Syria – Armed Rebels and Foreign Intervention Sabotage Ceasefire

June 4, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The recent massacre in Houla near Homs, Syria escalated violence disrupting fragile ceasefire threatened since implementation.

While investigation conducted on the killings, the horrendous crime against innocent lives reminiscent of medieval practice.

The atrocity appears to have been carried out in close proximity using weapons other than firearms on the victims that demands proper scrutiny prior to arriving at biased conclusion.

As such the uprising has evolved into clash between foreign powers and the State with former determined to achieve instability depriving Syrian population their basic right to resolve political issues and express consent or dissent through ballots rather than the barrel of the gun facilitated by foreign sources to derail the peace plan.

The ratcheted rhetoric to enable UNSC usual measures – economic sanctions and/or military intervention reserved ahead of manufactured crises is provocative and counterproductive.

Instead the immediate remedy to the burgeoning problem is to hold the powers accountable for funding and arming militias and mercenaries attributed to brutalities in the Machiavellian goal.

Considering spill over on the adjacent border Lebanon again instigated by the same elements responsible for sectarian violence throughout Middle East,

The UN credibility is dependent upon condemnation of influential forces promoting death and destruction in Syria.

Further recommendation to disarm and deport the so-called rebels – the proxy troops on ground fighting the war against the government for power removal would confirm fairness and reliability.

With respect to the state response – Once the rebels identified as foreign entities,

Weapon confiscation alongside strengthening border security control including the ports for arms and ammunition seizure arriving into Syria would be the preliminary step followed by ousting those causing mayhem on the streets when their origin proved anything other than Syrian nationality could clarify real perpetrators behind latest terror.

Subsequent to eliminating arms supply to rebels and detention in humane conditions, the authority obligatory to retreat to the barracks and ceasefire.

The government could then resume implementing constitutional reform held earlier in addition to Parliamentary affairs commencement with direct negotiations involving the Syrian mainstream and minority across the state for further political transformation leading to democratic system.

Meanwhile, the obstructionists anchored on regime change refraining from exacerbating turmoil instrumental for ceasefire to prevail facilitating constructive dialogue between people and the state besides honoring national sovereignty.

As mentioned earlier, Syria is a litmus test for the UN as an international body and UNSC members to demonstrate sincere commitment in resolving humanitarian plight rather than maneuvering situation to their advantage aimed at civil war.

Syrian citizens could come forward rejecting the rebels clearly representing external powers interest and resist foreign intrusion undermining opportunity for them to engage in political settlements.

Similarly it is incumbent upon Syrian government to protect entire society from any danger beginning with preventing bloodshed and expediting emergency relief to the wounded and vulnerable demography across the spectrum.

Those advocating military operation in Syria unfortunately are under estimating ramifications despite lessons from Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The extemporaneous policy best abandoned from military and economic standpoint.

On that earnest note, wishing people and authority in Syria amicable conflict resolution.

Syrian peace in thoughts and prayers, heartfelt condolences conveyed to families and survivors of the protracted unrest in Syria.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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