Seoul – Nuclear Security Summit 2012

March 28, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings! To world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

This is an important event providing an opportunity to share and discuss global security concerns from nuclear arsenal.

The lingering tensions between Israel and Iran on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is the bone of contention with United States as Israel’s strong ally having imposed crippling sanctions and disabled SWIFT freezing financial payments services on trade to exacerbate Iran’s economic conditions are pre-emptive measures in the long desired global confrontation.

Similarly closer to summit venue in the Korean peninsula – North Korea announcement to launch satellite into orbit and rocket positioning creating anxiety among neighbors and U.S. strategic partners South Korea and Japan.

Iran and North Korea participation rather than isolation in the summit would have been prudent in fostering constructive dialogue and meaningful solutions to impending nuclear issues.

Inclusion not exclusion transcending politics and ideology is crucial for global peace and harmony.

Within Asia, U.S promoted India’ s nuclear power project with enriched uranium supply from United States has prompted nuclear state Pakistan across the Indian border to pursue equivalent deal for formidability in Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty (FMCT) vis-à-vis India as predicted escalating nuclear arms race in the region.

Not to mention the nuclear developments via nuclear energy in the Indian sub-continent extending further into China – another nuclear state adjusting potential to meet with changing nuclear weapons status emanating from U.S. initiative.

The situation also facilitates U.S. and NATO military operation premised on deterrence against Pakistan’s militant groups from gaining access to nuclear arsenal forming a never ending cycle in the indefinite mission for global dominance.

In the western front – United States presence through NATO expansion in Eastern Europe with missile defense system perceived as provocative stance by Russia considering the proximity and installation directed at Russia.

Accordingly Russia’s proactive defense shield strategy related to ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) besides U.S. tactical weapons and short-range missiles continues to arouse skepticism on both sides sparking a comment from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during recent Euro-Atlantic security conference in Moscow calling for Euro-Atlantic security community to evolve from myth into reality.

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and Central Asian countries membership to counteract NATO and U.S. aspirations in oil and natural gas rich territories along with U.S. declared plan at the Seoul summit to expand missile shield strategy in Asia and Middle East is yet another dimension to twenty first century global security challenge.

United States – the nuclear state with significant nuclear weapons in possession is non-signatory to NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty),

Notwithstanding history depicting U.S. – the only nation to have used nuclear arsenal – Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Lately, in Iraq war U.S. and coalition partner United Kingdom dropped bombs containing depleted uranium with devastating generational impact on health and environment.

United States, United Kingdom and France have repeatedly asserted all options against Iran.

Regardless, they claim themselves responsible nuclear nations while condemning those deemed adversaries nuclear technology for medical isotopes in cancer treatment or,

Subscribing to western catered nuclear energy program – the precedence set by existing nuclear powers in the world utilizing nuclear energy as the pretext for nuclear weapons advancement.

Middle East Israel’s nuclear status widely known but not acknowledged by the state and western allies in the absence of IAEA or UN inspection and verification.

Israel took enormous pride in the acquisition of Iron Dome – supposedly the marvel in intercepting missiles and experimented the effectiveness with extra-judicial execution of Palestinian leader Zuhair al-Qaisi, the Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip late March 2012 expecting victims’ retaliation subsequent to casualties including civilians in total 24 killed from this mock attack.

In return the rockets hitting southern Israel from Gaza were reportedly intercepted in a timely manner by Iron Dome resulting in no loss of lives on Israeli side.

Israel exercise with Iron Dome at the expense of some innocent Palestinian lives apparently in preparation for unilateral strike against Iran and after ascertaining Iron Dome capability,

The jingoism for catastrophic action against Iran disregarding global ramifications is subversive and counterproductive.

Furthermore, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and CIA have confirmed that Iran has no nuclear weapons and without any progress in enhancement.

The U.S. military high command and intelligence are stated to be in agreement with the status quo.

In light of these facts from Israel and United States intelligence sources, the fervor on warfare in the volatile Middle East amid U.S. troops lives at stake in all directions is an invitation to disaster.

International community deserves valid explanation for the unnecessary turmoil via sanctions against Iran with no evidence of nuclear upgrade and frivolous moratorium on Iranian oil exports hurting average citizens and businesses around the world.

The potent tools – trade embargo and military intervention against targets for global dominance is the existential terror endangering life and habitat.

Israel also condemned for using white phosphorous in densely populated areas during December 2008 bombing of Gaza. The findings in UN report by Justice Richard Goldstone were never honored by United States and Israel till date.

Contrarily United States warned nations importing Iranian crude oil with economic sanctions suggesting any violation would have serious repercussions and obtained ten European nations and Japan’s compliance to U.S. demand while others like India proportionately cut back oil imports from Iran and mulling over alternative sources and costs to meet with substantial domestic energy consumption.

The hierarchy among nuclear and non-nuclear states with distinction such as responsible vs. reckless raises credibility factor highlighting hypocrisy on those nations part responsible for arbitrary engagement in widespread nuclear material distribution to forge strategic alliance aimed at global showdown.

Nuclear security summit is a golden opportunity for unanimous consensus on unconditional nuclear disarmament by all nuclear states without exception and pledging in solidarity for immediate implementation of nuclear arsenal disposal not excluding fissile material in individual stockpiles stored under nuclear energy production.

Non-nuclear states reaffirmation as NPT signatories would be impetus for others to follow suit.

Independent international committee with nuclear experts, ethicists and legal professionals alongside IAEA could begin the process to establish central monitoring of nuclear sites for systematic and simultaneous surrender incorporating checks and balances to evaluate delivery efficiency.

Above all accountability to address obligatory failure irrespective of stature would serve common interest.

Nuclear power program camouflaged to accelerate nuclear ambition is the tradition best abandoned especially with viable alternatives like solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy available in abundance.

The schism in government mishandling of Fukushima nuclear melt down is exposure on non-disclosure – latest reports reveal deliberate act in withholding public safety information by deleting emails and other sources with a red flag on imminent humanitarian crisis.

In conclusion nuclear free zone is the only guaranteed security to humanity.

Wishing success to all nations activists in denuclearization of the world.

Perhaps Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012 could be the torchbearer of permanent peace eliminating nuclear weapons from the planet.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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