Syria – Turkey Reconnaissance on Sovereign Air Space

June 25, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Turkey- the NATO ally reconnaissance on Syrian air space contributing to Syrian authority action in national defense is yet another unnecessary provocation by western powers relentless pursuit escalating violence in the war torn nation.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton condemnation of Syria protecting borders under assault on air,land and sea – courtesy extended by United States and allies with utter disregard for innocent lives is hypocritical and counterproductive.

Any investigation in this matter would be appropriate and credible upon being carried out by independent neutral state genuinely pledged to peace unlike NATO and United States with serious war crimes committed in recent months,

Not to mention the controversial nonchalant predator drones slaughtering unarmed men, women and mostly children in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan including sectarian conflict exported to South East Asia viz. Burma / Myanmar in the Buddhists and Muslims riot with no remorse or respect for national sovereignty under perpetual attack and life in general.

The obsession for regime change has claimed thousands of citizens killed and displaced with western powers ammunition supply to the deployed militias and mercenaries as the so-called opposition earlier in Libya and,

Replicated in Syria having betrayed international community with massive media propaganda and choreographed events to sell the war.

The facts unfolded subsequent to NATO decimation of Libya not barring Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi assassination in Public Square.

Western powers strategy premised on lies and deception to invade, occupy and violate human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Syria reprehensible with architects and profiteers behind heinous crimes against humanity never held accountable thus far.

United States and International Criminal Court are obligatory in demonstrating commitment to democratic values and social justice concerning humanity at large abandoning prejudice and selective indictments jeopardizing credibility and purpose to protect people from disproportionate military aggression.

In this context, the regimes in the United States, England and Israel aptly qualify due to past and present escapades with no end in sight.

Unfortunately the imperialistic quest for global dominance unleashing terror in every possible manner does not even spare own servicemen and women falling victims to the carefree ‘friendly fire’ and drones debilitating troops morale evident in the reportedly alarming suicides among combat personnel and,

Regrettable conduct such as desecration of deceased Afghan fighters,shooting spree targeting harmless children and women in Afghanistan, Holy Quran burning and more unreported incidents blocked as classified information.

Guantanamo Bay, renditions, torture and habeas corpus denial continues until today – prominently known as Bush-Cheney legacy.

United States illegal warfare and atrocity against weak and defenseless under false pretext of spreading democracy on borrowed funds with sovereign debt to the hilt exacerbates burden on American taxpayers and future generation.

In the absence of effective American dissent and public outcry – the land of the free and home of the brave faltering to restore human dignity and republic governed democracy.

United States leaderships’ gross abuse of power against domestic and overseas population suppressing freedom with NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), ACTA, CISPA, Patriot Act serve the powerful and belligerent in the far-fetched ill-fated course with more casualties on the horizon justifiably calls for congressional proceedings in the arbitrary massacre using drones and mercenaries in different parts of the world.

Western powers and allies intervention in Syria sabotaging life and peace plan must cease unconditionally with simultaneous response from Syrian government to guarantee Syrian victims safety and security.

Syrian authority like any other sovereign nation bears responsibility to defend territorial integrity especially in the face of existential incursions from forces least concerned about international law violation inflicting misery on residents across the beleaguered state.

Syrian blood shed caused with arms smuggled into the country by rebel factions representing western powers in the latest spate of brutality must be terminated and,

United Nations General Assembly unanimous resolution in this respect is the preliminary step to save lives facilitating ceasefire.

Peace and diplomacy in Syria could not be bargained at the expense of young and old death tolls rising by the hour with unwarranted intrusions aiming for regional destabilization.

United Nations Human rights commission, UNHCR and governments around the world as UN members urged to participate in the emergency session to permanently halt Syrian confrontation between external powers and the state.

Expediting peace in Syria paramount to avert global catastrophe – flagrant euro zone and U.S. economy in particular.

With expectations on peaceful resolutions to Syrian crisis,

Wishing people and leaderships in Syria peace and tranquility in the immediate period and beyond.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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