Syria – Ceasefire Ending Violence To Save Lives and Protect National Security

December 2, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian capital Damascus riddled with United States, western powers and Gulf allies sponsored violence has led to tens and thousands of casualties involving children, women and men across the nation.

The United States and coalition armed and funded latest spate of terror attacks is deplorable and world tolerance to western massacres means complicity considering the forces determination to wipe out population under the pretext of selling democracy while the involvement exemplify decimation of sovereign nation.

Even worse is UNSC (P5 + 1) muted response to civilian deaths caused by terrorism contrary to council’s swift reaction against the victim nation with crippling economic sanctions targeting vulnerable citizens in urban and rural parts of the country.

Such double standards are regrettable raising serious questions on functionality of the so-called international body although the configuration not necessarily representative of contemporary geopolitical dynamics and economic status.

UNSC bias is detrimental to the organization positioned as the international mediator and partisanship on humanitarian issues affects the integrity necessary in presiding over global affairs.

The departure from objectivity and neutrality could perhaps be due to the fact that the prominent UNSC members are essentially behind the atrocity in Syria and military interventions across the globe.

United Nations existence in the near future and beyond is dependent on acknowledgment of UNGA as the only decision making central authority abandoning UNSC given the abuse of veto power among members exerting influence on the assembly to subvert the process.

The majority consensus should logically prevail over minority dissent regardless of self-proclaimed superiority transcending trend on international matter when brought to UNGA attention.

Failure to modify requirements could lead to alternative entity viz. Non Aligned Movement also comprising sovereign nations as members without being subjected to political maneuvering or threats and most importantly facilitating independent informed response on regional or global crises.

UNGA and NAM condemnation along with ceasefire resolution is paramount to end foreign invasion and occupation of Syria.

The western and Gulf allies orchestrated proxy war in Syria is nearing two years and has claimed many innocent lives including security personnel as well as government officials in the state on international watch.

The so-called western democracies authorized killings of Syrian residents with grand impunity institutionalize arbitrary slaughter through modern warfare.

With no accountability for heinous crimes against humanity thus far the western nations deployment of death squads roaming around the streets of sovereign state Syria is reproachable.

Furthermore, the disdain for peace and diplomacy demonstrates the sponsors’ callousness towards life especially the murder of infants, women, men and elderly almost sparing none in the misguided mission by the leaders of the western presumable civilized society.

Contrarily their own existence is safeguarded with military might notably in Emir of Qatar Khalifa Al Thani arrangement to establish U.S. permanent base in the national domain while other members ensuring personal safety at respective tax payers’ expense.

International community, the western society in particular are urged to demand their leaderships renounce violence and refrain from the ‘license to kill’ operation in the citizens’ name witnessed in Syria, Palestine and world over.

The western catered terror in Syria and Libya clarify the political leaderships allegiance to hegemony on the decline notwithstanding the mounting debt and economic precipice ignored in the preoccupation with destabilization agenda.

UNGA, NAM and global society solidarity denouncing the illegal intrusion via militia and mercenaries in Syria calling for immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of foreign operatives is crucial to restore sanity, rationality and peace.

In the absence of western and Arab compliance to cease interference in Syria holds serious ramifications for the players with possible irreversible outcome.

Once Again, extending sincere condolences to victims families on the bombings in Damascus and most recently in Homs,

Wishing people and leaderships in Syria resilience and success in national defense.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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