Syria – Terror Sponsors Defiance is Self-Destructive

April 8, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The latest reports on terrorist bombing in downtown Damascus identified as al-Shahbander and Sabe’a Bahrat Square claiming 14 martyrs and 146 injured so far is yet another failure from the west and gulf allies to respect life.

They continue to target innocent children and women considering the explosion in booby trap were near Salim Bukhari School, Buaeir Mosque and residential building as per local agency report.

United States, Britain, Israel, France, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan regimes sponsored atrocities against defenseless civilians in Syria confirm sponsors desperation in the invitation for self-disaster.

Not to mention the leaderships and operatives behind heinous crimes against humanity in Syria are completely devoid of human elements conspicuous in their relentless terrorism against a sovereign nation.

The western and gulf defiance to ceasefire denying Syrian population respite from perpetual violence signify terror organizers confused origin as democratic nations and civilized society.

Although Saudi, Qatar and Jordan are overt dynasties suppressing domestic uprising on political freedom in their domain,

The remaining members in the group viz. U.S. Britain, Israel, France and Turkey violent conduct exemplify deception committing treason against respective nations they falsely represent with allegiance pledged to war hungry hegemony specializing in annihilation and decimation of states posing no threat to them or the people in the west and Middle East.

Evidently, the holocaust of nearly 80,000 lives including the use of chemical weapons on March 19, 2013 besides over a million refugees scattered across Syrian borders in inhumane conditions is the reality due to foreign intervention.

Again causing more deaths and devastation in Syria only isolate those funding, arming and training terrorists with consequences increasingly becoming costlier and irreversible both individually and collectively for them.

The murder of unarmed citizens through terrorists in western and gulf backed proxy wars face inevitable backlash in alarming proportion against the source.

The underestimation and slight of imminent catastrophe to them is indicative of deliberate ignorance in pursuit of delusional aspirations at western taxpayers and Syrian victims expense.

In other developments rather deterioration in western mismanagement of events,

The Syrian government request to UN for independent investigation on western authorized WMD in Khan al-Asal village near northwestern Aleppo resulting in at least 25 casualties with death toll majority being children and women alongside several sustaining severe injuries manipulated by the west and servile gulf coalition misleading the inquiry against victims i.e. the people of Syria.

Western nations notoriety on WMD is established throughout history.

Iraq war 2003 until now – United States and Britain use of depleted uranium produce generational impact in children born with deformities and women experiencing acute reproductive problems in the course of pregnancy and after childbirth.

Israel performing ritualistic aggression against Gaza in December 2008 – the relentless shelling with white phosphorous verified in UN appointed Richard Goldstone report has endless health issues affecting children, women, youth and elderly from the attack.

Additionally, the patients’ illnesses exacerbated with illegal unilateral Israeli blockade denying Gaza residents medicines and humanitarian goods for the past six years beginning in 2007 and more restrictions imposed making life literally impossible in the beleaguered enclave.

As for United States record in twentieth century – the trajectory involves nuclear weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WMD in Korean war, napalm in Vietnam and subsequently supply of biological weapons to then U.S. ally, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in the eight years war with Iran and Iraqi citizens as well.

Needless to elaborate on Britain’s liberal chemical warfare in the colonial past and present committing genocide at free will with impunity – the tradition maintained well into the new millennium in the so-called modern age.

The hegemony set up United Nations as an organization supposedly an international body has repeatedly served against humanity interest proving lack of credibility and legitimacy to conduct probe on adequately substantiated crime by western and gulf deployed terrorists against Syrians in Aleppo on March 19, 2013.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon cowering to western pressure with invented version synonymous to Iraq in an effort to divert findings in Aleppo invariably leading to Britain, France and the rest void UN status as a reliable entity.

This is a major embarrassment for UN especially in a serious matter concerning loss of civilian lives notwithstanding foreign terrorists gruesome tactics in Syria since conflict onset.

UN Chief reluctance to abide by international standard in the determination of specific violation in Aleppo on March 19, 2013 barring western and gulf influence means complicity in western subversion of truth and,

The erroneous decision endangers global peace and security rendering UN dysfunctional.

Hence, the effective measure for UN is to task non-discriminatory and politically unaffiliated ethical committee to review Syrian government provided facts on foreign terrorists massacre using poisonous gas in rockets against Syrian citizens in Khan al-Asal, Aleppo on March 19, 2013 that attracted worldwide condemnation.

UN procrastination or detour in this critical matter could contribute to UN disintegration and ultimate collapse.

Accordingly, the UN authority is urged to pursue the process with integrity and transparency conforming to humanitarian law and UN Charter.

Meanwhile, Syrian community participation with government, national defense and security personnel on 24/7 vigilance promptly reporting suspicious activity, abandoned vehicles and other items would enhance operations in foiling terror plots nationwide.

The extensive search of people and belongings in crowded areas and public sites also important in terror deterrence.

Security check points all over the country – cities, towns, villages is essential to prevent and eliminate foreign terror from Syrian soil.

Heartfelt condolences to bereaved families and prayers for survivors speedy recovery welcoming peace on the horizon.

May God Bless Syria’s citizens and leaderships relieving them from hardships and pain endured with admirable courage and patience.

Wishing Syria everlasting peace, progress and prosperity in abundance.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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