South and South East Asia – End of Communism

September 12, 2020

South and South East Asia – End of Communism 

Padmini Arhant

The imminent end of Communism in China would lead to the following development;

Democratic China – the real functional People’s Republic not in name only but in reality. The people’s representatives elected not nominated and imposed upon citizens by few wealthy elitists within Communist politburo in the current system. 

Independent Hong Kong  –  the democratic system restored with fair judiciary under Hong Kong jurisdictions not mainland China.

Free Independent Tibet – Independent nation with self -sovereignty and territorial integrity returned to pre-invasion in 1959.

Xinjiang Province – Autonomous territory would be liberated from mainland authority.

Independent Sovereign Taiwan – Recognition and acknowledgment of independent Taiwan with equal participation in all international organizations and body similar to other sovereign nations in the rest of the world.

Neighboring nations near and around China will be discussed with geopolitical dynamics and dimensions in the South and South East Asian region in due course.

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Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 





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