Syria – Hegemony Sponsored UN General Assembly Resolution and Economic Sanctions

August 5, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The latest drastic steps against sovereign nation Syria at the UN General Assembly preceded by EU and United States imposed economic sanctions is reprehensible and immoral considering sponsors being perpetrators in crimes against Syrian population.

The illegitimate stance aimed at military intervention evidently has nothing to do with democracy or empathy towards Syrian citizens victimized in incessant killings carried out by same entities arming and funding militias and mercenaries responsible for civilian massacre thus far.

Notwithstanding hegemony appointed UN Secretary General and Chairman presiding over General Assembly empirical biased disposition suggestive of international body failure to objectively resolve external powered conflict.

Unfortunately, United Nations as an organization set up by none other than imperialists following World War II increasingly used to wage wars exacerbating human suffering under false humanitarian pretext posing a major threat to humanity as a collective force.

United Nations being the prototype for New World Order – One World government ruled by globalists successfully manipulated UN Charter and UNSC undermining sovereignty, destabilize region and continent leading to status quo – death, devastation and displacement.

The current measures against Syria led by western powers and Gulf allies with complicity in atrocities against peaceful uprising in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait confirm desperation and invitation for inevitable self-disaster.

As for other nations compliance to western demands – the respective governments surrender to globalists will compromise republic right to self-determination and reject their population and national identity endangering security given greed driven motives extending beyond borders with former allies targeted as adversaries in the fixated goal for global dominance.

Syria is merely an access to centralize authoritarianism in Middle East with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Turkey servile to Israel contributing to Muslim and ethnic genocide.

The question now arises on tolerating the intolerant showing no mercy to life in the imperialistic quest to seize control over global resources and territory.

With monopolization on mass and entertainment media, institutions such as IMF, World Bank, privately owned Federal Reserve, European Central banks in finance industry along with defense, energy, food and agriculture…facilitating pervasive enslavement is the present challenge confronting humanity.

The paradoxical policies combined with power mongering do not heed to language of diplomacy and peaceful means with privileged few anchored ambition in denying vast majority basic existence.

Having identified the cause, the effects could be reversed with people power rising against elements abusing position of authority and committing treason under the guise of promoting political freedom in Syria and other war torn nations around the world.

Essentially the elite abstinent elegance conglomerate comfortable rise to pyramid apex attributed to trust, naiveté, ignorance, despair and lethargy prevalent in global society while others awakening to reality enduring police brutality and unlawful arrests in direct violation of national constitution.

However, emancipation is imminent with citizens holding power to catapult urgently required change as consumers, workers, taxpayers and electorate despite dilemma in this context cleverly organized through political candidacies with rare exceptions on all sides unequivocal loyalty to nexus group claiming victory regardless of outcome.

Dismantling order not only ceases tradition but also creates opportunity to establish new paradigm in governance pledging allegiance to public and national progress barring political leaderships affiliation in any capacity with sources generating conflict of interest.

Upon default in maintaining constitutional oath automatic disqualification from office would curtail bureaucracy and legislative rigmarole designed to prolong and evade accountability.

The important milestone paramount via referendum in constitutional amendment to address political systems across the globe crippled with corruption, systemic abuse of power and defiance to transparency.

The western and Gulf alliance cavalier and hypocritical actions against Syria is a distraction from burgeoning problems at the domestic front and relentless demonstrations in oppressed states – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait under most repressive regimes with Turkey avoiding eventual Kurdistan emergence.

United Nations resolutions selective indictments by those effectively at fault in global mayhem with military aggression imprint all over do not bear validity in arbitrary and unilateral decision transforming sovereignty to subservient statehood.

Nations obliging fundamentally flawed UN strategy on trade embargo or military intrusion against Syria are willfully submitting to foreign subjugation necessitating local opposition and outcry in this regard to safeguard national integrity.

In conclusion, western affront and Gulf partners not excluding cohorts casting UN vote to continue bloodshed and chaos in Syria – reproachable conduct worthy of condemnation and counterproductive with severe repercussions in the immediate future.

Refusal to learn from blunders in the past – Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is impropriety and delusion expediting precipitous decline of empire.

Terminating foreign interference is the priority to save lives enabling conducive environment for constructive dialogue and political reconciliation between government and Syrian people residing in the country unlike terror agents imported from abroad.

Wishing Syrian citizens and government triumph in national defense moving forward in amicable settlements on all issues concerning citizens and nation at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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