Syria – U.S. Arms Supply to Rebels Violates Ceasefire

May 17, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Ceasefire imposed on Syria led by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is in jeopardy due to United States and Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar persistent sabotage with arms supply to rebels representing them and not the Syrian people.

United States could perhaps clarify the modus operandi with respect to Syria and entire Middle East considering the intentional maneuver of initial peaceful and non-violent Arab Spring invariably steered towards violence through mercenaries imported from economically deprived North Africa and Saudi-Qatari regimes organized militants to destabilize the region.

United States and United Kingdom along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar intervention in Middle East evidently counterproductive displaying contempt for life in general.

Besides, violating peace process in Syria having voted for implementation is yet another paradoxical syndrome bound to backfire expediting departure from power.

United States latest arms sales proliferation to Bahrain deplorable especially despite the government brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters condemned worldwide with the authority showing no mercy on the citizens and aid workers helping the wounded and dying victims in the pro-democracy movement.

Similarly in Egypt, United States proxy government SCAF (Supreme Council for Armed Forces) reining control over Egypt population with U.S. provided military might costing American taxpayers $1.3 billion while they are being denied affordable health care, education, housing and clean environment…confirms elected leaderships misplaced priority and allegiance to global conglomerate agenda.

The forthcoming Presidential election in Egypt with unanimous call from mainstream and political factions to prohibit Mubarak loyalists and members from that era apparently not heeded exacerbating prevalent frustration among Egypt voters knowing too well the election without fundamental transformation i.e.

Egypt military removal from governance and restricted to national defense conforming to traditional role,

The scheduled political event under U.S. guidance is farcical and motivated to prolong status quo.

Likewise in Yemen, the cosmetic power transfer within U.S. appointed administration although headed by U.S. ally ex-President Ali Abdullah Salah behind the scenes exemplifies foreign powers reluctance to renounce unpopular intrusions undermining national sovereignty in Middle East and elsewhere.

The trend in Middle East aimed at vested interests would be catastrophic for perpetrators obstructing peace and inevitable political reform comparable to current wave sweeping across Europe rejecting ruling elite carte blanche domestic and foreign policy.

Syrian upheaval favors external opportunists vehemently opposed to democracy and diplomacy prevailing over armed conflict.

The protagonists constant ammunition supply to terror networks to prevent uprising influence in their country apart from regime change fervor claimed thousands of lives posing impediments to political developments in the war torn nation.

Constitutional amendment limiting Presidency to two terms facilitating diverse participation for the highest office that would effectively reverse inheritance legacy including recently held parliamentary elections eclipsed by outside sources deliberate chaos and unrest disrupting positive evolution in Syria.

The impression that Syria is a strategic advantage to accomplish targeted goals not only misguided but also cataclysmic for those underestimating consequences upon leading the nation into civil war.

Unlike Libya, Syrian defense capability far better than predicted in western analyses.

On the contrary, western trajectory thus far precipitously deteriorated since Vietnam War with Iraq and Afghanistan invasions epitomizing colossal defeats for modern warfare.

United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Qatar leaderships bear responsibility in expanding Syrian internal crisis across the borders like Lebanon adding sectarian aspect to burgeoning turmoil.

Unfortunately, the serious repercussions to hostility endangering peace and life are slighted much to self-detriment.

UN ceasefire mandate was to save lives and move Syria forward in democratic transition.

Instead United States and allies relentless pursuits causing death and destruction in Syria and throughout Middle East impetus ending puppet governance and shadow powers challenging international consensus on freedom, individual rights, political and economic progress for all.

While United States and United Kingdom face verdict through electoral ballots for neglecting national issues and electorates plight creating generational indebtedness with borrowed funds divested on crimes against humanity committed in citizens name tarnishing national image,

Saudi Arabia and Qatar dynasties’ days are numbered consistent with history, contemporary fate met by authoritarianism and natural law.

Hence refraining from instigation and unnecessary interference in neighboring states would alleviate burden of atrocity and accordingly the price on lifetime deeds during settlement.

Syrian government pledge to peace, democracy and paradigm shift in political, economic and social structure largely dependent on the ability to keep the nation together practicing non-violence and democratic means guaranteed to be fruitful in national endeavor.

The government steps in addressing political demands are significant and encouraging given the tension and national security threat experienced in the approach to stabilize the situation.

Concurrently, honoring UN ceasefire and remaining focused on the establishment of peace and political power restored to republic rule equally important to win national and global trust.

With Syrian peace and political success in thoughts and prayers,

Wishing Syrian budding democracy longevity, formidability and prosperity shared amongst all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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