Syria – Violence Against Pro-Democracy Movement

April 28, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Political uprisings throughout Middle East and North Africa reveal the common characteristics in the dictatorial regimes – brutal crackdown, eleventh hour false reform pledge to defuse uprising, characterize protesters as traitors when the profile fits the decadent rulers having held the population hostage for several decades.

Not to mention their subservience and loyalty to external sources with vested interests competing against the determined pro-democracy movement.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad inherited power from his father the former President Hafez al-Assad prolonging the dynasty rule since February 22, 1971.

Syria an ally of Iran, the adversary of Israel and Lebanon’s influential neighbor is confronted with people’s revolution currently sweeping across the region demanding the end to tyranny and oppression spanning over half a century.

Again the governments failure to recognize and acknowledge the public rejection of constitutional monarchy via dynastic governance, military coup and totalitarianism,

Notwithstanding the emergence to power through deception and exploitation of citizens’ trust revealed in broken promises are the reasons behind the prevalent political crisis causing trepidation among the corrupt and authoritarian regimes flagrantly backed by similar forces against meaningful democracy.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s violent measures directing armed security personnel and supporters to attack non-violent demonstrators that has claimed many innocent lives is yet another desperate strategy in following Iran, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia…but regrettably not learned from the consequences of such tactics in Egypt and Tunisia.

Anti-government rally in Syria being no different from events in other parts of Middle East is citizens’ revolt against authoritarianism primarily seeking the incumbent governments ouster in a non-negotiable and unequivocal term to facilitate the democratic system onset under republic rule.

The shadow government comprising nefarious representations successfully reins control over democratic and autocratic societies with relentless engagement in debilitating the rise of people power across the globe.

Accordingly the belligerent leaderships responsible for their own citizens’ deaths are divided in their allegiance to factions with synonymous traits and agenda targeting the people and policies favoring national interest.

For instance, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain leaderships protected as strategic allies for military operations while the nations with oil resources are safeguarded as key economic interests.

Therefore the interventions witnessed thus far – the procrastinated actions and deliberate miscalculations costing pro-democratic activists lives compounded with negotiations to extend regime power through heir apparent in Libya is a huge credibility factor undermining the revolutionaries’ victories in the respective nations.

Syria on the flip side falls in the same category due to the leadership alliance with Iran perceived to be the dominant player and the western allies’ regional foe despite the irrefutable commonalities between them – viz. submission to foreign powers and domestic repression.

Hence Iran’s guidance to Syria and the shadow government supported regimes resisting political transformation in the region is presumptuous for the revolutions commitment to prevail in the republic rule establishment can no longer be derailed through bloodshed and unscrupulous means.

The casualties suffered in the capital Damascus, central cities of Hama and Homs, coastal areas of Latakia and Banias, the northern cities of Raqqa and Idlib with the worst massacre in the southern province – Daraa confirm the governments’ irrational and inhumane approach to retain authority.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad renouncing power by stepping down from office immediately along with the loyalists departure to avoid further civilian deaths would prove the leadership’s genuine regard for Syria’s sovereignty.

Any leadership authorizing the use of live ammunitions against the population in the twenty first century is lost in the medieval times and,

Accepting the reality of violent era coming to conclusion with their dismissal from power by the people would perhaps lessen the burden on them in the inevitable judgment for crimes against humanity.

The brave patriots in Syria are commended for their steel resolve and perseverance to achieve political independence. The martyrs’ sacrifices will not be in vain with republic success on the horizon.

Good Luck! To the people of Syria for a glorious triumph in political liberation leading to social equality and economic prosperity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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