Syria – Ceasefire Ending Violence and Insurgency

November 4, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian warfare prolonged for nearly two years has generated mayhem with thousands of innocent lives lost thus far.

It is time to end western powers and Gulf allies waged battle against sovereign state and the people of Syria.

Western and Gulf nations immediate withdrawal would demonstrate sincere commitment towards peace and appreciation for life in general.

The western and Gulf coalition funded and armed militias, mercenaries and Al Qaeda networks in Syria including United States troop incursions on Turkey and Jordanian borders with Syria to be removed completely implementing meaningful ceasefire.

Syrian conflict transformed into international invasion evidently not for political freedom or philanthropy considering the massive casualties are unarmed civilians not sparing children and women in the targeted killings by western sponsored terrorism.

The spate of suicide bombings, explosions and assassinations carried out against Syrian army personnel,

Not withstanding western and Gulf partners’ hired terror agents abduction of Syrian military contingency members with western media subverting the routine activity as Syrian armed force defection to opposition are counterproductive.

Clearly the misconduct and blatant assault on foreign nation posing no threat to western powers or their Gulf representatives is in direct violation of international law and,

The war crimes against Syrian people and army personnel executions warrant indictments from bottom up exemplifying pervasive application of international rule.

The latest deterioration in western launched Syrian war is the statement from United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton revealing the upcoming agenda to send more foreign insurgents with U.S. delivered lethal weapons touted by Qatar and Saudi regime ignoring respective appalling human rights record and anti-democratic stance towards oppressed citizens denied peaceful assembly or dissent in their homeland.

Furthermore, the French President Francois Hollande apparently following hegemony instructions to visit Middle East providing false assurance to Lebanon on security consistently threatened by western instigated violence throughout the region.

Concurrently, the French President talks with Saudi King Abdullah on Syria to boost military aggression via insurgency signify perpetuating violence rejecting Syrian deaths and destruction.

On November 8, 2012, the meeting scheduled in Qatar under U.S. State department authorization on western and Gulf collusion to strategize Syrian warfare extension would not prevail in the initiatives declining peace and diplomacy.

Additionally, the CIA director General David Petraeus recent discreet trip to Turkey and direct involvement in arms supply to Syrian terror groups with White House knowledge and Presidential approval clarify western motives to destabilize sovereign nation preceding regional turmoil.

General David Petraeus of Assyrian origin was previously praised for troop surge in Iraq and now the efforts to intensify violence in Syria with overt operations confirms the western objectives to replicate Iraq and Libya scenario in Syria.

United States Intelligence Agency, CIA either complicit or miserably failed in averting well-coordinated and sophisticated 9/11 attack on American soil.

Among diverse responsibilities, CIA is unfortunately instrumental in coup d’états primarily toppling democratically elected governments worldwide.

CIA is also known for renditions with so-called terror suspects mostly from Islamic nations dispatched to overseas prison camps for indefinite detention without due process.

The legacy continues under Republican and democrat administration until today.

The former military commander currently heading the U.S. intelligence agency facilitating relentless assaults on all fronts in the proxy war against Syrian mainstream verify hegemony definitive goals never coming into fruition except for civilian slaughter.

Hence, the western powers with Gulf alliance peaceful exit following ceasefire terminating violence and insurgency inside and outside Syria imperative for the healing in the embattled state.

United States, United Kingdom, Israel, France along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey as wells as other covert participants are confronted with huge challenges on national domain such as declining economy, soaring unemployment amid rising public dissatisfaction with political leaderships’ misplaced priority in wasteful spending on incessant wars against foreign country.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey face political upheavals despite violent crackdown and hardline approach to non-violent protest for basic rights and republic status.

Procrastination in winding military actions for peaceful resolution would only exacerbate Syrian residents suffering endured from foreign inflicted atrocity.

As for the source viz. the western powers and Gulf players – the continuous military intrusion is a major liability in every dimension besides losing integrity and credibility as a reliable partner in dispute settlements and addressing global demand.

Concluding war in Syria is no longer an option but a necessity to restore peace, political and economic stability desperately required in the west given the doom and gloom environment with a universal impact.

Wars never produce winners and contrarily honoring life promotes trust and respect for mankind.

Western authority and Islamic nations i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey abandoning violence and conspiracy against fellow Muslims or global society with recognition of all as human beings transcending classifications would be a defining moment in history.

The world deserves peace for planet sustenance and humanity survival.

Wishing Syrian citizens across the spectrum and political leaderships long awaited tranquility and renewed spirit to rebuild war torn nation.

Syria would emerge like a phoenix with a peaceful and prosperous beginning on the horizon.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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