Syria – Saudi and Turkish Incursion Preemptive Warfare

June 30, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

As the international conference in Geneva discuss Syria,

Turkish and Saudi troops mobilized along the north, west and south east Syrian borders preempting warfare while the western and Arab allies backed terrorists wreaking havoc across the state with brutal killings of innocent civilians leading the nation into combat zone.

The most repressive regime in the Middle East – Western powers trusted ally Saudi Arabia behind 9/11 attacks and recently involved in Arab Spring massacre in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya is a kingdom without emperor subservient to western supremacy obeying orders from the United States and NATO.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia – the two Islamic nations along with Qatar in the front line murdering fellow Muslims – unarmed men, women and children under U.S and NATO subjugation is reprehensible.

International community witnessed U.S. led NATO bombings targeting civilians under humanitarian pretext in Libya.

However in Syria, United States and NATO delegated abhorrent tasks to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Libya spreading violence nationwide to achieve far-fetched and ill-fated regime change agenda.

Western strategy using Gulf partners in crimes against humanity escalating aggression on Syrian borders including representation through militias and mercenaries primarily responsible for bloodshed sponsoring unprecedented terror in a sovereign state.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton might have appeared to maintain conciliatory stance on Syria during St. Petersburg meeting with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov by not insisting on Syrian leadership ouster due to prior arrangement through Saudi and Turkey incursions along Syrian territory to pursue the goal.

Western powers military interventional pursuit over pretentious diplomacy conspicuous on Syria.

The western belligerence is counterproductive and as for Saudi Arabia and Turkey – the surrender to western will for attack against neighbor is self-immolation with end justifying the means in the irrational conflict.

Syrian peace and democracy could not be established despite the state authority compliance with every possible demand barring President Bashar Al-Assad stepping down from office unless western and Arab aggressive invasion desist with immediate withdrawal of military artillery from Syria within and around.

Such activity is a precursor for elaborate indulgence in the region.

The insanity would not only engulf Middle East but also embroil the world in a smoldering confrontation especially with the same players nonchalant nuclear threats demonstrating urgency for their removal from power.

When nations and institutions refuse to learn from the past and present experience and continue on destructive course guided by delusional aspirations,

They eventually succumb to tragic outcome with irreversible consequences epitomizing senselessness in the otherwise resolvable crisis.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia retreat from Syrian borders is paramount respecting territorial integrity and sovereignty besides allowing diplomatic resolutions to be effective in western infiltrated turmoil.

The citizens in the western and Arab nations are obligatory to condemn and terminate governments action carried out in their name contributing to humanity suffering with privileged few carte blanche status aimed at retaining self-empowerment and enslavement of the rest.

Syria is an independent nation with population possessing the right to self-determination.

Any external meddling for detrimental objectives in direct violation of international law would deliver nothing except defeat in semblance with Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey participation is provocative considering respective human rights record and calls for international isolation with boycott of goods and services to deter them from exacerbating Syrian victims plight.

In anticipation for peaceful settlements in Syria,

Wishing the people and leaderships in Syria success in national defense, peace restoration and political progress.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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