Syria – Independence Day 67th Anniversary Celebration

April 17, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To Syrian citizens, President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi and leaderships in government as well as members across the spectrum on this important day commemorating the hard fought freedom on April 17, 1946 from former colonial power France.

Every nation independence struggle involves true patriots and freedom fighters immense sacrifice to free the country from illegal invasion and occupation.

Throughout civilizations invaders motivated by greed for foreign resources and territorial annexations entered using military aggression or under false pretexts as traders soon turning into traitors with access made possible from treason among those betraying fellow citizens and their country prioritizing personal gains over national interest.

Nowadays various tactics applied ranging from democratization to humanitarian assistance consistently proved to be flagrant deception conforming to earlier practice besides divide and conquer strategy for permanent rule.

Most importantly, the occupiers always eliminated facilitators prior to persecuting remaining population in the country.

The aggressors then justified actions to remove those aiding and abetting in their homeland conquest asserting the individual or collective treasonous act would be repeated against them in the foreseeable time given the agents disloyalty to the country of origin.

Likewise, the contemporary trend waging proxy wars blatantly hiring terror networks al-Qaeda and affiliate al-nusra to slaughter innocent civilians, national defense personnel including government officials of sovereign nation viz. Syria and Iraq portend catastrophe for the operatives and sponsors of violence.

The military interventions in Libya, Mali and threats against Syria,

Notwithstanding Korean Peninsula nuclear standoff along with incursion extension in Afghanistan, drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia,

Declining to release hostages on hunger strikes in Guantanamo Bay and,

Poignantly funding Israeli regime to terrorize Palestinians and neighbors in and around Middle East adds to disaster culmination equivalent to ‘hell breaks loose’ for the presumptuous forces underestimating long overdue and imminent ramifications upon further involvement in death and destruction of lives carried out with grand impunity thus far.

Syria confronted with yet another battle from western powers and gulf coalition must come together in solidarity to defend national sovereignty, territorial integrity undermined in Israel’s seizure of Golan Heights and every Syrian’s right to self-determination currently denied in foreign intervention.

Syria’s real opposition and rivals are those against Syria’s existence on the world map.

They are vowed to plunge the otherwise peaceful and secular state into Death Valley and terror haven taking entire region down to an apocalyptic end.

The Gulf States Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey complicity in perpetuating Syrian conflict has far greater consequences for them respectively and together when igniting flames in adjacent Syria ignoring contagion effect on the source and representatives with irreversible outcome.

Setting anything on fire assuming the element to be discriminative in sparing inflammable objects nearby is delusional and reckless given the significance on regional impact.

Not to mention the indulgence endangering self and others lives with the lost opportunity to reverse course and that being ceasefire and renouncing terrorism.

In particular, the western and gulf dictatorships arms supply to dangerous death squads in Libya, Iraq and Syria already backfiring at the providers misleading them in the preventable crimes against humanity.

Syrian unity with consolidated national resistance terminating foreign powers authorized and funded atrocities would expedite end to external intrusion.

The key factor for Syrian compatriots to understand is the immediate priority to preserve non-negotiable independent status.

As a sovereign nation and the only Arab country unwilling to compromise on western intentions to destabilize Syria – the belligerence having claimed 70,000 lives and a million refugees scattered around different borders in hostile conditions,

The urgent requirement for Syria is unanimous dissent on western and gulf orchestrated terrorism and warfare.

The mass movement would enable the people, government and all factions in Syria to rebuild nation with viable solutions to issues in every frontier.

Syrian martyrdom on April 17, 1946 liberated Syria from foreign colonization with history repeating itself in the twenty first century imperialistic quest for geopolitical dominance,

Syria would once again emerge from hegemony onslaught displaying renewed spirit towards a promising and bright future.

Happy Independence Day Syria! With more celebrations rejoicing the inalienable right to be free forever in the republic state.

Wishing Syria everlasting peace, progress and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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