Hegemony – Sanctions to Prolong Unlawful Endeavors is Provocation with Serious Repercussions

April 7, 2017

Hegemony – Sanctions to Prolong Unlawful Endeavors is Provocation with Serious Repercussions

By Padmini Arhant

The latest development to punish nations for standing against those sponsoring terrorism will undoubtedly backfire on sources behind illegitimate measures such as sanctions.

As mentioned earlier sanctions are used as a weapon to continue with invasions under false pretexts regardless of civilian casualties and humanitarian crisis. The loss of innocent lives in U.S. air strikes and military assaults without congressional approval as well as international consensus and importantly prior to any investigations on allegations are serious violations in any context that merits accountability.

Furthermore, it represents dangerous elements exerting fire power while causing more pain and suffering for citizens of nations targeted with economic sanctions.

The unilateral dispositions are designed to provoke reactions for unnecessary conflicts that are best avoided and instead initiate peaceful negotiations to end war in Syria and purge terrorism with termination of weapons cache, funding and comprehensive support to terror networks deployed in Syria and across the region.

The unwillingness to prepare for unconditional peaceful talks would indicate sincerity or the lack thereof in protecting lives and allow peaceful existence for local population in the respective domain.

Besides clarity on terror sponsors remaining the existential threat to humanity and the world at largethe status quo is confirmation of entities reining control over political decisions undermining democracy and United States sovereignty that are evidently against United States and global interests considering U.S. interventions world over.

The reason for the urge to repeat Iraq episode in Syria is the absence of checks and balances for horrendous crimes against humanity in Iraq war not to mention the collusion in 9/11 attacks to advance premeditated agenda – the Project for New American Century deceptively designed to hurt America economically and politically compromising ethics and integrity in international affairs.

Moving forward, the policy promoting aggression and non-cooperation at the expense of lives and livelihoods could no longer be the norm and such tradition is contradictory to democratic values and constitutional law.

The irony is the Supreme Court nominations and appointments with conservativism in majority is maintained as the need to interpret United States constitution appropriately in citizens matter although the trend reflects otherwise with grave concerns in recent outcomes denying U.S. citizens’ individual rights.

Simultaneously, the disregard for constitution and democratic principles on issues related to warfare and adherence to international treaty are not recognized as relevant.

The current administration rational approach exercising restraint and due diligence would enable peaceful resolutions bearing in mind that power comes with responsibility and demands maturity to deal with diverse challenges and opportunities to make peace.

In earnest commitments towards peacethe gains are inevitable leading to rapprochement compared to disguised engagement resulting in loss of trust and credibility.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission

Hegemony – Regime Change and Sanctions to Defend Offensive Actions

By Padmini Arhant

The latest demand to oust elected government and leadership in Syria pose the following questions.

The United States elections result in 2016 has received protests nationwide with disappointment from various parts of the world.

Does this mean the current administration and Presidency of Donald J Trump be removed and replaced with opposition choice?

In this instance, there is a difference between United States and Syria.  With United States, the disapproval of leadership is by the people within United States and the rest of the world.

Whereas with Syria, the call for such action is made from forces whose position is illegitimate given their involvement as sponsors of terrorism leading to massive casualties not only in Syria but also elsewhere like terror attacks in Moscow, Stockholm and Cairo.

The action to dismiss governments and leadership regarded adversary by hegemony is premised on vested interests and radicalism rather than humanitarian or democratic reason.

In case the latter were to be true then, United States, Britain and others would begin with their members in alliance such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, UAE whose human rights violations slight U.N. Security Council resolutions and world reproach.

The international outcry on Israel’s illegal settlement activity and Saudi Arabia’s intolerance towards women driving a car and local population desire for transformation from kingdom rule to democratic system is treated with disdain in defiance.

Similarly, Bahrain’s crackdown on peaceful demonstrations for democracy. Turkey’s violent strategy towards Turkish citizens’ stance on their government participation in promoting and proliferation of terror. Jordanians discontent with monarchy rule with name sake parliamentary system. These are few examples that deserves attention.

Why is Syria isolated despite Syrian election amid fighting war against terror sponsored by United States and alliance?

Syria is one of the targets for the architects and catalysts behind the Project for New American Century listing nations to be brought down regardless of repercussions.

Having invaded Iraq under false pretext causing immeasurable damage and irreversible loss of lives that continues until today, these agents of deaths and destruction would not relent to peaceful resolutions.

Any nations expressing concern over undemocratic and violent measures like unilateral air strikes without congressional approval in a democracy and relentless support to terror factions are in return rebuked and categorized as potential threats to hegemony.

In the attempt to defend indefensible and reprehensible developments, the sponsors of terror call for sanctions against nations urging to exercise due diligence and their requests to contain unnecessary tensions are threatened with economic sanctions.

Sanctions for hegemony is a tool to silence rational thoughts and logic for they are considered inconvenient and hindrance to hegemonic goals.

In fact, those advocating sanctions against well-meaning and constructive course ought to be sanctioned for their reckless policy especially due to their engagement in manufacturing terror endangering global peace and security.

Sanction is a primitive measure intended to punish the population of the respective nations more than anyone that eventually hurts the source in the current global economy with economic interdependence and trade activities having ripple effects in overall global markets performance.

Restricting any nation to trade resources based on political disagreements is egregious and counterproductive. The major economies opportunity to benefit from developing and emerging economies requirements and potentials to supplement products and services in the competitive environment is lost from sanctions.

Finally, democracy is relevant upon maintaining governance without external and extraneous influence undermining republic status.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Syria – Peace Process with Immediate Withdrawal of Support to Terror Networks

Syrian warfare into seventh year and scores of lives lost with innocent children, women and men as victims of this unnecessary and unprovoked battle, there could be no more reasons to prolong bloodshed in the country.

The sponsors of terrorism must realize that pledging infinite assistance to terror factions proved counterproductive and should have never occurred to begin with especially when the whole operation is disguised as liberation of Syria via terrorism.

As a result, Syrians are forced to accept deaths and devastation with millions having become refugees in their homeland and unwelcome on foreign shores by sponsors of terror.

The idea of democratization of any nation whether it be Iraq earlier on or lately neighboring countries in the region is a deceptive strategy to subjugate nations creating turmoil and carnage as justification for regime change.

The tradition continues despite immense human suffering, humanitarian crisis, environment problems and major economic liability notwithstanding widespread terrorism.

Fueling terror to topple government ignoring ramifications is a reckless policy and reflects ill-conceived ideology with little or no concern for life in general.

Hegemony goals targeting vulnerable nations under false pretext is to be challenged considering the defiant trend in the absence of accountability. No economic or military power could sustain long term occupation and this fact is evidenced in history.

When something that do not belong to others is seized by force or deceit, the ownership never remains permanent with reversal of situation in the foreseeable future.

Syria is unfairly used as pawn by terror sponsors and current developments displaying superpower status and military capability at the expense of Syrian children, women and men of that nation escalates tension that could lead to undesirable scenario.

Amid global consensus on terrorism as primary threat in the modern age, nurturing terror in every aspect from funding and training to providing ammunitions pose serious credibility factor for western powers and their allies involved in the confrontation with Syria.

Terrorism cannot exist without finance and access to weapons that are made available directly and covertly to operatives in Syria.  Terminating life line and money trails along with arms delivery including communication means among terror outfits would paralyze terror.

Unfortunately, this measure is not acceptable to those behind terror sponsorship with their preference for air raids, bombing and shelling of the war ravaged country. Any sympathy from them thereafter is an insult to injury for the Syrian people.

Syrian war must end and purging terror from their homeland would be every nation’s responsibility. Syria cannot be deprived from this commitment.

As for any decisions on Syria’s political future, the same rule that exists for United States and allies should apply and that is no foreign interference.

Just like United States has objection to external influence or intervention in governance and elections prompting investigations on the alleged Russian involvement in 2016 polls that is considered violation of sovereignty and international law,

Similarly, Syria and for that matter any other nation worldwide share same rights in determining the respective political fate without outside meddling in their internal affair.

The concept of democracy is to respect and observe principles that governance by the people, for the people and of the people is the republic domain free from foreign powers’ discretion. The people of every nation are capable of making decisions concerning self and national interests barring foreign engagement and proxy representations that often diminish the prospects of better choice and outcome.

Syria is no different and Syrians ability to exercise political will were demonstrated in the recent elections despite the country combatting war against terror and the powerful forces instigating violence.

Any skepticism on Syrian election would be political and partisan even though they were monitored by UN authorized independent group unlike the elections in the so-called democracy where campaigns are financed by Super Pac funds and unlimited spending without full disclosure on sources to gain access to public office.

The world must come together in recognizing Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity calling for the ongoing sponsoring of terrorism to cease effective immediately and relieve the people of Syria from incessant destruction of lives and infrastructure.

Peace is possible with peaceful resolutions in acknowledgment of life and others’ rights to exist in the world.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


World – Hegemony Goals and Media Coverage 

By Padmini Arhant

There is no smoke without fire.

In the past week, President Donald Trump statement confirmed that the administration would pursue terrorists and not Syrian government.  Within a short period of that public comment, the story on the use of chemical weapons in Syria flashes worldwide on April 4th.

Then follows the usual condemnation and judgment calls from those whose trajectory reflects abuse of power, collusion on sanctions amounting to genocide and political tactics to win elections that outweighs the position they maintain in the outside world.

Prior to any investigation on this latest alleged chemical attack by Syrian government, the United States launches air strikes killing innocent children and adult civilians that is praised as an act of bravery apparently by most nations according to hegemony controlled news outlets and media worldwide.

The desperate attempt to defend indefensible aggression against Syrian citizens in the U.S. missile attacks on April 7th, is an irony considering the reason provided for this display was the emotions riding high at the sight of babies, women and men subject to inhumane tragedy.

In my view, loss of life is regrettable regardless of the cause.  That’s not how it is assessed with hegemony and agents as they classify casualties depending on who is involved in the action.

Hegemony and representatives calling out on Syrian government upon this happening while taking enormous pride in their killing of Syrian population with military action in the same breadth is something to wonder about the mindset of those reining control over world affairs.

Upon reviewing this so-called chemical arsenal episode. There are two possibilities leading to current chemical weapons instance. As per hegemony declaration, Syrian government was stripped of chemical and biological weapons by UN agency, Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OCPW) in 2014.

What needs to be noted is the demand to disarm Syrian government of chemical weapons were consistently made and carried out with no similar requirements on terror networks and sponsors in particular despite evidence showing terror outfits fingerprints on several accounts.

The sponsors are United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, UAE and Qatar with others assuming passive role in aiding and abetting terrorism.

Terror networks with comprehensive support from sponsors had access to manufacture chemical weapons and set up a lab that was targeted by the Syrian government.

Alternatively, the Syrian government and defense forces defending their nation from onslaught in all directions for the past six years since 2011 until now embarked on chemical weapons exposure among terrorists in Idlib province. In return they were reprimanded with terror sponsors military retaliation witnessed in President Donald Trump authorized U.S. air strike resulting in more civilian deaths and carnage.  

Either way, hegemony policy for dominance and supremacy is clear. Having shifted from conventional warfare in Bush-Cheney era with troops on the ground tied to congressional approval which means curbing public protests to war, the strategy was technically modified by Obama-Clinton administration via terrorism bypassing electorate consent through Congress.

Furthermore, the development made possible with EU and middle eastern allies cooperation in transforming Arab Spring to Anti-Sovereignty mission conforming to long espoused agenda – the Project for New American Century (PNAC) undermining democratic values that America is projected to represent not to mention the misuse of American tax dollars and resources in endeavors against U.S. interests.

Hegemony explanation on the necessity to remove people elected Syrian government and leadership citing human rights violations and lack of democratic process while remaining lock step and barrel with regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and UAE declining change in the system is contradictory to professed doctrine on democracy.

These traits are no secrets as they were demonstrated in U.S. and Britain guided crackdown of political dissidents in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

United States and Israel logistic assistance to Saudi Arabia in the prolonged war in Yemen deprive the local population from independence and free choice.

The same would apply to Egypt in Tahrir Square in 2011. The downfall of U.S. and Israel ally former President Hosni Mubarak known for brutality and hardline governance was reset with United States and Israel’s intervention denying Egyptians the opportunity to liberty.

Likewise yet another representative – Turkish leadership Recep Tayyip Erdogan altering constitution to suit personal designation are some examples of hegemony orientation to democracy and human rights.

Hegemony at the helm with no tolerance to peace, freedom, individual rights, unity and sovereignty is the sign of precipitous decline.

Is this sustainable?

Conclusion of era is inevitable. Anything that is self-destructive leads to expedited ending.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Coming up

By Padmini Arhant

United States – Keystone XL Pipeline At Native Population (Real Americans) And Environment Peril

Followed by Nuclear Option to Approve Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch is nothing more than an act of desperation rather than deliberation on issue concerning entire nation not just the political base.

These are upcoming topics on this site.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission

Syria –U.S. Unilateral Air Strike against Syria

By Padmini Arhant

U.S. Unilateral Air Strike against Syria might be welcome from corners that regards projection of military might as sign of strength especially when own human rights record speaks volume on abuse and atrocities committed whether that is complicity in 9/11 attacks on American soil in 2001, or ramming over people during peaceful assembly in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Similarly, in 2003 in occupied Palestine, a brave young American citizen Rachel Corrie killed under a bull dozer by close ally Israel who is also U.S. tax dollars aid recipient.

Such violent actions glorified as defiance defines the character of those and the lack of inherent human value in them. These attributes cause the downfall sooner than later.

On the economic standpoint, the U.S. launched Tomahawk missiles costing tax payers $1.59 million a piece with 59 of them fired away and 36 wasted with 23 hitting the Syrian air field could hardly be prudence for Presidency with business background.

That means the actual tax payers in the U.S. economy had to foot the bill for $93.81million to showcase the American Presidency showmanship which is nothing more than capitulation to hawkish elements drumroll to attack causing more civilian casualties as sympathy towards people in Syria.  This move is anything but a smart strategy.

Interestingly, fiscal responsibility is eliminated in such endeavor as they are reserved for critical issues like health care and education reminding American citizens that United States is not a welfare nation but has no problem expending on few missiles to expand defense budget.

Wisdom is a gift that provides guidance on matter requiring diligence while folly commands impulsive reaction.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Syria – Chemical Weapons Accusations and Washington’s Military Option

By Padmini Arhant

The news reports on the recent incident in war torn Syria – Khan Sheikhhoun town in Idlib province leaving 70 people including 11 children dead is prompting military actions from the quarters that are denouncing the tragedy while preparing to inflict more deaths and damages against the people in Syria.

Syria has been the target in the regime change game by those never relenting to peace and peaceful resolutions since the onset of western and middle eastern allies sponsored terrorism in 2011 that continues until today with no respite from violence.

United States and allies deployed terror networks with comprehensive support ranging from funding, military training and weapons cache not barring chemical stockpiles by former President Barack Obama administration produced thousands of civilian fatalities in addition to creating refugee crisis with no end in sight.

The current situation calling for Syrian government removal echoing the sentiments of previous administration is indicative of premeditated strategy using the apparent chemical arsenal as the premise to contain Syria from purging terror on their soil.

Facts and figures matter over any predisposed allegations serving hegemony goals in the region.

Syria has been forced to pay a price with life and destiny destroyed by western powers and allies engaged terror outfits that has evolved from al Qaeda into various diverse factions committing heinous crimes against men, women and children of Syria.

The western and middle eastern allies’ unnecessary intervention in Syria expanded into Iraq, Lebanon and Libya transforming these nations as terror base in the so-called war on terror is testimony to Syrian civilian bloodshed and traumatic experience.

Syria could have been spared from terror infestation and military operations had the peace accord in 2012 and subsequent years allowed to prevail without unreasonable demands that clearly violated Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity cherished by western powers and allies as exclusive rights in the respective domain.

Similar episode earlier with the U.S. and allies unsubstantiated claims against Syrian government in the purported use of chemical agents led to UN agency, Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) destruction of any biological and chemical storage in Syria’s possession in 2014. This activity was formally confirmed in the official declaration by the White House under ex-President Barack Obama, United Nations as well as U.S and international media.

On the contrary, the U.S. and allies sponsored terrorists use of chemical substances from sarin gas to different kinds of nerve agent against Syrian army and civilian residents besides poisoning wells and reservoirs causing casualties never even a subject of discussion let alone inquiry at the U.N. Security council or in the political discourse.

The western leaderships characterization of these events as war crimes could perhaps be credible upon recognition of own legacy in the past and present century comprising use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, napalm in Vietnam and Cambodia, uranium in Falluja in Iraq war, White Phosphorous by Israel against citizens in Gaza, Palestine, chemical war planes in Libya and missiles with nuclear component against Syria in 2012-2013.

With no desire to terminate terror sponsorship in Syria and elsewhere, the hegemony quest for conquest persists with little or no concern for life in general not to mention health risks from environment pollution and contamination of air and water in contradiction to Paris climate treaty.

Initiatives on military action against Syria would further establish real motives to pursue invasion and annihilation as justification without any acknowledgment for being the cause of mayhem and humanitarian disaster.

Any unilateral decision would have serious repercussions due to complexities and conditions that could exacerbate global security and economy.

Those espousing violence and violent means to achieve their aspirations are evidently unwilling to learn from mistakes that has severe impact on the source and catalysts promoting ideas proved counterproductive.

The ill-conceived notion that empathy towards victims in Syria could only be expressed through air strikes and terrorism reflects sincerity or the lack thereof in ending human suffering once and for all not to mention the intellect seeking to douse fire with fire.

Instead the ban on weapons supply to terror forces and money trails to terror groups representing hegemony should be the first step that would guarantee any sign of peace to citizens in Syria and neighboring Iraq, Lebanon and the rest of the middle east.

Simultaneously Syrian government and defense personnel also required to exercise due diligence prior to launching air or ground assaults against terrorists with preemptive measures like evacuation of civilians from sensitive locations to prevent loss of innocent lives even though terror groups deliberately integrate in densely populated areas to increase civilian mortality.

As for any sanctions, the UN Security Council would be a legitimate body upon adopting and implementing same policy beginning with P5 + 1 members on human rights abuse and violations notwithstanding selective authorization of military action and trade embargo that has killed scores of citizens worldwide.

The irony is those who are guilty of crimes against humanity are protected with immunity and some awarded Nobel peace prize for prolonging status quo.

Syrians deserve to exist in peace in their homeland free from perpetual aggression by terror operatives and their sponsors holding Syria hostage in the misguided mission to proliferate terrorism and turmoil.

World bears responsibility to reject dominance and supremacy undermining lives and livelihood with liberty and justice challenged to preserve the self-granted privileges for the few in society.

Syrian citizens have endured enormous pain and equally demonstrated courage resisting unlawful intrusions under the guise of liberation by those fueling terror and hostility. The objectives to replace people elected government with terror offshoots clarifies the intention of those behind such proposal.

United States tax dollars are best expended in rebuilding the struggling economy and improving job growth promised in the election campaign rather than venturing into warfare against Syria that could inevitably be a costly affair not only for United States and allies but also for the entire world.

Syrians having been drawn into unprovoked warfare welcome dawn of peace not delivery of artillery and military might.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission











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