivery to terror networks in Syria is an assertion of supremacy rejecting Turkish and Jordanian citizens protest to western infiltration undermining national independence of those nations in the region.

Hence Turkish and Jordanian society must rise to the occasion and restrict arms flow into their country by western or disguised supplier i.e. rerouted from Eastern Europe like Croatia with Turkey having suffered terror attacks in Reyhanli and southwestern Hatay province along Syrian border.

Middle East solidarity regardless of religious, social, political and sectarian belief is critical to thwart hegemony goals prolonging illegal invasion and occupation for strategic and economic gains at the expense of vast majority.

The global participation specifically the western civil society bear the burden to terminate Syrian bloodshed for these atrocities are carried out in their name with taxpayer funds ostensibly wasted in denying children, women and men in Syria the right to existence and simultaneously depriving U.S. families survival in the dire economy.

The hegemony depopulation agenda encompassed in geopolitical dominance is sought with war machinery plus economic sanctions in Syria and elsewhere concurrently subjecting western citizens to severe austerity leaving the people on either sides victims of violence and monumental fraud.

In conclusion, United States and western indulgence perpetuating abhorrent crimes in Syria is suicidal mission expediting imminent collapse of imperialism and plutocracy.

Wishing Syrian citizens, national defense force and leaderships extraordinary triumph over trials and tribulations endured by them.

May God bless Syria with fortitude and virtues to prevail in expunging evil and terror.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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