Syria – Turkey Aggression And No Fly Zone At United States Behest is Terrorism

July 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Turkey under former Prime Minister changed to current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and former Foreign Minister turned incumbent Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu transformed into western powers terror domain against Syria.

Interestingly the power swap was meant to extend Erdogan rule in Presidential post.  

However the election results altered Turkish political dynamics enabling PKK to enter Parliament with significant mandate and stifled AKP rise dashing political figures Erdogan and Davutoglu’s hope to contour Turkey political system. 

Man proposes and God disposes in unique format.

Since western powers authorized war on Syria in 2011, the western allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, UAE and Jordan have assumed diverse roles in creating terror networks al Nusra Front, ISIL, ISIS from original al Qaeda deployed to destabilize Syria, Iraq and Lebanon followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The western powers having destroyed Libya through military air raids introducing no fly zone in 2011, the North African state now serving as weapons warehouse with free oil supply to the west via militia.

Turkey as NATO ally is under Germany occupation with Patriot missile installation in 2012 and a designated terror facilitator against Syria and Iraq.

Turkey transitioned from stable and secular democracy to chief terror operator essentially obeying the White House direct command.

Turkey leaderships Erdogan and Davutoglu are primarily responsible for Turkey’s fragile security and frail economy disregarding Turkish constitution that forbids aggression against non-threatening neighbors and nations anywhere. 

Turkish electorate disapproval of leaders Erdogan and Davutoglu’s aggressive stance and servility to western agenda cost AKP – the Justice and Development Party suffering a serious blow in the recent national election.

The AKP leader Davutoglu often slighted with western outreach to counterpart Erdogan on all affairs – enhancing terrorism in particular only to backfire at Turkey with terror attacks within state and lately near Syrian border.

Also leaders Erdogan and Davutoglu run administration reversed peaceful settlement with Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) into confrontational position favoring terror strategy.

Turkish leaders Erdogan and Davutoglu under United States purview continue to foster terrorism by training and arming ISIL and ISIS against Syria and Iraq.

The latest massacre resulting in Kurdish deaths with at least 30 killed and several critically injured in Turkish town Suruc along Syrian border was determined as ISIL attack arousing anger and retaliation from PKK highlighting Turkish formal training of terror operatives in the past five years maintained until now.

Accordingly PKK deemed Turkish authority accountable based on facts.

Turkey’s comprehensive terror promotion from the beginning of Syrian crisis and invigorated today with Washington’s authorization and coordination unravel falsehood in United States and allies disposition to combat terror.

Turkish leaderships Erdogan and Davutoglu terror operation maneuver is aimed at Kurds and Syrians in Syria.

Although claiming to contain ISIL and ISIS, the terror groups existence made possible with Turkish, Saudi, Qatar, Israel and Jordan’s support on United States and western coalition oversight.

The ongoing trend is for Turkey to launch air assault on Syria under the guise of joining the bandwagon to remove ISIL and ISIS even though reality confirms the activities strengthening ISIL and ISIS ability with Turkish authorities long provided assistance.

The alarming development that deserves international attention and rejection is United States pact with Turkey against Syria.

United States and Turkey latest agreement reached from talks between Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and United States President Barack Obama allows U.S. to utilize Turkish Incirlik Air Base near Syria establishing Libyan style no fly zone in Syrian towns Marea and Jarabulus inside Syria.

The operation expected to have United States planes equipped with bombs and missiles accompanied by Turkish air raids denying Syria participation on their soil.

The plan warning that Syrian warplanes would be targeted upon entry into no fly zone in Syria ominously clarifies U.S and Turkey commitment to exacerbate Syrians terror experience.

U.S. and Turkey cooperation is not to dismantle ISIL and ISIS but designed to debilitate Syrian army achievement thus far.

In fact Turkey aerial attacks inside Syria in the past few days projecting Turkey pursuing ISIL and ISIS is misleading with no fly zone scenario in the offing.

United States and partners funded terror outfits in Syria are not in possession of warplanes and the idea behind no fly zone prohibiting Syrian fighter jets are to paralyze Syrian airspace.

Furthermore Ankara and Washington deal to train and arm anti-Syria Takfiris with the program having officially commenced in July 2015 seek to prepare 15,000 militants and more over three years to prolong terrorism.

United States presence in Turkey with 120 soldiers on the ground for this purpose under estimates human intelligence to accept setup as eliminating terror.

No foreign nation regardless of political stature and military capability could justify systematic destruction of sovereign state leaving over 250,000 dead and rendering millions as refugees in Syria.

United States led terror forces in Syria spreading into Iraq and Lebanon including Afghanistan with ISIL and ISIS arrival over there arguably leads to conclusion that terror sponsors remain the existential threat to humanity at large.

Terrorists did not emerge from nowhere. New World Order architects and protagonists representing United States and coalition using intelligence and military wings recruit economically deprived, gullible and vulnerable youths from different parts of the world to implement detrimental policy.

United States, Britain, France and allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and Jordan are instrumental in terror manifestation.

Their insistence to stay on course evident in U.S. defense personnel training militants in Turkey at present to proliferate militancy against Syria and Iraq then moving across Middle East.

Turkey intervention in Syria at United States behest is serious violation of Syrian sovereignty.

The pending no fly zone barring Syrian planes on their turf proves absolute disrespect for Syrian territorial integrity and population plight with relentless violence unleashed on innocent children, women and men in that country.

United States and allies refraining from manufacturing, aiding and abetting terror networks is paramount for global peace and security alongside their credibility precipitating UNSC decline.

The scores of lives lost in Syria and citizens’ refugee status squarely falls on sponsors and catalysts of terrorism.

No real leader or head of the nation could possibly be proud of endless bloodshed and catastrophe brought upon a nation that never meant any harm towards them and the rest of the world.

Syria war must come to conclusion with no further procrastination to save mankind from irreversible calamity affecting all.

Everything has limit notwithstanding tolerance to incessant violence. The situation beyond control would prompt divine interception that could perhaps be prevented with immediate ceasefire and peaceful resolution.

Best Wishes to Syria and people in prevailing over terrorism and insidious western stratagem in the so-called war on terror.

Peace to Syria!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











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