Syria –U.S. and Allies Backed Terrorism Use of WMD in North Aleppo Constitutes War Crimes

March 20, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

In the latest violent attack against innocent civilians in Syria, United States and allies sponsored terrorists used chemical weapons i.e. poisonous gas in the rocket fired missiles leaving at least 25 casualties majority of them reportedly women and children and many injured escalating heinous crime thus far.

The western and gulf regimes desperation to annihilate Syrian population appears to have no limit with utter disrespect for life considering vulnerable members such as women and children as well as elderly citizens have fallen prey to their persistent terrorism exceeding human endurance to violence.

UN condemnation against western and gulf partners WMD for the second time in Syrian conflict yet to be received and even otherwise, the sponsors and their terror operatives callousness targeting defenseless people speaks volume of the character and motives behind foreign intervention.

Western civil society bears responsibility in ending their respective leaderships overt involvement and funding of terrorism in Syria currently depriving western massive joblessness economic improvement in the domestic front.

The western dissent and further action like withholding tax dollars that are generously funneled to finance terrorism in Syria, Israeli militarization in occupied Palestine and drone strikes again killing children, women amongst mainstream victims urgently required to save lives on all sides Syria,the west and elsewhere.

Since there will be no response from UN, EU and United States Congress considering the national leaderships involvement in the crime against humanity, the international community especially the public from Muslim nations about fifty seven countries on this planet could act decisively in terminating fellow Muslims slaughter in Syria and world over.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu along with other AKP members treason in the surrender of Turkey’s sovereignty to foreign power under false pretext of Patriot Missile deployment is a huge betrayal to Turkish nationals,

Not to mention the leaders subservience to western invasion of Syria has actually resulted in illegal occupation of Turkey.

The people and political opposition in Turkey are required to move ahead with removal of authorities from power given the unconstitutional and undemocratic steps adopted by Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu in the unilateral decision allowing United States, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark…troops presence in Turkey creating Afghanistan situation confronted with arduous challenge in expulsion of Imperial power.

Turkey citizens demand to stop cross border terrorism facilitated by Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davutoglu against Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria evidently discarded by them and that would mean the only alternative is to replace leaderships in Ankara with political power committed to regional peace and national sovereignty.

Similarly Qatar and Saudi regimes remain in the forefront as western stooges in the decimation of Arab nation Syria much to Israel’s delight in the killing of unarmed Syrians rejecting call for ceasefire and end to violence.

Syria’s other neighbor Jordan double crossing Syrian society claiming cooperation in fighting terrorism while hosting United States military training of Al Qaeda and Jabat Al-Nusra terror networks in Jordan is worse than Qatar, al-Saud and Turkey combined violation of human trust in the prolonged conflict.

Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with memberships of fifty-seven Islamic countries denunciation of these rivals of Islam severing trade, diplomatic ties would be effective in relieving Muslim plight in Syria and around the world.

Alongside Muslim consumers global boycott of Qatar, Saudi, Jordan, Israel and western products and services could stifle western belligerence against Islamic country.

Simultaneously Non Aligned Movement (NAM) unanimous declaration imposing travel, financial, economic and arms embargo against Western and Gulf States seeking immediate conclusion to Syrian warfare is paramount proving the organization ability as an international body to rescue precious lives and promote peace.

Failure to implement these measures would consume more lives and drag the region notwithstanding the world into nuclear meltdown preventable with prudence and adherence to peace.

Meanwhile, the western powers beginning with United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany and others flagrant abuse of diminishing privileged status against Syria already experienced in precipitous decline of economy with more adversities ahead yielding imminent collapse upon pursuing violence to justify the unjustifiable interference in Syria.

Western manufactured crises in arming terrorists with WMD and lethal substances inevitably haunt them sooner than later.

The western orchestrated political circus instructing illegitimate Syrian National Coalition to elect Texas based American citizen Ghassan Hitto as Prime Minister of Syria is hegemony ridicule of democracy through monumental hypocrisy.

Syrian leadership, government and people of Syria admirably demonstrate patriotism and humanitarian values in dealing with tremendous aggression not barring primitive practices by the representatives of the so-called modern society in the western world.

Syria’s suffering and sacrifices will not be in vain with perpetrators individually and collectively paying unaffordable price for the bloodshed and destruction of sovereign nation that posed no threat to anyone either in the Middle East or the rest of the world.

With heartfelt condolences to martyrs families in the brutal WMD assault and prayers for speedy recovery of children, women and others experiencing excruciating pain from exposure to chemicals in the western and gulf war mongering,

Wishing Syria instant CESSATION to violence with a new beginning epitomizing long lasting peace, progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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