Syria – Ceasefire and UN deadline

April 10, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Syrian conflict between the government and western as well as Arab league nations backed rebels has claimed many innocent lives besides stalling UN and Arab league envoy Kofi Annan led peace plan.

The recent conference – Friends of Syria held in Istanbul among United States and allies i.e. the west, Saudi Arabia, Qatar including the host nation Turkey is preoccupied in legitimizing Syrian National Council synonymous to National Transition Council in Libya comprising fragmented rebels to represent Syrian population.

Whereas, Syrian mainstream has categorically declared western backed armed rebels as foreign fighters hired by nations determined to lead the political crisis into civil war for specific goal – regime change to advance their agenda against Iran.

Syria is used as pawn by the west and key Arab allies – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and NATO partner Turkey.

Turkey involvement is intriguing with the Islamic nation proudly proclaimed the only democratic society amongst Arab and Muslim countries in that territory.

Furthermore, the refugee exodus from Syria into Turkey across the border since rival forces clashes should pre-empt the Mediterranean neighbor to be a peace catalyst not the contrary.

Evidently, United States and western nations are least interested in peace and political stability in Syria or for that matter democracy in Middle East.

UN and Arab league envoy Kofi Annan peace proposal to Syrian authority for government troops withdrawal and ceasefire were accepted with draw down began in the relatively calm cities across the nation.

Meanwhile, the Turkey conference pledging arms supply and funds to rebels mostly consisting mercenaries like in Libya have been advised to reject ceasefire and emboldened to continue fighting on behalf of foreign nations anchored on toppling Syrian government for vested interests.

Syrian armed forces accordingly have been deployed on counter insurgency operation to defend the country from foreign invasion.

Reiterating earlier statements on Syria and Arab Spring in general – Citizens revolutions throughout Middle East were initially peaceful and remained committed to non-violent assembly until western infiltration with armed fighters posing as protesters steered the democratic premise into potential mutiny for government removal.

Western, Saudi Arabia and Qatar obsession with regime change in Syria is sanctimonious and counterproductive considering the players specifically –

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are iconic for oppression and persecution of their citizens in practicing medieval capital punishments such as beheading, live burials and stoning to death…in twenty first century.

Similarly, United States adherence to torture and indefinite detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, renditions with CIA secret prison in Poland and Eastern Europe,

Executive order on unconstitutional NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) targeting United States citizens for military trial denying due process…are few of the many crimes against humanity condemned by human rights organizations at home and abroad.

Notwithstanding post 9/11 systemic abuse of power raising credibility factor for United States in the forefront for regime elimination in Middle East.

United States and west along with Arab league bear responsibility in exacerbating Syrian political unrest through relentless support to rebels triggering arms race on both sides alongside suppressing UN peace efforts from fruition.

Syrian political movement has been transformed into national security issue with western and Arab league intrusion hindering citizens’ option to pursue constitutional reform and other political changes agreed by the government in the referendum for democratic transition.

The rebels not being part of Syrian society need not be engaged in misleading Syrian political cause.

Considering the deteriorating situation from western and Arab league instigated rebel factions,

United States and allies objectives for radical modification in Syria will not succeed,

The persistence to destabilize the nation and the region will not be tolerated in silence with cataclysmic consequences to befall on over-ambitious globalists aiming for world dominance under false pretexts earlier in Libya and now in Syria.

Syrian people were on the path of meaningful negotiations with the government only to be derailed by the so-called Friends of Syria – a disoriented and fractured militia acting at external powers behest promoting death and destruction for strategic gains against Iran.

United States and allies share the burden to prove their commitment to peace prospects and any hope for democracy in Syria by refraining from violence via the rebels to facilitate concurrent ceasefire.

Subsequently Syrian civil society direct dialogue with President Bashar Al Assad is essential to expedite referendum mandate maintaining transparency for mass approval.

Upon immediate termination of killings and raids, Syrian government armed security personnel is to retreat from civilian environment enabling humanitarian relief to the wounded and displaced victims in the war torn nation.

The rebels are to be identified of their origin and any foreign nationals deported from the country to prevent terror network establishment in the interim or later.

Both party could no longer prolong Syrian dispute for undue advantage and three preliminary steps are instantaneously required to avoid drastic response against peace obstructionists and they are-

Complete and unconditional disarmament on all sides without exception is necessary to initiate peaceful political resolution.

Referendum outcome made effective in addition to adopting constructive political course for successful democratic process.

International independent committee barring western and Arab league influence to monitor government measures to public satisfaction.

Humanitarian agencies and International media entry into Syria especially investigative journalists non-affiliated to biased entities viz. certain corporate media, nations identified as hostile to Syrian peace…would be helpful to evaluate ground reality.

United States and allies are urged to exercise restraint and abandon self-detrimental interference in Syria.

In anticipation for an end to political turmoil in Syria,

Good Luck to people in Syria for peace and republic governed democracy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















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