Syria – UNSC Non-binding Statement on Peace Proposal

March 22, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The fifteen members United Nations Security Council unanimous vote on Syria is welcome in solidarity context but not substance wise.

UNSC non-binding statement proves the seriousness or the lack thereof against legally obligatory resolution adopting peace proposals to end bloodshed in the yearlong violence arguably lucrative to defense industry representing war aspiring nations.

According to the reports UNSC outlined UN and Arab league envoy former Secretary General Kofi Annan’s proposal.

–      A cease-fire first by the Syrian government.

–       Daily two-hour halt to fighting to evacuate the injured and provide humanitarian aid.

–      Inclusive Syrian-led political talks to address the legitimate concerns of the Syrian people.

Whenever peace brokerage targets one party against another, the proposal fails to achieve common goal.

In demanding the government to cease-fire first rather than unconditional multilateral disarmament,

The conspicuous bias poses impediment in honoring the deal especially by the side i.e. Syrian government expected to bear more if not entire responsibility in the armed conflict triggered by western powers and their NATO as well as Arab league allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular.

Similarly, the second condition – daily two-hour halt in fighting nullifies ceasefire call generating a perception of indefinite confrontation desirable to peaceful resolution.

Third suggestion on inclusive political talks is viable provided sectarian factor is not induced from external powers specifically Saudi Arabia.

As for fierce fighting in Damascus suburbs and other parts of the country like Homs, Idlib, Hama and Daraa,

Notwithstanding twin suicide bombings in Damascus past weekend followed by a violent eruption in the relatively calm northern city Aleppo – the regime change agenda overwhelms the self-defense analogy to government crackdown.

In this regard, the Islamist group Al-Nusra quoted as a front for Al Qaeda reportedly claimed responsibility for the recent bombings in the capital and second largest city Aleppo.

The explosions were apparently aimed at air force intelligence building and criminal security department killing at least 27 people and several injured in the blast with warnings for repeat incidents in the near future.

Report details Al-Qaeda supporters as Sunni Muslim extremists behind earlier suicide attacks and vowed to continue in the offing.

Interestingly, the contentious issue being President Bashar Al-Assad including other political as well as military leaderships belonging to minority Alawite sect originated from Shiite Islam ruling the majority Sunnis not acceptable to those outside Syria viz. Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The hostility attributed to Sunni significance undermined in the society and declared the main opposition in the anti-government uprising.

Even though the demography within society might not contest the status considering the secular framework and harmony that prevailed in Syria up until the situation exploited for foreign powers preferred motives applying the usual divide and conquer methodology disregarding the consequences endured by none other than the population they pretend to protect from disenfranchisement.

Poignantly the protest that began in March 2011 was not exclusive or sectarian oriented given the initial nationwide demonstration was non-violent and peaceful focused on political rights and democratic system over dynasty rule emanating from Arab Spring rejecting authoritarianism prevalent throughout the region.

Not even sparing Lebanese democracy constantly threatened by external oppression from Israel and/or U.S., France and Saudi Arabia organized coup d’état in 2010.

Besides the flip side in Bahrain with Shiite majority ruled by Sunni minority – the peaceful rally was crushed with U.S. authorized ad hoc Saudi invasion demolishing Pearl Square monument to erase the stains from proxy government massacre.

Bahraini kingdom maintaining close ties with Saudi dynasty and British Royalty regarded key strategic partner by U.S. and western allies epitomize the height of hypocrisy in the discriminatory decisions on humanitarian issues.

Despite U.N. estimates on Syrian casualties exceeding 8,000,

UNSC action limited to non-binding statement is indicative of members’ preference to escalate violence leading to civil war.

Otherwise UNSC commitment could have passed a credible and enforceable resolution enacting ceasefire on all sides with comprehensive peace agreement promoting democratic transition.

Saudi Arabia proposition to increase oil output in the wake of military options against Syria and Iran to ease economic burden on global society confirms the dynasty’s determination to eliminate Shiite presence let alone dominance in the region,

As major oil producer Saudi Arabia attention is also directed at economic advantage from incessant warfare with substantial fuel consumption required in the military operation.

Saudi disposition diametrically opposite to Islamic values and principles not to mention the religious sacrilege reflected in deeds with grave repercussions for the caretaker of Islam’s holy city Mecca.

United States – the presumed world Super Power is prodded around by two over ambitious allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Israel vying for regional ascendancy.

Saudi Arabia and Israel viewed Iraq’s former President Saddam Hussein – security threat and facilitated Iraq invasion through 9/11 attacks with hijackers profiles linked to Saudi Arabia of all the Islamic nations around the world.

Yet Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia invaded and occupied till date.

The strategic vantage from Afghanistan in terms of proximity to oil and natural gas rich Central Asia along with permanent U.S and NATO base to monitor Russia and China is picture-perfect.

Saudi Arabia instigated U.S. intervention in Afghanistan against former Soviet Union and subsequently contributed to Soviet Union collapse with oil price and production manipulation depriving Soviet economic independence from oil resources in the territory.

Saudi Arabia preparation against Iran using same tactics with western powers imposed sanctions against the Islamic Republic is Pavlovian response.

Saudi Arabia intrusion in Bahrain, Yemen and now in Syria has resulted in immense loss of lives plus as purveyor of arms and ammunitions spread militancy preventing democracy in the region and disrupting democratic functionality in other Islamic nations.

Religious fanaticism funded by Saudi Arabia through controversial madrassas in Pakistan foments insurgency and lately pervasive in Central Asian Islamic countries emulating hard line governance to repress citizens in the state.

Saudi Arabia is also well known for iron fist rule with zero tolerance to peaceful and non-violent dissenters martyred for seeking democracy and constitutional reform in the domestic front.

Evidently Saudi Arabia monarchy with power distribution amongst family denying basic rights, prejudicial customs going back to medieval era is enslaved to feudalism thriving on profits from collective productivity allocated to selective class in the hierarchy leaving the rest in abject poverty and lifelong misery.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have many commonalities beginning with geographic location, religious sites, military aggression, subjugation of neighboring states, latest weapon stockpile holders and above all –

United States most favored partners in crimes and capitalist ventures.

Unfortunately, to the victims of two-dimensional Middle East supremaciststhe architects of catastrophe in Saudi Arabia and Israel are dual hood serpentine endangering peace, sovereignty and life.

Meanwhile United States sophisticated technology and military might dispensed to serve Israel and Saudi Arabia’s interests at average Americans expense footing the bill on ideology driven extravagant warfare.

Finally, Syrian crisis is a litmus test for UNSC in defining the actual purpose and the burden of proof is upon the core members with political clout.

With Syrian peace prospects in prayers, Wishing success for smooth political and humanitarian relief to citizens in Syria.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















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