Syria – Geneva Peace Conference 2012

June 28, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

International conference scheduled on Saturday,June 30, 2012 in Geneva,Switzerland to end war in Syria is welcome and a step in the right direction provided the motives remain clear and not anchored on regime change for state and regional destabilization.

Moreover, United States Secretary of State demand to exclude Syria’s neighbor Iran in the international event claiming Iran as Syrian ally inappropriate to participate in the meeting suggestive of the fact –

The gathering not focused on peace but garner support to overthrow government replicating Libya in Syria with lawlessness and radicalization facilitating terror haven to promote arms supply benefiting profiteers from perpetual bloodshed.

Any international convention could not be exclusive especially eliminating nations directly affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Notwithstanding Iran being western powers strategic invasion goal in the quest for global dominance.

Accordingly Geneva summit including Syria and Iran for their perspectives would be result oriented sparing exercise futility alienating those isolating key nations from involvement.

The mediation would not be fair and just in barring Iran and Syria considering the discussion pertains to their sovereign interest.

Syria and Iran engagement in the forthcoming session absolutely essential to allow them to express concerns and measures adopted in containing pervasive violence although arming and funding rebels predominantly responsible for escalating crisis in Syria.

Poignantly, the so-called Syrian opposition sponsors pledge via formal agreement to desist ammunition, communication equipment and other weapons export to militias and mercenaries important to prevent reported massacre, abductions and intimidation of businesses prolonging confrontation.

Besides ceasefire not possible in the absence of freezing arms influx into the state from Turkey and other routes undermining peace efforts and humanitarian relief.

Violations in this context should bear consequences such as boycott goods or global sanctions against nations regardless of stature to save lives and expedite peace plan.

United Nations inspection currently suspended due to widespread fighting between rebel factions and state confirms infiltration level and external forces influence in exacerbating fifteen months old mayhem and destruction.

Syrian authority compliance conducting referendum and parliamentary multi party elections amid foreign instigated chaos along with UN tour guaranteed by state security arrangement are noteworthy.

However, the persistent arms smuggling and terrorism into Syria pose impediments in meaningful political course completion.

Meanwhile, UN monitoring team head General Robert Mood reportedly unprecedented examination of government military installations and information compilation rather than visiting areas with most civilian casualties and,

Towns and villages apparently the epicenter for brutality against innocent children, women and men killed using tools other than firearms in close proximity raises legitimate questions on UN mission.

UN declared international organization maintaining neutrality and objectivity to protect humanity without cowering to major players pressure would be credible and perhaps deliver positive outcome.

Otherwise the growing mistrust from anomalies when using UN, IAEA or any world agency for investigation contributes to unnecessary stalemate with political reasons behind modus operandi.

The nations expected to attend Geneva forum are urged to respect Syria and Iran’s sovereign status and demonstrate equality enabling these two nations representation in the decision-making process.

Failure in this regard would be counterproductive for there is an urgent requirement to honor peaceful resolutions through diplomatic and democratic approach instead of acrimonious pursuits inevitably hurting the source than the intended target.

In anticipation on Geneva talks to conclude Syrian warfare leading to peace establishment,

The unanimous consensus or majority favoring peace and opportunity would be the impetus for amicable political settlements between Syrian population and government leadership.

Wishing Geneva consultation success upon inviting Syria and Iran epitomizing solidarity in international affairs moving forward with similar trend in the foreseeable future.

Peace to people in Syria and Iran defusing tensions across Middle East.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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