Southern Poverty Law Center – Promoting Tolerance, Acceptance and Social Equality

July 18, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

My sincere apologies to the following individuals for the delay in responding to their request.

Nobel Laureate and Author Toni Morrison (The First African American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature) – Congratulations! On this phenomenal achievement. In addition, thank you for your kind remarks in the Certificate of Appreciation.

Hon. Senator George McGovern (Former Democratic Presidential Candidate)

Renowned Author John Grisham – and,

Last but not the least – The respectable Harry Sarazin – Special Agent FBI (Ret.) – One of the first FBI agents assigned to the Mississippi Burning case.

It’s to acknowledge your call for support to this organization founded by the eminent Chief Trial Counsel, Morris Dees stating that:

SPLC – Southern Poverty Law Center – Fighting Hate, Teaching Tolerance and Seeking Justice.

“The single most effective organization in fighting hate groups in the courtroom and teaching tolerance and acceptance in the classroom.”

The Chief Trial Counsel, Morris Dees’ accomplishments testify his dedication in promoting tolerance and social justice. It’s highly commendable and deserve the necessary aid.

Despite significant progress in this respect, there is still a great requirement to spread the positive attributes of human nature – mutual understanding, respect and unity.

Humanity benefits by treating one another as human beings first prior to any other denomination.

Tolerance comes from natural empathy. Unfortunately, misconception supersedes better knowledge about a particular race, religion or gender and their lifestyle orientation.

For knowledge demands patience, sincere learning and proper application in life.

Mankind easily identify differences than recognizing commonalities among them with or without the realization on the self-inflicted miseries through wars, hate crimes, and social upheavals.

Education focused on appreciation rather than denunciation about people and culture would help the society to embrace uniqueness in the diverse creation.

All are created equal and have the inalienable right to freedom without being subject to any injustice mainly oppression, persecution and other discriminatory practice.

The civil rights attorney Morris Dees’ long journey has witnessed the anomalies in the struggle for fairness.

Nevertheless, the successful outcomes reflect his resolve as well as the commitment towards social equality.

If you wish to extend your support to this organization, please send your donations to:

Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington Avenue
P.O.Box 548
Montgomery, AL 36177-9621

Best Wishes for more SPLC triumphs and the humanitarian goal in bringing people together.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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