Syria – Ending Foreign and Regional Intervention Necessary to Restore Peace

May 8, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The report on United States Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov having agreed to a political solution on Syria and implementation of Geneva accord reached on June 30,2012 is a positive sign reminiscent of same pledge during Geneva talks last year.

However, the core issue in the three year conflict is western and gulf states sponsored terrorism with huge arms influx surpassed by Israel’s continuous aggression via air strikes not to mention the western use of WMD has consumed many innocent lives and destroyed infrastructure, cultural heritage and holy sites in Syria.

Ending foreign and regional intervention with complete troops withdrawal from Jordan and Turkey including terrorists and death squads causing turmoil beginning March 2011 until today and,

Simultaneously arms embargo and weapons shipments seizure en route to Syria are the preliminary steps to save lives and restore peace in the embattled state.

In comparison, Israeli blockade on Gaza enforced in 2007 continued until now claimed to prevent arms supply to beleaguered Palestinians and their democratically elected government Hamas while Israel is delivered with American taxpayers funded latest defense stockpiles alongside western allies – Britain, Germany and France ammunition exports to pro-Israel gulf states viz. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Bahrain to name a few in the region.

Hence, U.S. and Russia meeting with a proposal for international conference suggesting Syrian government and opposition participation in search of political remedy is a deviation from the real cause of the western and gulf nations manufactured crises in Syria.

Western and gulf alliance terminating violence i.e. bombings and air strikes facilitated with funding, arming, lethal and non-lethal logistic support must end effective immediately to convince Syrian population – the victims in the senseless and illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.

As for the western and gulf recruited terrorists in Syria – the entire networks al-Qaeda along with affiliate al-Nusra and remnant factions surrendering to Syrian national army is the only alternative to prevent annihilation and decimation of Syria.

Syrian government has been actively promoting national dialogue and reconciliation through invitation to all members across the spectrum for political reform amid dealing with western and gulf authorized terrorism in Syria.

Any forthcoming international focus on Syria directed at foreign intrusion, lifting unjust economic sanctions and rapid conclusion to external interference solely responsible for humanitarian disaster would provide instantaneous relief to Syrian society.

Extending status quo by calling for indulgence in Syria’s sovereign internal issues especially when they are being systematically attended to in the extreme circumstances with the nation fighting unprovoked warfare is unjustified procrastination best abandoned in Syrian people interest.

The destabilization of Syria would be catastrophic to regional and global existence.

Furthermore, the UN inquiry finding on WMD implicating western and gulf states cannot be ignored and deserves appropriate action to eliminate such war crimes committed many times over with no accountability.

Besides, United States authorized Israeli airstrikes on January 30 targeting Syria’s Scientific Research Center and repeated again twice past week resulting in civilian casualties on all occasions is a serious violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law.

Considering the assaults were launched using Lebanon’s airspace – yet another independent nation violated apparently a routine activity for the state of Israel obviously require global action to dispel misconception on western prerogative to enter foreign nations at free will for arbitrary killings and deliberate damages to public facilities like scientific research center or government buildings of perpetrators choice.

There is an urgency to understand the misuse of UNSC having been formed and controlled by those committing crimes against humanity.

UN supposedly an international organization and UNSC in particular comprising P5 or sometimes P5+1 armed with veto power is an instrument to wage economic and military warfare against western adversaries despite them being law abiding nations unlike the former trajectory on global matter.

The abuse of power at UNSC contributes to humanity suffering since inception of this so-called Security Council responsible for instability and insecurity worldwide.

Accordingly, expecting fairness and objectivity from UNSC on key members international violations is evidently a fantasy with precedence in double standards perpetuating atrocities against defenseless civilians wherever and whenever possible.

Checks and balances with application of universal law barring exceptions is the priority to protect lives from carnage and chaos using false pretexts to invade and occupy nations of offenders choice.

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) with significant international representation almost equivalent with UN in membership unable to act on critical international issues with meaningful measures and appropriate response rather than anticipating UN and UNSC decision is intriguing defeating the purpose behind such coalescence.

The requirement for global decision making body committed to peace, non-violence, ethics and humanitarian law could not be differed given the discriminatory practices and criminal activities carried out with impunity leaving nations perceived as weak and vulnerable at predators mercy.

UN failure to act on flagrant humanitarian atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Myanmar, Canada, Libya, Mali and Syria notwithstanding unlawful drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia…shifts responsibility to NAM as the other international group representing nations across the globe.

In the absence of any initiatives to address human plight, the situation then necessitates the birth of republic empowered nations to form a reliable and efficient global consortium for relevant dispute settlements and resolving decades old international problems confronting the world.

Wishing eternal peace to Syria with resilience in prevailing over foreign insurgency.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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