Syria – Ending violence and Foreign Invasion

June 11, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian situation deteriorating with escalating violence statewide and routine massacres targeting innocent lives in the villages and towns exacerbating crisis in the beleaguered nation.

Those responsible for arming the rebels rally in favor of military intervention – an illusion to accomplish the ill-fated goal.

The ceasefire never acknowledged by them with western powers sponsored Free Syrian Army, Turkey based Syrian National Council, London headquartered Syrian Observatory groups having infiltrated the society engage the national armed forces in continuous combat to advance regime change agenda.

The bloodshed cannot be contained unless and until all sides refrain from violent confrontation.

All nations are obligatory to protect citizens and public as well as private property from foreign agents constant shelling and indiscriminate shooting witnessed in Syria right now.

Syrian government response to militia attacks claimed in justification of national defense.

The criticism on Syrian position is political since western powers often use similar reason to wage wars against sovereign nations with hypothetical and/or manufactured threats to promote pre-meditated military invasions like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and lately Syria.

The intentions are clear to lead Syria into full-scale civil war and destabilize the country for strategic advantage.

Such motives having come into fruition in the past and recently in Libya, the nations advocating military action are primary contributors to casualties throughout Syria.

Furthermore, Free Syrian Army and other armed mercenaries refusal to abide by the UN mandate confirms benefactor nations’ determination to overthrow current government utilizing any means in order to prevail in the overambitious fantasy doomed to be a failure.

Funding and weapons shipment including exporting fighters to Syria with most of them lured from impoverished parts of the world must end for intrusions of this kind are in direct violation of international law.

Life has lost meaning and value in the rage to succeed in the mission defiance of logic and rationale.

The proposal from Russia as UNSC member calling for international conference inviting nations like Iran to represent inclusiveness against conventional practice is a viable course in resolving the conflict.

Meanwhile, it is absolutely incumbent upon all parties to disarm and disavow any harm to civilians or security personnel risking their lives to safeguard public and territorial interest.

Slighting ceasefire would be unnecessary quest for disaster to befall on the players behind the horrendous crime against humanity.

The diplomatic and peaceful request to stop fueling the turmoil has been deliberately ignored by perpetrators expediting dire consequences already in progress through various ominous events depicting inevitable termination.

Syrian government proactive measures providing safety and humanitarian relief to all citizens would alleviate suffering besides eliminating belligerence with arms seizure and expulsion of foreign invaders in any capacity to restore calm and stability.

Local elements upon being identified with proper verification detained in humane conditions for investigation to ascertain source could delineate domestic operatives from overseas directive.

Syrian authority are also urged to exercise restraint when dealing with unarmed captives regardless of nationality in adherence to international rules that could also result in cooperation from hired resistance.

United front in Syria would be a formidable challenge despite foreign powers decision in the appointment of Kurdish leader Abdelbasset Sida to head controversial and questionable Syrian National Council from Turkey not to mention the credibility factor considering Kurdish plight in Turkey.

The powers preoccupied in derailing peace plan and democratic prospects under the guise of saviors also authorizing massive killings and brutality against all Syrians irrespective of sect and ethnicity per independent reports on the ground.

They have essentially declared war against Syria in all fronts and unequivocal Syrian denunciation on foreign hegemony terror deployment would deter expansion and save lives in the process.

Global community condemnation alone would not suffice in this respect.

The citizens across the world could come together in solidarity and non-violently disapprove their respective nation’s participation or the lack thereof in concluding Syrian upheaval.

Perhaps, the UN General Assembly could implement resolution against instigating nations posing impediments in peace envoy Kofi Annan ceasefire recommendation.

Nonetheless, Syrian people must come forward and decline foreign powers influence evidently yielding death and destruction.

Wishing people in Syria long anticipated peace and amicable dispute settlement between political leaderships and electorate across the spectrum.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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