Secret Society and Deep State Operation

May 8, 2020

Secret Society and Deep State Operation

Padmini Arhant

Corruption and criminality rule contaminates society.

The indicted political leader headed governments and factions implicated with corruption scandals represent doom and gloom for the state, country and society at large. This is a proven incontrovertible fact witnessed and experienced by citizens world over.

The world run by sinister secret society designated deep state at various levels in different nations regardless of political system favoring unsavory proxies with tainted background and criminal profile not barring homicide prior to their political debut and some involved in communal violence orchestrated mass murder of children, women, youth and elderly in the native state, others adept in abuse of power become poster representative for the criminal clique.

How and Why do they plant these types in politics?

They drastically modify and manipulate the candidacy past and present profile through swipe and swap process. As for why they adopt such strategy is to have an agent performing their intended tasks for exclusive benefits against ordinary citizens and national interests.

Who are the beneficiaries in these shallow backwaters stymieing truth and originality?

Those ravenous for power, fame and fortune in the absence of any positive tangible assets in talent and delivery enormously benefit from free loading and cashing in by crooked means and impropriety.

Who is the actual deep state?

Secret society, delegates as well as surrogates with skull and bones connotations deployed for disastrous agenda.

Who runs the criminal cabal?

The unscrupulous master minds and architects behind devious political, economic, scientific, social, religious and importantly communication outlets flooding public domain with disinformation, false propaganda, deceitful and deceptive promotions remain in the dark and operate through puppets and pawns known for nefarious dealings and unflattering indulgence carefully chosen to serve the destructive purpose.

Needless to say the ones who are the devil’s favorite, the commonality in attributes and motives among them are the binding factor. This is precisely the reason for them to be the devil’s preferred choice.

Why should the world tolerate falsehood, fraudulence and fake identities prolonging mass deception?

Secret society is abomination in any age especially in modern era exploring future on pandemics, space militarization and much more becoming existential catastrophe for inhabitants and habitat.

What is the need for Secret Society to exist in the world routinely touted by the same society as the free world?

This in itself is conglomerate gross misrepresentation allowing them to freely wheel power incognito besides evading transparency and accountability.

The reference Free World indisputably apply to the parallel world comprising self-proclaimed privileged members in Secret Society free to run amuck with impunity regardless of cataclysmic engagement affecting humanity at large.

The laws that are generally upheld and enforced on average citizens anywhere exempt the Secret Society members and their contingency from serious criminal offense, treason and malfeasance.

Time for Secret Society, deep state operatives, catalysts and crony stooges in disguise both overt and covert varieties to cease and dissolve that would demonstrate the real free world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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