Syria – Terror, Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

November 15, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian Conflict that began in March 2011 –the premeditated western agenda with Middle Eastern alliance has claimed more than 250,000 innocent lives and millions mercilessly forced to leave their homeland to become refugees only to be declined by those responsible for the crises.

The warfare recruiting terror networks having wreaked havoc on Syrian population is now on the sources domain causing casualties and state of emergency.

The western strategy manufacturing, nurturing and deployment of terror outfits to destroy Syria that posed no threat to them or any neighbor in the region exemplify states sponsored terrorism.

As a result, the flawed western policies and deliberate destruction of lives and civilization in Syria, Iraq and Libya endanger peace and planet survival.

Having created mayhem through terror groups notwithstanding cannibalism, the strategists and so-called leaderships authorized bombing of Syria under the pretext of pursuing self-generated terrorists reflect serious deficit in moral consciousness and ethical efficacy. 

Not to mention the egregious decisions compromising regional and global security.

The western powers and coalition indulgence in Syria committing worst crimes against humanity clarify western political system is anything but democratic.

The fundamental problem is western powers and their allies’ direct involvement in funding, training and arming terrorists and relentless shelling in Syria.

Accordingly, consensus on arms embargo and sanctions against nations in breach of weapons ban to terror operatives would confirm international community sincere commitment to alleviate Syrian people suffering in the nearly five-year old senseless violence.

The current international conference in Vienna failure to address core issues and instead repeat demand for political transition and scheduling elections in a nation that recently held Presidential and national elections under independent and global supervision clearly violates Syria’s sovereignty besides treating Syrian electoral mandate in contempt.

Regardless of political, military and economic status – the foreign interference in sovereign nation’s internal political affairs aimed at destabilization is unconstitutional and illegitimate qualifying as impeachable action in a real democracy.

Ignoring public dissent to their governments contributing to political instability and perpetual chaos in foreign land highlights departure from republic control.

The global approach and honorable goal on Syria would be ending terror by terminating ammunitions and artillery delivery to terror recruits in Syria and respecting Syrians political rights and self-determination process.

Wishing Syrian citizens freedom from foreign invasion and success in combating terror.

Peace to Syria!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









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