Syria – Ending Conflict and Revoking Illegitimate Economic Sanctions

August 11, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The meeting held in Tehran on August 9, 2012 attended by nearly 30 countries to discuss Syria is a constructive step and an affirmation on worldview to cease western power and allies generated violence that has claimed thousands of innocent lives thus far.

Syrian population have been unnecessarily subjected to foreign aided turmoil reportedly even acknowledged by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in his letter to UN Security Council Chairman, France Representative to UN Gérard Araud on rebel gunmen behind escalated killings in Aleppo and Damascus.

Although western and Gulf partners armed militias and mercenaries crimes against Syrian population long been established,

The implicated parties denial is predictable in the interesting scenario leading to perpetrators punishing victims through economic sanctions at the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.

Reiterating the required actions to revoke trade embargo against Syria and Iran, the western power initiated sanctions directly impact people in respective nations not to mention western double standards and international law violation by them on similar impositions against their human rights record.

The international community exercising discernment could reject unlawful measures against Syria by western leaderships obliging hegemony agenda.

Resuming normal trade relations with Syria and Iran by attendees at Tehran summit would set precedence to defy belligerence and unfair practices inflicted upon by forces responsible for worldwide mayhem and catastrophe.

Considering organizations such as UNSC and UNGA including IMF, World Bank, ECB are primarily used to usurp power and selectively enforce commerce restrictions exacerbating human suffering,

Adherences to inherently flawed strategy subjugate countries with reciprocal consequences in the divide and conquer ideology aimed at global dominance never coming into fruition due to narcissist goals adversely affecting humanity at large.

Hence, unanimous act declining western sanctions against Syria and Iran would essentially deter unilateralism necessitating peace and diplomacy in resolving manufactured crisis for vested interests across the globe.

Syria having endured tremendous chaos and destruction deserves breakthrough terminating bloodshed caused by external intervention.

The UN monitoring team could prolong mission maintaining contacts with all sides,

However, unless and until western and Gulf nations ceasefire with terror networks withdrawal from Syrian soil any efforts would be futile.

Western and Gulf nations have no alternative but to end conflict effective immediately demonstrating sincere commitment to peace and normalcy for Syrian citizens and personal benefit.

Anything otherwise would exemplify real motives with irreversible ramifications to befall on those pursuing devastation.

Syrian warfare has been dragged on with complete disregard for life, sovereignty and territorial integrity – heralded signature policy by western purveyors of democracy.

The unscrupulous tactics and terrorism cannot prevail despite collusion among factions in the illusive pursuit to destabilize region and world.

Syria as a sovereign state reserves the right to self-determination and expulsion of elements attributed to civilian massacre.

The continuous aggression would bear ill consequences soon to be experienced in national domain.

Global society is urged to avert disaster through non-compliance of hypocritical stance against Syria and Iran.

Bowing to authoritarianism produce false sense of supremacy with desire for pervasive rule.

Allowing reason and pragmatism in concluding Syrian invasion and occupation would alleviate imminent repercussion.

With strong support for peaceful settlement bringing eighteen months old terror to a permanent halt,

Wishing people and government in Syria everlasting peace and stability.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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