Syria – Geneva Agreement in ending Syrian Conflict

June 30, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

International conference held today in Geneva, Switzerland reportedly reached an agreement in ending sixteen months old Syrian confrontation.

The meeting attended by UNSC permanent members and some representatives barring Syria and Iran against UN charter prescribing inclusiveness claim to have arrived at unanimity on key issues beginning with non-militarization of the conflict.

Besides providing directives for new political process with emphasis on implementing democratic reforms including minority rights in the society.

First and foremost, the work group participation to resolve Syrian crisis is praiseworthy for concerns unless shared among members although relevantly nations confronted with incursions and sanctions threat viz. Syria and Iran respectively,

The situation could deteriorate and in warfare taking toll on precious lives on all sides with irreversible damage.

Next, the Syrian government predicament deserves recognition given the turmoil exacerbated with external powers infiltration all around especially the funding and arming of terrorists and,

The latest development in troops mobilization along northern, western and southeastern borders by western powers allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and perhaps Jordan.

To deescalate widespread violence in Syria contributed by western powers and Arab allies sponsoring militias and mercenaries with sophisticated weapons supply,

The Geneva accord non-militarization and weaponization must take effect immediately with troops withdrawal and complete termination of arms dealing as well as alliances attributed to massacres in towns and villages across the state.

Not to mention the loss of Syrian armed forces in national defense.

Upon normalization of conditions in every part of the country – again incumbent on western powers and Arab allies disarmament commitment per Geneva decision,

Syria could systematically review and respond to national security requirements alongside proceeding with peaceful negotiations in the political front in addition to addressing citizens’ various requests and expectations across the spectrum.

Unlike Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Syria internationally acknowledged as a secular state with guaranteed protection to minority and majority alike.

Nonetheless, Syrian population and authority could reconcile differences and grievances among genuine opposition not affiliated to any source jeopardizing national interest.

Syrian leaderships have demonstrated political change through constitutional referendum and elections amid fierce battle between international players and state with more to be delivered after restoring calm and stability.

The state assembly has also approved many measures mentioned in the Geneva document since constitutional amendment despite concerted foreign efforts to thwart achievements posing impediments to meaningful democratic system ironically justified by outside powers in destabilization crusade under the guise of democracy establishment.

Syria as a sovereign nation with people rights to self-determination is capable of moving the nation forward in the absence of intrusions detrimental to progress.

As for authorized representative allegedly to be appointed by President Bashar-Al-Assad on Syrian internal affairs mentioned during UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan press conference subsequent to Geneva session,

Courtesy – UN Envoy Kofi Annan press conference post script – Thank you.

Annan: International Work Group Reached Agreement to Help Resolve Crisis in Syria Through Political Process Led by Syrians

“Regarding the date of Annan’s visit to Damascus, Annan said that he hasn’t set a date but he will certainly go to Damascus, noting that he agreed with President al-Assad that when the time comes, he will go and ask him to appoint an authorized representative to continue the process and help matters go forward, adding that President al-Assad voiced readiness to do so.”

The notion implies western powers and allies demand for President Bashar-Al-Assad resignation through delegation of responsibility to a nominee – the position is contradictory to Geneva agreement categorically eliminating pre-conditions and imposition of any kind on the leadership or nation at large.

Moreover, such circumstances would only confirm anticipated mistrust and lack of integrity from members eluding legitimate skepticism on the deal.

Honoring decisive action through Geneva consensus on this date June 30, 2012 specifically pledging against destructive course in Syria would be beneficial to all preventing catastrophe affecting the origin that the target.

Regardless, Syrian ceasefire could no longer be evaded and reiterating abovementioned requirement for peace to prevail in the war torn nation – influence and investment from abroad in firepower and military engagement must stop unconditionally leading to fulfillment of all other requisites in accordance with Syrian independent status and republic satisfaction.

With appreciation to members and committee for organizing the important event in Geneva, Switzerland,

Wishing Syrian society ever lasting peace and tranquility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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