Syria – Israeli airstrike against Syrian Scientific Research Center is Israel’s Self-Immolation

January 30, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Israeli regime airstrike against Syria’s scientific research center is Israel’s self-immolation.

According to reports Israeli military intrusion has killed at least two and injured five so far.

The world has tolerated Israel, United States and allies terrorism, atrocities and war crimes for too long due to lack of accountability.

The latest wanton provocation is an imminent disaster to belligerent state showing no respect for life or international law.

History is testimony to the fact that tyranny reaching the height of tolerance expedite perpetrators disastrous fatal ending in the crimes against humanity.

None are invincible and Israel along with United States are no exception in this regard considering brutality committed by them including attacks against their own citizens in American soil on September 11, 2001.

Furthermore, Israel abusing ally position also responsible for United States and EU sinking economy and alarming suicides among United States military personnel fighting Israel’s delusional geopolitical aspirations never to come into fruition.

Israel and any nation regardless of economic and military not barring nuclear status collusion in misadventures would lead to isolation and continuous defiance resulting in losing sovereignty to the point of no return.

Henceforth, Israeli regime and allies war mongering policies and terrorism is best abandoned exercising restraint over catastrophic actions with inevitable ramifications for the state of Israel and other death squad sponsors against Syria.

Israeli raid targeting Syria is yet another desperate times seeking desperate demise that could easily be averted by war architects and so-called think tanks misleading the regime in Tel Aviv and counterparts in Washington.

Neither Israel nor United States and western powers not excluding Saudi, Qatar and Turkey despotic regimes can afford cataclysmic outcome in escalating Syrian conflict.

The consequence of ill-advised terrorist, militancy and mercenaries deployment by them in Syria is already reflected in dying economy and crumbling kingdoms respectively notwithstanding Imperialism imminent collapse relieving the world from tyranny and oppression.

Israeli and United States signaled aggression is counterproductive and proceeding towards unnecessary assault against Syrian interests would be apocalyptic for aggressors underestimating appropriate response.

Syria is a sovereign state and pose threats to none in the region or worldwide unlike Israel, United States and coalition being existential opponents to peace and global security.

Israel survival in Middle East and credibility is largely dependent on terminating violence and repression against Palestinians in the occupied land of Palestine and neighbors viz. Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Libya.

Most importantly, Israel coming in terms with reality on Palestinian statehood recognition is no longer an option but necessity for own future..

The current military engagement against Syria is reprehensible and more than worthy of condemnation leading to economic, financial, travel and technology sanctions on the state of Israel.

Muslim community across the globe are urged to come together in solidarity and boycott Israel by pledging to Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) program operative against world’s worst violator of peace and diplomacy.

The global society and Muslim population in particular concrete measure against Israel and collaborators would set precedence in categorical denouncement of superpower syndrome denying innocent victims normal life with dignity.

Please remember inaction to injustice is complicity and synonymous events to be experienced by all for ignoring collective responsibility urgently required to stop presumptuous ambition on global dominance.

Wishing people and leadership in Syria phenomenal success in reverting calamity upon those inflicting damage and destruction.

Dawn of brilliant light to dispel darkness in and around beleaguered Syria and Palestine.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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