Syria – Ceasefire and Peace Talks

February 10, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent meeting with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to end violence and commence peace talks with opposition is commendable.

The foreign minister gained assurance from Syrian leadership and the opposition expressed willingness for negotiations on February 7, 2012.

Syrian government has also agreed to resume Arab league monitoring in Syria that was previously suspended due to the engagement evolving into political rather than humanitarian mission.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon statement on Arab league leader Nabil Elaraby request for joint oversight in Syria could ease tension provided the involvement remains A-political and committed to promoting peace between the government and people choice of representatives.

Soon after Russian delegation briefing on the development – February 7, 2012,

Ref: CNN report Wednesday, February 8, 2012, by the CNN Wire Staff on

Title: Activist: Infants, medical staff among dead in Homs crackdown.

CNN report claiming as unverifiable and unable to corroborate the events or sources causing the purported crimes,

Nonetheless, the international network decision to publish the hyperbolic material generates a legitimate perception – the corporate media serving as propaganda machinery as it did in preparation for illegal invasion of Iraq, military intervention in Libya and now in Syria.

The western broadcast networks in collusion – CNN, BBC and Australian ABC reports on Syrian casualties with conspicuous bias exemplify subversions during war and election.

Sadly, profits driven irresponsible journalism cares less about the consequences of their objectionable actions on life when all peaceful demonstrations invariably transformed into armed conflict for occupation.

Since UNSC resolution adapting to Libyan model disapproval by two other permanent members i.e. Russia and China,

The western powers maneuver to achieve their agenda – regime change through military aggression is sanguineous and counterproductive.

The desperation to engulf Middle East with military incursions demonstrates malefic intent to embroil the world in violent confrontation.

Under humanitarian pretense, the western interference has derailed the revolutions’ prospects for political freedom.

Beginning with Egypt, Supreme Council of Armed Forces with U.S. annual military aid $1.5 billion maintains the predecessor hard line policy revealed in the football riot.

The unmasking of NGO’s in Cairo on espionage linked with U.S. State department.

Iran – the nuclear scientists serial killings attributed to CIA and Mossad.

Libya – the revolutions split into armed militia and power brokers with western authority.

Syria – anti-government regimens representing western powers masqueraded as rebels and upon reviewing the deteriorating situation,

The infiltration disguised as government forces implicated for atrocities against unarmed civilians including the horrific attacks in Homs to haste Syrian government departure is reprehensible.

Afghanistan – The latest report on NATO assault killing children attracting Afghan President Hamid Karzai indignation and many such incidents before reveals the reckless conduct with no respect for life or international law.

Libya – Again several supposedly missed targets with NATO strikes claiming the lives of unarmed factions during the civil war brought upon otherwise peaceful and non-violent rally.

Pakistan – despite detailed maps and check posts locations not to mention the state of the art technology at U.S and NATO disposal, the shelling of Pakistani military base resulting in 24 soldiers deaths with no apology for the loss of lives or sovereignty violation,

These events characterize the military operations behind U.S. and NATO façade in the democratization of Islamic world.

Evidently, U.S. led NATO poses a quintessential threat to humanity at large.

Henceforth, the dismantling of the following organizations would unequivocally serve in global interest.

World Bank,

International Monetary Fund,

Federal Reserve,

The military industrial complex representing the defense industries and U.S. commandeered NATO and,

Last but not the least,

The International Criminal Court of Justice – ICC with selective indictments redefining justice diminishing judiciary to fiduciary.

These institutions have demonstrably destabilized economies and decimated civilizations for global dominance.

The leaderships’ complicity undermines the ‘democratic’ system they pledged to defend in the constitutional oath glaringly discarded for nexus motive i.e. supremacy at mass subjugation.

Syrian crisis is the other dimension for pre-meditated global showdown.

Syrian Citizens must exercise diligence in delineating pro-democracy volunteers from external influenced armed opposition to avoid Libya like transition.

The genuine political groups upon civil society acknowledgment could utilize the opportunity for direct dialogue with the government.

In presenting the problems to the government, the political opposition candor would eliminate hierarchy necessary for democracy onset.

First and foremost, complete ceasefire by government, rebels and anti-government segments is paramount ending hostility and bloodshed.

Release of all political dissidents held in custody.

Constitutional and political reforms are fundamental steps to democratic roadmap,

Enacting Parliamentary form without Presidency to downsize the government functionality in terms of political rigmarole,

Besides saving taxpayer dollars in provisional management that is more often vested in partisanship considering the ceremonial head of the state appointment by the ruling power at the center.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people held accountable to the people would strengthen democracy in a republic unlike arbitrary figurers politically swayed for individual goals than common good.

The eligibility criteria for those seeking power in public office  – integrity, intelligence with proven track record in social and national service would determine sincerity.

Zero tolerance to corruption and treason with stringent laws upholding the democratic principle – None are above the law.

People nominated independent committee investigation of political scandals would substantially curb political and corporate crimes prevalent in contemporary society.

Prime Minister elected through democratic process leading the administration could be the primary change.

The government term limited to four years and not exceeding two terms enables checks and balances for meaningful democracy.

Facilitating secular political denomination is important for national unity and security.

Women’s role and minority demography in government and legislative body would affirm equality and conform to twenty first century standard.

Fundamentalism or radicalism contributes to political turmoil compromising liberty and a reason for foreign presence.

Political reform comprising free and fair elections,

Public finance for political campaigns barring corporations, wealthy individuals and special interests viz. religious, economic…ownership of candidacies,

Right to recall elected representatives or government through ballot measure and confidence vote in Parliament to enforce performance based governance.

Local and central authorities authorizing use of force against unarmed civilians would be constitutional breach to protect and defend citizens.

Notwithstanding prohibition of lethal weapons or health hazard substance to establish law and order.

The leadership or administration’s such practice subjected to removal from power using democratic means like Parliamentary proceedings, judicial process and civil society ombudsman would curtail government violent crackdown and restore democracy.

Judiciary and investigation wing on crimes related to political matter under administration or executive branch by and large invalidated with extensive abuse of power.

Isolating Judiciary and investigative agency away from government jurisdiction would address conflict of interest reflected in judgments delivered for political appeasement marginalizing judicial efficacy essentially set up to deliver justice without prejudice.

Prioritizing civil and human rights regardless of class, creed, gender and sexual orientation in the constitution would reinforce the universal law – All are created equal.

Syria has endured enormous pain and suffering and people have the power to begin the healing process.

President Bashar Al Assad must withdraw armed forces from the main street throughout Syria and issue an executive order to ceasefire.

Instead the government should respond with emergency relief to rescue citizens from foreign attacks and save lives expediting humanitarian aid.

Likewise the oppositions should be careful not to fall prey to predators divide and conquer strategy.

Middle East history is testimony to colonial / imperialist ambitions.

United Syria can prevail in adversity confronting the nation and deal with challenges adhering to peaceful and non-violent methods that would guarantee success.

Russian leadership fostering peace in Syria is praiseworthy and further international support would reverse the deteriorating political conditions to national vantage.

Western powers abandoning ill-conceived government toppling would benefit them given the mistrust against foreign entry under false pretexts for yet another devious aspiration – global depopulation.

Adopting Machiavellian approach to overthrow government is self-effacing with the irony in end justifying the means.

Syrian leaderships in the government and oppositions alike are urged to set their political differences aside, disavow violence and move forward in safeguarding citizens’ lives and statehood.

Wishing people and the leaderships in Syria victory in peaceful resolutions of the political upheaval.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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