Syria – Refugees held hostage in al-Zaatari Camp, Jordan

April 22, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Syrians forced to leave towns and villages due to western and Gulf States sponsored terrorism committing massacre in sovereign state Syria.

The U.S. taxpayer funded terrorism in Syria has consumed more than 70,000 innocent lives and left a million or more homeless, orphaned, widowed and exposed to epidemic like AIDS in brutality proudly authorized by United States, Britain, EU and gulf regimes constituting horrendous crimes against humanity.

Upon fleeing their homeland from western funded and armed terrorists atrocities,

Syrians are subjected to hostile conditions in Refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey.

Despite United States taxpayer funding approximately $200 million to Jordanian authority with more pledged to meet the refugee crises,

The incidents in al-Zaatari camp, Jordan reportedly deprives Syrian children, women and families basic humanitarian needs leaving them in deplorable state.

Furthermore, the refugees are prevented from returning home with their IDs apparently seized from them and held hostage in deteriorating environment demanding UNHCR and other human rights organizations outcry to gross human rights violation.

Jordanian authorities abuse and exploitation of Syrian plight attributed to Jordan collusion with western and Gulf dictatorships especially after collecting U.S. aid towards western manufactured and perpetuated humanitarian catastrophe deserves worldwide condemnation urging end to Syrian conflict.

Jordan human rights record witnessed in domestic uprising appropriately calling for monarchy abolition paving way to twenty first century republic system violently evaded with appointment of four Prime Ministers in the last four months while facilitating terrorists training by United States military and Jordanian airspace for Israeli drone operation against neighboring Syria under the pretext of promoting democracy clarifies Jordan leadership reservations on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness not necessarily applicable to all.

Jordan bears responsibility for Syrian refugees security in these camps and safe journey back to their nation not only based on Jordan’s involvement for their misery but also in consideration of the U.S. tax dollar amount received to address western and coalition orchestrated burgeoning violence.

International community participation in denouncing western and gulf determination to prolong Syrian genocide with latest development i.e. EU lifting arms embargo and United States coordination in ammunition shipments to unleash medieval practices targeting civilians, national army and government officials in Syria confirms civilization decline leading to cataclysmic outcome for perpetrators and operatives disregarding rationality.

Jordanian administrators in the refugee camps demonstrating compassion and care for Syrians during their struggle would ease tensions allowing their passage with relevant documents IDs etc. for resettlement in the country of origin.

Human character is often tested and revealed in response or the lack thereof in attending to fellow citizens extraordinary ordeal inflicted upon the people of Syria since March 2011 with foreign intervention in internal sovereign matter.

Jordanian personnel and officers cooperation as well as Syrian citizens appreciation for any proper treatment during their stay would enable mutual understanding benefitting all.

Best Wishes to Syrian society and leaderships for rapid conclusion to unjust warfare moving towards peaceful existence and nation rebuilding after nearly three years of western and gulf launched terrorism in the Arab state.

Peace to Syria and Jordan population!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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