Syria – Turkey Terrorism as NATO Ally

October 4, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The continued aggression from the so-called democratic Turkey against Syria is U.S. and NATO instigated terrorism designed to plunge the world into chaos and undesirable disintegration.

The latest shelling across the border has not only claimed many innocent lives but also a hindrance to desperately required humanitarian aid to save lives in the embattled state.

Turkey conducting proxy war on U.S. and western nations behalf as NATO ally is provocative and counterproductive.

The self-disastrous involvement for Turkey would mean facing isolation from the Islamic population around the world in the targeted killings of fellow Muslims to appease Untied States and the west.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sadly misleading Turkey into an abyss in the false and bizarre aspiration to monopolize Middle East at U.S. and western forces behest with grave omission of error given Turkey’s geographic location and western alliance persistent attacks against Islam and the people across the globe.

Turkish Parliament approval on terrorism against sovereign state inflicting catastrophe reflects paradigm shift in the political system proudly claimed to be the only democratic Islamic nation in the Mediterranean side of Middle East.

Unfortunately, the political leaderships in Turkey are disregarding the dire consequences on such unwarranted indulgence considering the intervention thus far has been in clear violation of international law.

Engagement in destruction of neighbors and others’ existence would invariably hurt the source in accordance with cause and effect.

Turkey’s internal crisis on Kurdish separatism and citizens’ frustration related to economic problems with government’s misplaced priority could be exacerbated in the process.

The price for Turkey’s involvement in Syria would be rather high with western betrayal and serious ramifications to befall in return for loyalty not to mention the natural course to follow within society in the national front.

Turkey is misguided in pursuing illusion heading towards cataclysmic event that should be avoided at all costs to protect Turkish population and national sovereignty.

When erroneous decisions are made with complete knowledge of the repercussions any reluctance to change action for the greater good augurs calamity and those executing the disorder are primarily responsible for the outcome and appropriately accountable to the electorate.

Turkey still has opportunity to ceasefire in terminating cross border terrorism against unarmed and defenseless civilians victimized in the massacre.

The slaying carried out by three Muslim nations – Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia against Muslims in Syria guaranteed to backlash resulting in the inevitable removal of governments from power in the respective states.

Often irrationality overriding reason and pragmatism is an invitation to irreversible tragedy upon self and those around them.

Turkey and other regional players reining control of the situation by ending violence is imperative for their survival that could otherwise be extremely dangerous in the volatile region with them being the first casualty.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia vying for regional dominance to undermine Iran is typical imperialist agenda in deploying servitudes to accomplish mission without them expending major investments to attain their goal viz. supremacy.

Besides Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with overt backing from Tunisia and Egypt in the Middle East destabilization entrenched in fundamentalism due to Muslim brotherhood in all these states fomenting external insurgency through their counterpart in Syria fulfilling the global masters’ divide and conquer strategy again for self-destruction.

Finally, the hegemony doomed to fail in the prolonged warfare are evidently experimenting various techniques and tactics to overcome the preordained elimination from power contrarily expediting their departure.

Turkey citizens dissent against their government’s undemocratic intrusion in Syria is vital to restore republic governance, since the meaningful democracy seemingly dissipating in Turkey under current leadership having surrendered public will and national integrity to western ideology.

Wishing people in Syria – the victims in the conflict and political leaderships steel resolve in prevailing over foreign invasion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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