Syria – Ceasefire Sustenance and Peace Plan

April 13, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The ceasefire in Syria from both sides is welcome since peaceful environment necessary for humanitarian relief to war victims besides starting political negotiations with authority.

Syrian government and opposition exercising restraints to prevent any foreign instigated provocation are vital to maintain fragile truce.

Meanwhile keeping rebel factions offshore considering they are mostly hired by nations to stir confrontation would prolong desirable conduciveness to initiate peace talks and implementation of recently held constitutional referendum.

President Bashar Al Assad willingness to invite Syrian civil society for constructive dialogue would be instrumental to gain credibility strengthening national interest.

The incumbent government preparedness to address all groups within society demonstrating inclusive secular policy is extremely important to restore political stability setting the stage for democratic process.

Although government vigilance to curtail violence essential for national security,

Any procrastination towards meaningful political resolutions would be an impetus for external powers to resume civil unrest that could be avoided in expediting systematic structural political reform to public satisfaction.

Syrian society discernment in choosing their representatives pledged to common democratic goals are paramount for political success.

Again solidarity among civilians transcending religion, sect, social and economic barriers would guarantee realization of anticipated political transformation reflecting republic rule.

Independent international monitoring along with overseas media barring national destabilization motives could evaluate ground reality.

United Nations Security Council unbiased participation would legitimize role as a reliable agent in the delicate political situation demanding pragmatic solutions and balanced views for general consensus among members in recognition of Syrian sovereignty.

After nearly fifteen months of bloodshed and turmoil,

President Bashar Al Assad government is at the crossroads to establish genuine peace and political progress in adherence to referendum mandate as the preliminary yet monumental step towards democracy with sincere commitment to honor broad spectrum changes without further delay and loss of innocent lives.

On that optimistic expectation, wishing people in Syria and the authority a peaceful reconciliation for smooth democratic transition.

Peace to all!

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant

















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