Syria – Dire Humanitarian Crises from U.S. Imposed Economic Sanctions with Arab League and OIC Complicity

January 24, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

United States, Western Powers and Gulf Alliance imposed economic sanctions exacerbates civilian suffering in Syria confronted with foreign sponsored terrorism.

United States, United Kingdom and Gulf regimes viz. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain deployment of Al-Qaeda and al-Nusra front terrorists groups representing western powers in the nearly two year old conflict are directly responsible for grave humanitarian crises.

Due to western as well as Gulf regimes armed and funded terrorism the humanitarian efforts are challenged with widespread escalation of violence.

Humanitarian relief programs are further faced with setbacks from United States and EU trade barriers against victims in Syria where reportedly women are subjected to prostitution while children and elders are forced into begging in the wake of access denial to basic essentials and supplies in the beleaguered state.

Most importantly mazot (oil for cooking and heating in the extreme cold weather) is the primary demand and fuel scarcity driving many away from homes to locations in search of shelter with protection from heavy snowfall.

Not to mention thousands compelled to flee their villages, towns and suburbs now infested with western death squads on killing spree with bombings targeting civilian premises such as schools, hospitals, libraries, child care centers, sports stadiums and previously passenger airliner…among many public facilities and government buildings destroyed so far.

The infrastructure demolition is western and Gulf leaderships’ main interest to paralyze Syria besides crippling financial restrictions demonstrating brazen mentality and callousness against innocent citizens victimized in the brutal economic and military warfare.

United States and coalition convoluted scheme aimed at regime change contradictory to false claim on the aggression intended as liberation is the cause for Syrian plight having produced death toll at staggering 65,000 per UN figure and massive refugee problem for the aggressors like Turkey and Jordan even though significant number have fled to Lebanon and some traveling to North Africa.

The International conference by Russia scheduled in early February is a preliminary step in addressing the refugee status.

However, ending western and Gulf nations illegal occupation of sovereign state beginning with ceasefire, arms embargo on western and Gulf perpetrators aiding militancy combined with complete withdrawal of western backed terror networks on Syrian soil is paramount in saving lives and restoring national security.

Furthermore, UN legitimacy and existence as an international body is largely dependent on bringing Syrian war to conclusion in accordance with Geneva agreement binding on all participants and signatories to this accord.

UN failure in resolving western orchestrated violence in Syria would mean the irrelevance of organization as an international body facilitating alternative multinational consortium Non Aligned Movement (NAM) as the recognized global entity to preside over international matter provided NAM adopts diplomacy, dialogue and peaceful negotiations against military option in dispute settlement.

Additionally, UN pledge to Syrian humanitarian aid around $590 million is well below expectations based on damages inflicted upon Syria by western and Gulf collusion estimated at least $3 billion and more considering the ongoing carnage across the nation.

UN having released mere 50% or less of $590 million with remaining funding forfeited is yet another factor revealing the organization’s lack of commitment and sensitivity to Syrian turmoil.

Arab league and Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with Saudi regime influence not surprisingly contributed to Syrian calamity in complicity with western directed deliberate destruction of Palestinian refugee camp al-Yarmouk in Syria.

Henceforth, death and devastation could not simply continue and termination of all terror activities effective immediately is critical for humanitarian rescue services to prevent loss of lives and rehabilitate displaced population within and outside the country.

Subsequently, President Bashar Al-Assad and Islamic Republic of Iran enumerated comprehensive peace plan could be implemented with a national reconciliation committee encompassing all aspirations of Syrian people.

Meanwhile, international support is urgently required to alleviate deteriorating conditions affecting millions in war torn Syria.

Please donate affordable or generous amount to care for children, women and men deprived of necessities in the embattled state.

You may please send your donations directly to Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) truly dedicated to various humanitarian measures ranging from individual assistance to coordination with World Food Programs and World Health Organization (WHO) in Syria.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)

Damascus-Abu Rummaneh-Opposite the Cultural Center
P.O. Box Damascus – Harasta 56
Contact Information:
Tel: 00963 11 535 58 73/535 62 91/535 64 62/5356257
Fax: 00963 11 535 7171

Email: or

Best wishes to Syrian citizens and leaderships in overcoming trials and tribulations strengthening national ability in all frontiers.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


2 Responses to “Syria – Dire Humanitarian Crises from U.S. Imposed Economic Sanctions with Arab League and OIC Complicity”

  1. belstaff brooklands on January 21st, 2015 7:24 pm

    belstaff brooklands

    Those types of events can bring our business to its knees speaking. What can we do about these situations? What can we do to manage our risks and implement strategies for risk avoidance?

  2. Padmini Arhant on January 22nd, 2015 1:21 pm

    Unfortunately politics governed by hegemony as shadow power along with their proxies in governments and other fields in society are responsible for global status quo.

    The egregious decisions like sanctions are motivated by hegemonic goals to deprive targeted nations from economic growth.

    The irony in the flawed policy is such actions blindside economic development in the respective domestic front with severe impact on business sector. Not only the people in the sanctioned nations suffer but also the citizens from the nation imposing sanction pay heavy price as well.

    The solution is for business community from top to bottom to petition their representatives in Congress or Parliament to reverse the detrimental trend and urge them to prioritize national and citizens’ needs over self and external powers interests.

    Congress or Parliament failure to act means – the loyalty is not with the people.

    Accordingly the electorate need to replace the members with those delivering the pledge to serve constituents and the nation at large.

    As for business risk mitigation in these circumstances – you should seek exemptions through your government in order to protect investments and remind the authority in your domain that declining your request would mean denying the nation – the revenue and GDP.

    Meanwhile reevaluation of risk management and exploring options via alternative supply chain and financial sources to maintain trade within relevant state and region would be worthwhile.

    Regardless the governments intervention to lift sanctions is critical in the near and long term.

    Padmini Arhant

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