Syria – International Cooperation and Collective Action in Ending Syrian Conflict

November 10, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The escalated violence having claimed thousands of innocent lives with many refugees displaced across Turkey and Jordanian border,

Western defiance to ceasefire persists unleashing terror in the form of unspeakable crimes against Syrian citizens and army personnel through proxy war.

The western and Gulf coalition of the willing viz. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar with Jordan as the facilitator are importing Al Qaeda terrorists and death squads into Syria.

Since western and Gulf invasion of the sovereign state Syria, the horrendous killings involving primitive medieval practices like beheading, throat slitting and other Saudi authoritarian style massacre is the routine in the beleaguered state sadly on international community watch with perpetrators emboldened in the foreign states sponsored terrorism.

While the systematic annihilation and decimation continues, the western leaderships have also imposed crippling sanctions against the people of Syria strangling them on the economic and military front to demonstrate western affinity for democracy.

Above all, the latest deterioration in western conduct is the assassination plan against Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad for defending his nation and people from western authorized full frontal attacks that includes suicide bombings, targeted murder of Syrian government officials and infrastructure destruction restricting access to desperately required humanitarian relief and recovery for the survivors in the nearly two years old western and Arab aggression.

In the west gone wild grandeur delusion accompanied by their Gulf allies madness,

The latest revelation to eliminate the head of a sovereign state cannot escape world attention due to inevitable spread of similar attempts against whoever the west and their Gulf partners choose to remove from their path of chaos and carnage victimizing the remaining global population.

According to independent sources – the Lebanese Arabic language newspaper Ad-Diyar disclosed a meeting between Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani, Qatari intelligence chief Ahmed Nasser bin Jassim al-Thani, Israeli intelligence spy agency Mossad director Tamir Pardo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reviewing details to assassinate the Syrian President.

The report stated Mossad head offered many proposals outlining the devious scheme and in exchange the Qatari Premier guaranteed two years free supply of natural gas and subsidized gasoline to the state of Israel following the assassination.

Further, the report mentioned about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu sought Persian Gulf Cooperation Council continued ties subsequent to Syria collapse.

The western and selective Arab collusion determined to lead their respective nations towards economic abyss for the former and major political upheaval for the latter are advised to abandon such insidious ideology unequivocally backfiring at them beyond repair for the state authorities indulgence would be a costly affair.

Not to mention the diabolical agenda prompting an invitation to self-disaster in epic proportion from divine intervention.

The bizarre western-Arab alliance crossing limits in decency, morality and civil decorum in direct violation of international rule and ethical standards appropriately qualifies for global sanctions against them on trade, finance and travel in the economic aspect and severing political ties until rationality returns in recognition of humanitarian law.

In consistency with advance warnings regarding western belligerence specifically the United States, Israel, United Kingdom and France role in pursuing violence as signatory strategy to achieve their unattainable exclusive interests at global catastrophe deserves worldwide condemnation and citizen participation calling for an immediate end to Syrian conflict.

The western and Gulf slaughter in Syria using militia and mercenaries has no respect for life except their own and represents major threat to humanity considering the United States fascination for militarization and drone strikes exponentially risen in the last four years and within hours of 2012 Presidential election outcome.

Reiterating the urgency for collective response, the effective mechanism to contain the growing abuse of power and reckless policies enforced upon those in compliance of western unreasonable demand and UN resolutions ironically not applicable to actual offenders given the trajectory on human rights and colonial quest to empower few and enslave the rest.

Viewing the re-elected U.S. administration rapid descent exercising privileged status in emergency declaration against Iran on Friday, November 10, 2012 extending sanctions for another year exacerbating Iranian population plight knowing well the impact on women and children in need of medications – the Presidential authorization is perhaps disillusionment in terms of ‘Worst yet to come.’

The incumbent administration conscientious departure from predecessor Bush-Cheney legacy prolonged in first term counterproductive measures would benefit United States in international relations espousing peace and diplomacy over provocation.

As for the western deployed so-called jihadists in Syria – the western intelligence agencies using the U.S. characterized most wanted terrorist Ayman Al Zawahiri denounced as Al Qaeda leader succeeding Osama Bin Laden is yet another tactical technique to attract economically deprived and ill-informed fighters from war torn nations in Middle East to kill fellow Muslims and ethnic minorities fomenting western created Islamophobia.

The militia members and mercenary recruits are evidently misguided and misled into death valley in Syria by western and Arab obsession to destabilize Middle East – the cradle of civilization.

These individuals are urged to refrain from not only harming fellow human beings but also stop sacrificing their lives for despots and dictatorial regimes possessed with greed and acrimony denying others existence to enhance personal gains at every opportunity.

The western deceptive methods eluding different factions among Islamic nations for hegemony ambitions doomed to be a colossal failure.

Under these circumstances, Muslims regardless of sect in the Middle East and around the world must come together in solidarity and defend Islam as the religion of peace and disengage from sectarian clashes favoring hegemony.

The western and Arab hired fighters should disavow violence and instead join the rescue mission saving lives in Syria, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan…as well as oil rich territories in Africa.

Please remember unity transcending assortments would be a formidable challenge to illegal invasion and occupation.

The hegemony reason behind polarization of society is to disintegrate nations for easier control and dominance.

Citizens in western society could efficiently direct their relevant governments to withdraw from overt and covert military operations beginning with Syria contributing to immense human suffering world over and divest scarce resources in dire economy.

Additionally, peace activists doubling their efforts in permanent halting of western intrusion in sovereign states internal matter would expedite conventional and nuclear disarmament.

Keeping Syrian peace in thoughts and prayers for the brilliant white light to protect Syrian statehood, people and brave souls as guardians of life.

Wishing citizens and political leaderships in Syria steel resolve and harmony for phenomenal success in overcoming dissipating obstacles soon to be dispersed by natural breeze.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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